United’s Romelu Lukaku Casually Drops by Tesco in Rolls-Royce Wraith

Football players are quite the hard workers on and off the field. It makes sense why flaunting some of their fortunes in public. An example would be Romelu Lukaku nonchalantly picking up some things in Tesco in his Rolls-Royce Wraith. Lukaku owns a £250,000 black and red Rolls-Royce which he drove to Tesco in his full work out gear.

Manchester United’s striker was spotted dropping by a Tesco store in Cheshire last Wednesday. The 24-year-old footballer bought a few goods, leaving the store without any bags. Looks like Lukaku has a green eye for recycling, or maybe he just forgot his eco bag at home?

The player will be appearing in a game on Saturday to battle their biggest rivalry, Manchester City. The striker has been known to have gone through some tough times this past season. This was also highlighted by his transfer from Everton amounting £75million last summer.

26 goals in 45 games later, the Belgian footballer seems to have been okay and harvesting enough energy for the big rivalry game on Sunday, April 8. This game will determine their plausible championship title.

It is no surprise that the public and the big fandoms of Manchester United and Manchester City are stoked for the big game. Hopefully, there won’t be another big fan of chaos before and after the game. The rest of us just have to wait and see!

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