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Know the Online Roulette algorithm and how the roulette layout works. Learn about the Roulette RNG algorithm to turn the game in your favor with W88you experts.

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These days there are many online roulette gaming rooms available than to the emerging online betting sites. However, with most of these game rooms comes the question of how exactly they operate. Well, the online roulette algorithm is extremely interesting as the probability of wins on the numbered bets is 1/37 or 38, depending on the variant. So, knowing the Roulette algorithm would mean knowing how to turn the game in your favor, but does online roulette use algorithms? Let’s find out with our W88 you experts!

online roulette algorithm explained

The importance of the wheel layout in Roulette

Before we talk about the online roulette algorithm, let us first understand the roulette layout and probability of the bets winning. When it comes to roulette games, it is important to remember that there are variants, and depending on these variants the roulette wheel is customized. That being said, the layout of the wheel in the Roulette games is a major part of the roulette algorithm. To access some fun online roulette games rooms create an account in the W88 Register today.

w88 online roulette algorithm explained

Although it cannot directly be referred to as the online roulette algorithm, the layout of the wheel is highly responsible for determining the winner of the game randomly, through its random-numbered layout. This means, that the numbers on the roulette wheel are placed in such a way that no patterns can be created, and so, the algorithm here is randomized to determine winners.

Does this mean that roulette has no algorithm? Well, not really as the algorithm depends on which roulette games you are playing. For instance, Live Roulette is often led by live dealers who spin the ball clockwise while the wheel spins counterclockwise. This means that in Live Roulette games, the algorithm is extremely random. But what about those online roulette games without any live dealers? To know more about these and get bonus Roulette Strategies, read on!

Is there any Online roulette algorithm?

As we mentioned above, the roulette numbers on the wheel are placed in such a way as to create a randomized algorithm that does not have any particular pattern to it. But this does not mean that the online roulette algorithm does not exist instead it means that the algorithm or the process of how roulette winners are given is random. This random algorithm is a part of the complete RNG algorithm system which you can find in more online roulette game rooms, especially in those without a live dealer. Access roulette live dealer and online game rooms at W88 after claiming the W88 Promotion of 100% bonus up to RM1,288.

online roulette algorithm explained w88you

RNG in roulette stands for Random Number Generator, and the meaning of this algorithm is in the name itself. This system is created to generate a random number based on a set of rules given to the computer. The RNG system is even seen in online gaming rooms and the best example of this is the slot games.

Speaking of examples, the reason we introduced you to the layout of the wheel and you should know about the layout of the roulette wheel when learning How to Play Roulette Online, is that the roulette wheel also used an RNG algorithm but a manual one. So, just like the numbers are placed randomly on the wheel and the ball lands on a random number after spinning, the RNG system has numbers from 0-36 placed in a large recurring and randomized sequence where each number waits its turn to be the winning number of the rounds.

The Roulette RNG algorithm in online game rooms

To understand the above explanation in a better sense, let us focus on the Roulette RNG algorithm for most online roulette game rooms without a dealer. Since these game rooms have no human dealer to manually spin the ball, a computer program equipped with the RNG algorithm does the work of giving out the winning number for the rounds.

w88 online roulette algorithm explained by w88you

This means, that the winning numbers for the future rounds are already set at random thanks to the RNG algorithm that is fed to the computer operating the game room. Think of it as a conveyor belt that goes in circles and drops off random numbers from 0-36 where each number gets its turn randomly. That being said, even if the wheel is not shown spinning in the game room, the winning number would still be shown.

So, in online roulette game rooms without any live human dealer, the Roulette RNG algorithm determines the winner of the round, and the spinning of the wheel is meant for the entertainment purpose of the game room. But in W88 Live Casino live dealer roulette rooms, there is a smaller and limited version of the RNG algorithm because of the layout of the roulette wheel. And so, to determine the winners in live dealer rooms, the dealer has to spin the ball as there is no pre-coded sequence here.

3 tips to turn online roulette algorithm in your favor

In the last section of this article, let us now look into the 3 ways you can turn the online roulette algorithm in your favor. Although there is no way you can alter the RNG system in online roulette game rooms, there are ways in which you can use the Roulette RNG algorithm to your advantage. Below mentioned are 3 such Roulette Tips in which you can ensure wins when playing Roulette online.

w88you online roulette algorithm explained

  1. Betting systems: Making use of betting systems in the game rooms is one of the best ways to win online roulette games. However, it is extremely important to use these wisely as betting systems are often meant for high rollers, so if misused, in roulette games then you could lose your entire betting stake. That being said, using progressive betting systems where you must increase your stakes every time you lose a round is the best betting system to go with to maximize profits.
  2. Make use of outside bets more: Outside bets are always considered to be the better option than the numbered bets on the roulette table. This is because the outside bets immediately increase your chances of winning as they cover most of the numbers on the roulette table in groups. So, with a single bet on the outside bets, you can bet on more than 1 number on the table which makes winning slightly easier.
  3. Bet in patterns: Although betting on the outside bets more is favorable, it is important to acknowledge the main numbered bets when playing roulette too. But since you want to make correct predictions, betting on more than one number is a good strategy. Using patterns on the roulette table for the numbered bets besides the outside bets is a good strategy you can try. There are many roulette patterns, like the snake or the 36 roulette strategy where you bet on all numbers.


So, is there Online Roulette Algorithm in the game rooms? Yes, and they are known as the Roulette RNG algorithm, a system that is even seen in online slot games. However, a smaller and much easier-to-understand RNG system is seen in the layout of the Roulette wheel where the manual spins determine the winner of the round. Whereas for online roulette game rooms with no live dealers, the automatic and pre-coded sequence fed to the computer operating the rooms, predict the winner of the round. With this, we bid adieu and urge you to join W88 to play both live and online roulette games.

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