W88 Live Casino Malaysia review 2024: Claim 100% of RM1,288!

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Read this W88 Live Casino Malaysia 2024 review by W88you to know about the no.1 online casino. Join W88 and claim 100% up to RM1,288 promotion on first deposit!

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W88 Live Casino is widely regarded as one of the best online casinos in the betting world. This is all thanks to the great benefits the site brings to its customers with its products and great welcome bonuses that turn into member promotions as you continue being a part of the W88 family. This makes this site stand out from others according to claims, but if you want a 100% honest review then here is W88you’s take on the W88 online casino products.

The legality and reputation of W88 Live Casino Malaysia 2024

Before we look into what are the benefits of the W88 Live Casino, let us first look into the reputation of the website and whether or not the site operates legally in the betting world online. W88 Live Casino is accessed and used by millions of players across a globe, but Malaysian players must be aware of the following review.

Is W88 Live Casino Legal?

When it comes to gambling in Malaysia, there are certain laws that do not allow or even promote gambling in the country. However, W88 is known to operate legally worldwide including Malaysia as this website offers played with the chance to play in Malaysian ringgit.

w88you w88 live casino license to operate gliw88you w88 live casino license to operate bmm

This is all thanks to the license they have from the BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certificate providers. What this means is that they have their products and services tested by the certificate providers before they were approved for a license to operate in countries across the globe. But as a Malaysian player, it is important to be aware of the country’s laws as well, and here is a W88 Review that can help you learn more.

Play classic W88 online casino games from the best clubs in the betting world

Another part of the W88 Live Casino that adds to its reputation in the gambling world online is the game room providers that provide fun and classic casino games under the W88 online casino product that the members of W88 can access and have an endless entertainment fun gaming session.

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  1. Club Ezugi: First on the list, we have Club Ezugi, one of the best places to play fun games with a lot of variety. Here you get to play games like Baccarat, Roulette, and also Andar Bahar for low prices.
  2. Club Evolution: In the next club rooms you can access to game classic casino games Club Evolution where there are many games to play like poker, baccarat, etc. including slots and game shows.
  3. Club W Grand: Club W Grand is offered by W88 Live Casino themselves where you get to play cool multi-tabled casino games like blackjack, sic bo, roulette, and baccarat with no commission rooms.
  4. Club Palazzo: Club Palazzo is perhaps one of the largest game room providers in the betting world which covers fun classic casino games like baccarat and also amazing slot games which you can play for free at W88.
  5. Club Massimo: Lastly, Club Massimo brings to you limited yet fun casino games in a classic setting. This setting is simple which may appeal to many people who are playing casino games online for the first time.

6 classic casino games you can find at the no.1 W88 Live Casino

With what is mentioned above, you now know that the online betting site W88 casino Malaysia is one of the best sites to play as it does not only have a legal operating license by also is backed with game rooms from top dealers in the betting world online. So, here let us look at the top 6 W88 casino Malaysia games you can access and play on the site.

1. Baccarat Online

Minimum Betting Amount: RM0.50

w88you w88 live casino play online casino games w88 baccarat

Being one of the oldest yet trendy casino games is the Online Baccarat game rooms that you can access and play on the betting site W88 casino Malaysia.

This game requires you to predict the side which will have their first two cards summed up to the value 9 or closer to 9 but not more than 9. This is a fun game as there are additional rules that extend the thrills of Baccarat betting. The common betting options you will find here are Banker, Player, Tie, and exciting side bets to gamble on.

2. Blackjack

Minimum Betting Amount: RM10

w88you w88 live casino play online casino games w88 blackjack

Blackjack is another one of the oldest online betting games that appeal to many and which beginners should definitely try in the W88 live casino.

Their goal is to get the overall value nearest to the number 21. If they exceed 21, the dealer wins instantly. Besides this, once the player decides to hold their cards, the dealer will start dealing cards to himself following a set of rules. To know about the rules and more in detail visit the “How to Play Blackjack for Beginners” article.

3. Roulette

Minimum Betting Amount: RM1

w88you w88 live casino play online casino games w88 roulette

Roulette is a name that you must have heard even if you have no idea about betting games online. Here at W88 live casino, you get to play many variants of Roulette

When playing Roulette, a ball is spun on the roulette wheel to determine the winning. The Roulette Game Online has a table with numbers from 0 or 00 to 36, depending on the variant, and additional side bets which are even easier to win. With this, you must make bets by placing your chip on any sport on the table.

4. Dragon Tiger

Minimum Betting Amount: RM1

w88you w88 live casino play online casino games w88 dragon tiger

If you like games like Baccarat with thrilling yet easy betting options, then the Dragon Tiger game is something you definitely will like.

Here, the player gets to wager on Dragon or Tiger or Tie to determine which side will get a card with a higher rank than the other. The unpredictably of these simple betting options is what drives the entire W88 dragon tiger gameplay on the betting site making this game one of the best beginner-friendly games in the W88 live casino.

5. Poker

Minimum Betting Amount: RM0.50

w88you w88 live casino play online casino games w88 poker

Poker is a fun game whether you play it for money or with friends at get-togethers. But playing Poker with real money at the W88 live casino is definitely rewarding.

Poker is a fun game which you play against other players or against the dealer in the game rooms and the goal is to get your cards to rank higher than the opponent’s. Here you get to play on a W88 Poker app that you can download from the official betting site or access the fun game rooms to play for low price.

6. Sic Bo

Minimum Betting Amount: RM0.20

w88you w88 live casino play online casino games w88 sic bo

Lastly, another fun game which many betting options is Sic Bo. This game has an interesting set-up as it does not require cards but 3 dice and dice-rolling equipment.

Here, you must place your bets determining the overall value of the three dice. You can place many bets by placing your chip on the Sic Bo table which has many betting options and is thus as fun to play as roulette is. Sic Bo can help you win big as you can wager on more than one betting option in the game room.

Access the W88 Live Casino section in 2 simple steps

Now that you know about the online betting games mentioned above that you will find in the betting world online, let us look at how you can access the W88 online casino section to game at any product you want on the official betting site.

Step 1: Join W88 and login with new W88 credentials

  • To access any W88 casino game you first have to create an account in the W88 Register by clicking on the ‘Join‘ option and filling out the registration form with accurate details.

w88you w88 live casino play online casino games at top malaysia site step 1

  • Once done, you must click on the ‘Login‘ button to verify your account details which can give you a W88 Free Credit of RM30.
  • Then click on the ‘Live Casino‘ betting product from the menubar on the homepage and move to the next step.

Step 2: Click on the Live Casino product and play the best games

  • When you are done with the steps above, you will be taken to the homepage of the W88 online casino section, and now you must filter the W88 live casino by clicking on your preferred game room provider or looking for the game in the search bar.

w88you w88 live casino play online casino games at top malaysia site step 2

  • Once done, you can hover your mouse over the game window you wish to play and then click on the ‘Play Now‘ button.
  • It is important to note to make a W88 Deposit before you play any game as the W88 online casino section does not offer free game rooms for customers like the slots, fishing, games, and lottery section does.

Claim 2 beneficial W88 Promotion on Live Casino games

As mentioned above, with endless entertainment at the W88 online casino site, you can also get some extravagant W88 Promotion bonuses on your first deposit of minimum RM30 that ensures you do not have to spend a lot of cash from your own pockets to play the fun games on the betting site.

100% up to RM1,288

w88you w88 live casino play online casino games with w88 promotion on casino

The first W88 promotion that may appeal to you is the 100% up to RM1,288 bonus on casino and keno games provided by the Club W Grand game room providers. This bonus has a rollover requirement of 15 times before you can make withdrawals.

20% up to RM600

w88you w88 live casino play online casino games with w88 promotion on live casino

The second promotion offer is a 20% up to RM600 W88 bonus which you can claim by making a minimum deposit of RM30 and completing the rollover requirement of 15 times in the Club W Grand online casino game rooms.

In Conclusion

This was the 100% honest review about the W88 Live Casino Malaysia for 2024 by W88you experts. Gaming at W88 may not appeal to many pros but as a beginner, this is the perfect online betting site that you can use to avoid overspending but also earn more. To ensure the latter happens more often, keep visiting W88you for expert insights and opinions about winning casino games online.