W88 Signature Club: Gold, Platinum & Diamond status upgrade!

Want to be a part of the W88 Signature Club? Learn about it all at W88you. Jump from Gold to Platinum to Diamond, & get exclusive VIP treatment from W88’s team!

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There are two kinds of online betting sites on the internet, one which only takes from customers, and the other one gives more to customers. The W88 website is one of the few sites that belong to the latter group thanks to its extravagant W88 Signature Club, which members get promoted to the longer they stay as a member of the betting site. This W88 VIP club is capable of providing members with huge bonus rewards to their own personal account manager and so, to learn more about it read on!

What is the W88 Signature Club all about?

Firstly, let us talk about what the W88 signature club is and how can you be a part of this club. As shown in the image below the W88 Signature Club or W Signature Club is also known as the Club for VIP members who are high rollers. This means that those members who wager on the website in huge amounts, as well as win more, from time to time are promoted from the standard Blue accounts to the Gold, then Platinum, and finally Diamond W88 VIP Club accounts.

W88you w88 signature club vip levels and status explained

Being a member of the W88 signature club is extremely beneficial but to gain these extravagant services from the staff and team of W88, you must follow the below-mentioned conditions and keep at it as the end results definitely is rewarding. That being said, the first thing you must do is create an account in the W88 Register to be officially qualified for the signature club membership as you keep playing.

Top 3 levels of the W88 Signature Club explained

When you keep playing and wagering with high amounts on the W88 games, you will be promoted to three different levels throughout your time as a W88 member. Below mentioned are the 3 levels of the W88 Signature Club that you must upgrade to over time as a W88 member. For this, claiming a W88 Promotion on the W88 Live Casino or W88 Sportsbook is extremely beneficial.
W88you w88 signature club vip levels explained with status

  • Gold: The first upgrade from your blue account would be to your W88 Gold account. For this, you must make a stake of a minimum of RM250,000 within 30 Days of being a Blue member on the site.
  • Platinum: The second upgrade from your gold account would be to your Platinum account which you can achieve by making a minimum RM3,000,000 turnover or stake within 30 days of being a gold member, with an additional condition of making a  RM500,000 bet every 60 days to maintain the Platinum status.
  • Diamond: Lastly, the final and highest upgrade is to a Diamond account which does not require you to make any wager. But if you manage to maintain your platinum account, then you can be invited to join the Diamond W88 signature club from the W88 team.

Gold to Platinum to Diamond: Conditions and benefits explained

As mentioned above, there are conditions as well as benefits to experience the top-notch fun of becoming a W88 VIP member in the W88 signature club. So, to help you get a proper understanding of these conditions as well as benefits, take a thorough glance at the table below. Joining W88 can help you boost your account wallet starting with the W88 Free Credit of RM30 on account verification.

W88you w88 signature club vip levels and status explained by experts




Live Casino Rebates



Slots Rebates



Priority Deposits and Withdrawals

Platinum PriorityDiamond Priority Personalized

Access To Exclusive Payment Solutions



Upgrade Tiers Turnover/Stake [Within 30 Days]

RM250,000RM3,000,000W Signature Club Invitational

Rewards Redemption (%)

10% Discount Off15% Discount Off

18% Discount Off

Designated VIP Team

EligibleVIP Account Manager

VIP Signature Club Special Promotion



Reward Points Expiration

90 Days120 Days180 Days

Eligible for Rewards Points



VIP Maintaining Requirement [Subject To Downgrade]


Your Birthday Treats



Why you should be a part of the W88 signature club?

Yes, the conditions to claim these huge benefits in the W88 signature club are definitely high. However, there are many reasons why following these conditions and boosting your account to the Diamond level is worth it. So, in this final section, let us look at some of the reasons why you should be a part of the W88 signature club on the betting site.

W88you w88 signature club vip level status explained

  1. Huge promotion offers: Firstly, the W88 Promotion benefits of this club are so extravagant that you will want to be a lifetime W88 member. There is even the opportunity to get your own account manager via the W88 signature club, and other top priority benefits.
  2. Priority services: As mentioned, once you upgrade from a normal Blue account to a Gold account, and as you keep getting to the Diamond VIP account, you will be able to get utmost priority services from the W88 staff and team whenever you need them.
  3. Makes you a high roller: Betting in a huge amount means that you would progress with the levels but this also means that you will be winning double what you wager. So, if you have the means to enjoy gambling, then using these conditions to boost your bankroll could be beneficial.
  4. Extravagant gifts: Another cool aspect of this club is that with the promotion benefits, you can get extravagant gifts as well which include electronic devices, watches, clothes, official sponsor merch, and more that you can find under the rewards section.
  5. Personal Manager: Although exclusive to only the W88 Diamond member, you can opt to get a personal manager on your account to help you with playing on the website on VIP tables. Moreover, you get top priority for anything you wish to go for on the W88 website.


This was all about the W88 Signature Club which you can get access to as you keep gaming on the W88 website. This is something very easy to do thanks to the promotion offers for new members on their first deposit and also for the extensive list of gaming products from top providers that you can never get bored of. With that, you must also strive to win the bets you place to double your betting stakes. For that, keep visiting W88you for pro tips, tricks, and strategical insights on betting online.

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