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About W88 Poker

W88 Malaysia is widely regarded as one of the best online betting sites for playing sports betting and casino games online. In fact, along with being entertaining, this website is also the no.1 most entertaining place to play online where you can never get bored.

One such section in the W88 website is the W88 poker gaming section which is different from the others as there are not only many variants of this classic casino game but also different gaming styles where you can play with the live dealer or real players from across the globe. To know how to play W88 Poker online in the most simple way possible, keep reading this W88you betting guide and review.

Get the best casino gaming experience in W88 Poker game rooms

Getting straight to learning how to play W88 Poker on the betting site, let us look into the most simple poker betting tutorial on the internet. Here you will get a detailed tutorial of how to access W88 poker online as well as a gameplay example. Using the W88 website is beneficial because you can also claim a 100% up to RM1,288 W88 Promotion offer for casino betting online. 

Step 1: Login at W88 and search ‘Poker’ in Live Casino section

  • To play W88 Poker online you must log into your W88 account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button on the top right corner of the homepage and entering your login credentials.
  • If you do not own a W88 account then create one within 2 minutes by clicking on the ‘Join‘ button and filling out the registration form with accurate details.
  • Once you have completed creating an account in the W88 Register, you must click on the ‘Live Casino‘ product from the W88 dashboard menu and then enter ‘Poker’ in the search bar to access all poker game room providers.
  • From these, you must click on your preferred provider’s room and click on ‘Play Now‘ to move on to the second step of this W88 poker tutorial guide.

Step 2: Select a Poker game room of your choice

  • When you have completed carrying out all instructions from Step 1, you will be taken to the homepage of the Poker game room provider you selected.
  • Here you will find many kinds of W88 poker variants that you can choose from which contain Teen Patti, 3 Card Brag, Casino Holdem, Texas Holdem, etc.
  • So, in the W88 Live Casino poker game room, you must now click on your preferred game room, and then click on the ‘Play‘ button and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Place your bets and let the game commence

  • By the final step of this tutorial, you should be in the W88 poker game room you selected with a live dealer and a poker table. So, here we will now look at how the gameplay takes place in the game room in 3 rounds.

Round 1: Place your wager before the card is dealt

  • In the first round, you have to place a wager or the ‘Ante Bet‘ at the center of the table before the timer ends and the card is dealt. 
  • The minimum wager for this W88 poker room is only RM2.50 and it is always good to play games like Poker using the minimum betting stake in the game room.

Round 2: Make a move based on your card hand

  • Once you have placed the Ante bet, the dealer will then deal 2 cards on your end, 2 cards on their end, and 3 community cards in the center of the table.
  • Here, we have the cards 9♠, 10♠, with the community cards, 2♠, J♦, 10♣, giving us a Pair Hand.
  • If you are confident in the hand you have, then you can continue the game by placing the second wager of the betting round with the same stake on the ‘Play‘ option.

Round 3: Win wholesome payouts!

  • When you decide to go on with the game, the dealer will then deal the final two cards on the table. In this case, the final two cards are 6♠ and 9♦. Thus, looking at all our cards we have 2 pairs in total.
  • After this, the dealer will turn his cards to reveal them, and this will determine the winner of the poker betting round.
  • The dealer has a 6♣ and 3♦, giving him a Pair hand. Since Two Pair is a rank higher than the Pair card rank, we easily won this betting round and received a payout double our betting stakes.

3 other ways to enjoy W88 Poker online with real players

On the W88 website, you will find many exciting Poker game rooms with different variants. Above we gave a detailed example of the Live Casino W88 poker game room where you must play against the live dealer. However, since Poker is a fun classic casino game, there are 3 other ways to play the W88 poker online on the website.

W88 Virtual Poker

If you do not like gaming with live dealers, then you can tune into the W88 Games section to play Poker games with Virtual Dealers. Here, the entire card-dealing and gameplay takes place based on the  RNG system which makes the results more credible. You can get 3 card poker or bullfight poker games under the W88 Games section.


W88 P2P Poker

Poker games against skilled live dealers offer a different kind of thrills but to enjoy authentic poker you should play with real players. W88 Poker in the P2P section allows you to connect with real players to play Poker against each other on the website for real money or in the free demo rooms.


W88 Poker PC download

The third way of playing W88 poker online on the betting site is by downloading the W88 App for poker on your PC or Mobile device. Here you get to play authentic poker by buying seats on the table with real money against players from across the globe. Making the W88 poker download is extremely simple to experience a smooth W88 poker gaming session.


Know about the W88 poker rules and gameplay

With the above-mentioned tutorial and other ways to play W88 poker online, you can access fun game rooms and play the game. However, if you do not know the basic poker rules, terms, and card rankings then playing online against the live dealer or real players can be difficult. Thus, in this section, let us look at the important W88 poker things you should know about.

  • Let us first look into what Poker is all about as this is one of the best online classic casino games you should try playing at least once. Poker is one of the most fun yet risky games you can play, and people enjoy this game to the point where there are online tournaments on the game.
  • It is played against the dealer or with 4 to 8 people on the table and each gameplay contains more than one betting round until the showdown takes place. 
  • There are many kinds of poker variants, but the most common one is played with 7 cards, where 5 of the cards are community cards and the other 2 are personal cards that are only revealed to you as a player.
  • The winner of the betting round is determined by whichever player has the best card rank among them all on the betting table at the end of the showdown.

7 Important Poker terms you should know

Now that you know the gameplay of W88 Poker online games, let us look at the terminology of the poker games that you should know as it applies to both online and offline poker gameplays.

  1. Ante Bet: Ante bets are those bets that are made before the cards are dealt in the game room. This kickstarts the game, and in cases where there is more than one dealer, the ante bets are divided into Small Blind and Big Blind bets.
  2. Community Cards: Community cards are the 5 cards that are placed at the center of the table and shared among all the players.
  3. Showdown: The showdown is the revelation of the two personal cards that are then compared with the addition to the community cards to determine the winner of the poker betting round.
  4. Call: If you wish to continue playing the Poker game after viewing the two personal and three community cards in the first betting round, then you use the call action to place a wager on the hand with the same initial betting stake.
  5. Fold: If you do not wish to continue playing the Poker game after viewing the two personal and three community cards in the first betting round, then you use the fold action to withdraw from the betting round and get half your betting staked returned.
  6. Raise: If you have the highest card hand rank or are simply confident in the hand dealt to you, then you can use the raise option to double up the initial wager amount on your hand. The raise option in poker is also sometimes used to Bluff so that other players fold their cards and you could win automatically.
  7. All-In: When you put all your money in your bankroll on the hand dealt to you in a single betting round, you go ‘All-in’ with your wager on the hand.

Poker Cards Hand Ranking from Strongest to Weakest

Now that you know about the basic terms, let us help you understand the card hand rankings in poker games with a simple table below. To understand the table in a better sense, remember these points:

  • The number or letter on each of the cards is known as the Rank of the card, for example 3, 5, 2, 10, K, Q, J, A, etc.
  • The symbol on each of the cards is known as the Suit of the card, for example: Diamond, Heart, Clubs, Spades.
  • Ace, Kind, Queen, Joker, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 is the standard rank for individual cards.
  • Clubs, Diamond, Hearts, Spades is the standard rank for the individual cards, thus, when two or more players have the same high card, the winner of the game is determined by looking at the suit in this ranking order.






Royal Flush

w88you w88 poker online card rank royal flush

Royal Flush refers to the hand rank where there are consecutive face cards with ace cards from the highest rank from the same suit in consecutive sequence


Straight Flush

w88you w88 poker online card rank straight flush

Straight Flush refers to the hand where there are cards of consecutive ranks from the same suit


Four of a Kind 

w88you w88 poker online card rank four of a kind

When four out of five cards have the same rank then it is called a  Four of a Kind hand


Full House

w88you w88 poker online card rank full house

When there are three of a kind and a pair rank within the five cards it is called a Full House



w88you w88 poker online card rank flush

When there are cards from the same suit irrespective of ranks, it is called the Flush or Colored hand



w88you w88 poker online card rank straight

When there are consecutive cards based on ranks irrespective of suit it is called the Straight hand



w88you w88 poker online card rank 3 of a kind

When three out of five cards have the same rank it is called a Three of a Kind hand


Two Pair

w88you w88 poker online card rank two pair

Two pair refers to the hand with two pairs with the same rank consisting in it



w88you w88 poker online card rank pair

Pair refers to the hand with a pair of cards  with the same rank


High Card

w88you w88 poker online card high card

When there are no combination on the table or in the hand, the highest ranking individual card from the five helps determine the card hand rank


W88 Poker is definitely one of the places you must game at if you are an avid online gamer because once is enough to make you love the interface of the poker game rooms on the website. To keep winning at poker, however, keep visiting W88you where we give you pro insights on poker gaming and more!

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