Stay Safe and Stay Clean from COVID-19!

It’s no surprise that by now, with the whole world dealing with a global pandemic, COVID-19 has changed the normalcy of the world. People are staying home more, several countries are placed on lockdowns, industries and markets are slowly plummeting, stocks are declining, and people are dying because of the … Read more

Adorable Old Couple and the Coin-Bottle Prank

Adorable Old Couple and the Coin - Bottle Prank

The idea of growing old with your spouse is usually a romantic idea to many people, especially the youth. There are many hurdles couples who grow old together go through before establishing a strong foundation and lasting years together. This doesn’t just magically happen, their spark, their love and their … Read more

Animals Sneezing Sporadically Shakes the Internet

Animals Sneezing Sporadically Shakes the Internet

Sneezing can be quite frustrating for many people. It can also be triggered very easily which can happen at exactly any moment. By looking at the sun, or even just taking a whiff of very little pepper, a sneeze will automatically follow. It is probably quite the same for animals, … Read more

Celebrities Fail at 5 Second Game with Ellen

When it comes to making people laugh and challenging games, Ellen De Generes is the person responsible. In her daytime talk show, Ellen hosts a short segment game called Five Second Rule where she challenges her guests to answer questions in just five seconds. Below you’ll see a great compilation … Read more

Chris Pratt Hilariously Nails the Cockney British Accent

The infamous Marvel and Jurassic Park star Chris Pratt guest-starred in The Graham Norton Show alongside Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law. The 39-year-old American actor was being interviewed and shared his brief experience living in the east-end of Britain. He described how he picked up the cockney accent from the … Read more