10 Memes that Show that Cooking isn’t Exactly For Everyone

Kitchen work isn’t always as glamorous and easy as TV shows and movies portray them to be. Knowing how to cook is a skill many people don’t possess and also one that many kids master at a young age. Finding out the ingredients, following the procedure, and making sure you set the right temperatures when pre-heating the oven is essential. However, even if kitchen pros like Gordon Ramsey can make it look flawless, it takes years of mastery. For young adults attempting to cook one successful meal for themselves, instead of ordering take-out food again, kudos. Here are a few memes on what life is like when cooking is not your best skill.

Cooking is Hard and here are 10 Memes that Prove So

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When you start to smell the smoke from the kitchen…

Adjusting your expectations

As long as there’s no food poisoning right?

Eating while cooking is just a necessity

When Pinterest makes cooking look deceivingly easy

The beginning is always exciting

When you’re equally as incapable in the kitchen…

When drinking is more fun than preparing the food….

It’s never a 30-minute snack-hack…

When following directions is not your strong suit

Cooking 101

Preparing food or cooking a meal isn’t exactly mastered by everyone. Home cooks and chefs make it look easy on cooking shows like Master Chef but, it’s not exactly a skill everyone can make it look easy. Whether you’re trying to save up some money and get into meal prepping for work or trying to prepare a dinner feast for family and friends, one thing you have to master before cooking is the basic task of following directions. Hopefully, after getting the first step right, everything else will fall into place.

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