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W88 Sports Betting W88 Bonus RM1,088 W88 Sportsbooks

Online betting on sportsbooks is getting famous day by day and this is something that helps people sit back and relax and enhance the match they usually enjoy. However, finding the correct place to place your money on your favorite matches is important and for that let us introduce you to one of the best sportsbooks in the betting world which is the W88 sportsbook.

Play W88 Sports betting to get the best gambling experience in Malaysia

At W88 sportsbook, you can find everything you need as a bettor, whether you are a beginner or a pro gambler on the internet. Here you are introduced to many amazing things on the betting site including some cool online sportsbook deals that you can get right from your first deposit. So, before you scroll down to explore the W88 sportsbook and what it is like to play W88 sports betting, here is a quick review.

w88 sport betting company review by w88you experts

  1. Bet Legally and Securely: W88 is one of the few online betting sites on the internet that can provide you with legal and secure betting as the site owns a BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certificate including an SSL certificate from Cloudflare.inc.
  2. Get updated odds: No matter whether you like betting on early odds or in-play odds, W88 gives you live updates on odds so that you get to place your bets on the best odds in the sportsbooks to increase your bankroll amount.
  3. Watch and Wager: With W88 as your sportsbook, you can watch live matches for in-play betting no matter which sports match you decided to wager on. This is also cool because even if you do not want to wager, you can use the W88 sportsbook as a live streaming platform to view the live match.
  4. Lower betting stakes: Another best thing about playing at the W88 Sportsbook is that here you can get to bet at reasonable prices with bets starting from RM5 only! This is even more beneficial if you opt-in for the W88 sportsbook promotion offers on first W88 Deposit up to RM1,088 which we have mentioned below.

Know the top bookies present in the W88 sportsbook section

In the W88 sportsbook section on the official site, you will come across 5 cool sportsbook with different interfaces that you can choose from based on your preferences. No matter which sportsbook you select, fun and entertainment including an amazing gaming time is guaranteed by W88.

W88 a-Sports

w88 sport betting company review by w88you asports W88 sportsbook

For those who prefer to wager on matches in the Asian style then the W88.com a-Sports sportsbook is for you as here you get to wager on matches like soccer, basketball, football, esports, and even finance in an easy way. The minimum betting rates at the W88 a-Sports sportsbook is RM5 only which is a pretty good price for beginners.

W88 BTi

w88 sport betting company review by w88you bti W88 sportsbook

The second and most used sportsbook for W88 sports betting is the W88 BTi sportsbook which was recently introduced in early 2023. Besides giving you the options for wager on any sports match, you can also switch from Asian to Europeans views in the BTi W88 sportsbook and wager starting from a minimum rate RM5 only!


w88 sport betting company review by w88you saba c W88 sportsbook

Another new sportsbook that was introduced in the W88 official betting site is the SABA C sportsbook which lets you wager on matches in the Asian style. In fact, this sportsbook has a very easy interface which beginners will really like including the minimum betting stake for the SABA C W88 sportsbook which is RM5 only.

W88 V1 & V2

w88 sport betting company review by w88you vitual W88 sportsbook

Virtual sports is something that has been famous for a while now and at W88, you can get two different kinds of virtual sportsbooks where you can bet with betting stakes starting as low as RM0.6 to RM2 only. Here you can find virtual football, horse racing, greyhound racing, basketball, and other fun matches with live streaming options.

What sports matched will you find in the top W88 sportsbooks?

Today there are many sports matches that you can find on the W88 sportsbooks but there are a few that are definitely must-tries especially if you are a beginner. So, now let us take a look at the top 6 sports matches you should wager on in Malaysia 2023.

1. W88 Football

Availability: a-Sports, BTi, SABA C, V1 & V2

w88 sport betting company review by w88you w88 sportsbook football

W88 sports betting on football matches is always fun to play and thanks to this W88 is now considered to be one of the best sponsors for football teams in the betting world. W88 football gives you odds for the 1X2, Handicap, Over/Under, and many other thrilling betting options that you can wager on.

2. Basketball

Availability: a-Sports, BTi, SABA C, V1 & V2

w88 sport betting company review by w88you w88 sportsbook basketball

Basketball betting is another fun place to wager on using the W88 sportsbooks. Being very similar to football betting, here you get to wager on classic betting options which include the  Moneyline bets, Total Score bets, and Handicap bets among many others in the W88 sportsbook which you can wager on for good payouts.

3. Tennis

Availability: a-Sports, BTi, SABA C, V1 & V2

w88 sport betting company review by w88you w88 sportsbook tennis

Online betting games on sports teams is fun but it is even more thrilling when you bet on one-person sports like Tennis. At W88, you can play tennis betting by getting exciting updates by W88 on hot matches and even wager on early or in-play bets by watching the real match by live-streaming it in the W88 sportsbook.

4. Athletics

Availability: a-Sports, SABA C

w88 sport betting company review by w88you w88 sportsbook athletics

As mentioned above, wagering on matches where this is only one person representing countries is even more thrilling and such sports usually come under the W88 athletic section which you can find on the a-Sports and SABA C sportsbook on the official betting site and wager on with bets from a minimum  RM5 only.

5. Finance

Availability: a-Sports

w88 sport betting company review by w88you w88 sportsbook finance

The a-Sports sportsbook gives its customers a chance to play an exciting sports game which is finance. Finance is not really a sports but predictions are made regardless and at W88, you can wager on these predictions by wagering on the stock market in the a-Sport sportsbook starting from a minimum betting stake of RM5.

6. E-Sports

Availability: a-Sports, BTi, SABA C

w88 sport betting company review by w88you w88 sportsbook esports

Last but not least, no sportsbook is complete without offering customers a chance to wager on W88 Esports. This section lets you wager on top games E-Sports video games where you can get updates on hot matches as well as look out for the real-time gameplay in the live streaming options available via a separate link in the W88 sportsbooks.

3 Most preferred W88 Sports Betting Odds

In this section, let us analyze the exciting W88 sports betting options that you can find in the W88 sportsbook. Here we will look at the most common betting options you will find in the sports mentioned above. These betting options come under the main bets for most matches and knowing these is extremely beneficial for a beginner playing the W88 sports betting.

w88 sport betting company review by w88you w88 sportsbook betting options

Betting Options


(Home, Draw, Away)

1X2 bet stands for the Home, Draw, Away betting option and is sometimes also called the Moneyline bet where you must predict the outcome of the match by selecting which of the two teams would win or if it’ll end up in a draw.


Over and Under bets require you to wager on whether the total score of both teams will be over a certain given margin or lower the given margin. There are many variants of the O/U bets in the W88 sportsbooks.


Handicap bets are the main bets that alter the real outcomes of the match by giving the underdog team a headstart goal advantage and the stronger team a handicap goal disadvantage based on the strength difference between the teams.


Odd/Even are main bets found in some sports like finance or basketball where you must determine whether the end results or score would be an odd number or an even number.

Map Bets
(M1, M2, M3,…)

Exclusive to only E-Sports, map bets are given as main bets to predict how many maps would be played till a winner is determined since E-Sports usually play about 3 maps for a result selected on the best of 3 bases.

Exact Score

Exact Score is not a main betting option but one of the most exciting options in the W88 sportsbook where you must exactly predict the end score of the match. Since winning this betting option is slightly difficult, the odds given are usually high on this W88 sports betting option.

Bet on your favourite matches in the W88 sportsbook in 3 simple steps

Now that you know about most of the sports matches you can wager on including their famous wagering options, let us look into a quick tutorial of how you can wager on the W88 sportsbook as well as look at how the odds of the betting options work.

Step 1: Create an account and pick a sportsbook

  • Firstly, you should go ahead and create an account on the W88 official site by clicking on the ‘Join‘ button and filling up the registration form with accurate details.
  • If you already have an existing account in the W88 Register, you must click on the ‘Login‘ button and log into your W88 account.

w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting with w88you step 1

  • Once done, you must click on or hover your mouse over the ‘Sports‘ product from the menubar on the homepage and this will give you all the W88 sportsbooks.
  • From these, click on your preferred sportsbook and move on to the next step. Here we went with the BTi sportsbook with minimum betting stakes of RM5 and many filter options.

Step 2: Filter the sportsbook and pick a match

  • Once you enter the sportsbook, you will find betting options for different matches. So, to avoid confusion and make things easier, each sportsbook have a filter option which allows you to select from the sport, matches, leagues, country, date, betting options, etc.

w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting with w88you step 2

  • So, using the options given on the left side of the screen, you can select your sport and here we have selected the Soccer option, and as you can see, you can also choose from what kind of match you prefer.
  • Once done, you can go ahead and click on your preferred match in the sportsbook and move on to the next step. Here we will go with Australia vs Denmark match from the World Cup Women League.

Step 3: Lock your bets and enjoy the game!

  • When you click on your match, you will be taken to a page with all the betting options for the match you selected.
  • From these, you can locate the bet option you want to play and click on your preferred sub-option.

w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting with w88you step 3

  • Doing do will open a bet slip on the left hand side of your screens and here you must enter the betting stake in the given slot. Doing so will show you the payout returns you will receive based on the odds given on the option you selected.
  • If you are satisfied with the W88 sports betting payout returns, you can click on the ‘Place Bets‘ button and sit back and watch the match in the W88 sportsbook itself for the result outcomes.

Learn about the outcomes for W88 sports betting with odds

In the above W88 sports betting tutorial, we decided to play the 1X2 betting option in the Australia vs Denmark match above. So now, let us look at the 3 different outcomes of the match which basically are case scenarios of what would happen if the 1, X, or 2 sub-betting options would win.

Case 1: Bet on Australia (1)

Case 2: Bet on Draw (X)

Case 3: Bet on Denmark (2)

w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting with w88you odds 1w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting with w88you odds 2w88 sportsbook play w88 sports betting with w88you odds 3
Odds: 1.90Odds: 3.43Odds: 4.06
Wager: RM5Wager: RM5Wager: RM5
Pay-out: RM9.50Pay-out: RM17.15Pay-out: RM20.30
If Australia wins: you get RM9.50If match draws: you get RM17.15If Denmark wins: you get RM20.30
If Australia loses: you lose RM5If no draw: you lose RM5If Denmark loses: you lose RM5

As you can see, there are different outcomes for each sub-betting option in the 1X2 options, making this a main and thrilling betting option in the sportsbook. Another thing that you will notice is that the higher the odds the more payout you will receive however, this means that the chances of winning are low, and since the risk is high, wager on high odds would give you more returns.

So, to win your bets in the W88 sportsbook, going for the betting option with low odds is more ideal than placing a risky bet. This way you can at least increase your chances of winning the W88 sports betting in small amounts as the risk on low odds is low.

That is not all! Join W88 and claim up to RM1,088 welcome bonus on sports!

As a new W88 member, you can get 2 exciting W88 Promotion bonus deals on your very first deposit in your registered W88 account. With these two bonus offers, you can play W88 sports betting without spending a lot of money from your own pockets.

100% up to RM1,088

w88 sport betting company review by w88you w88 sportsbook promotion

On the W88 website, when you make your first deposit of a minimum RM30 you can opt for a 100% sportsbook bonus of up to RM1,088. Complete the rollover requirements of 15 times and you can withdraw this W88 bonus.

20% up to RM600

w88 sport betting company review by w88you w88 sportsbook bonus

Another good sportsbook deal that you can claim is the 20% W88 promotion up to RM600 on the a-Sports sportsbook which you can claim on a minimum first deposit of RM30 and withdraw upon completing the rollover requirement of 15 times.


This was all about the W88 Sportsbook section on the official website and a brief introduction to all the products you can find in the sportsbook. Here you get to wager on top hot as well as friendly matches in all sport domain starting from a minimum of RM5. Moreover, you can claim any one of the two beneficial W88 promotion offers to boost your account wallet as a new W88 member.