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Is Sports Betting in Malaysia Legal?

Gambling is a skill that is mostly looked down upon, however, it is one of the coolest skills anybody can own. What is even more cool is that most government bodies in many countries accept gambling through certain extent, especially when it is licensed by an foreign legal company.

Besides this, gambling online has taken the internet by storm because of its entertaining nature. Thus, Gambling online has become something that many Malaysians indulge in.

w88you w88 legal license gaming laboratories license

  • That being said, Gambling online in Malaysia is allowed only when it comes to the casinos and lottery.
  • Sports betting is thus illegal in Malaysia. However, there are some sites that allow people to gamble online legally with a license acquired by foreign companies.

W88, one of Asia’s top online betting site, is one place with an Offshore Gaming License for Sports betting specifically. This W88 license is issued by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation or PAGCOR.

Why Pick W88 a-Sports as your Bookie?

With what was mentioned above, you know that W88 is completely legal and one of the top sites in Asia to use to Sports betting online. This alone is enough a reason for you to join W88 and start betting.

But using this one reason would not justify the amazing things W88 offers as a whole. So, below we have mentioned some of the prominent things every rookie bettor needs in an online betting site and how W88 fulfils all the demands of being the best betting site.


  • W88 is an online betting site which is one of the greatest online betting domains to exist because it caters to everyone in the betting world – from rookie to pro-players.
  • This site is the best place any beginners can kickstart their betting journey because of its cool features as well as offers.

Among all the amazing things at W88, the a-Sports sportsbook is a place which is most active. Over here, most matches going on all over Asia takes place. This is because it offers all the best features people need for sports betting online, whether they are a rookie or a pro-player.

  • Easy Interface: Most betting platforms online appear to be a mess because of the way they present sports betting and the matches’ odds. However, at – a-Sports, you will find one of the most organized and easy to use sportsbooks. This makes betting easy to understand, especially for beginners.
  • Many Games to Select From: Besides this, at W88 you can never ever get bored, even if you only play at the Sportsbooks. This is because you will be introduced to ongoing matches frequently and will be updated on the odds and many things every now and then. Besides this, you can indulge in virtual sports or even E-Sports that  you can bet on.
  • Best Bonus Deals: To add to the “Fun never stops” motto of W88, you should definitely check out their hottest W88 welcome bonus deals! This is because they offer some of the best deals which gives you huge cashback offers on the minimum deposit of RM30 only! Speaking of minimum rates, online sports betting at W88 takes place at the minimum betting stake of RM5 only!!

But what is even more cooler is the fact that you can explore not 1 but more than 3 sportsbook at W88! These are a-Sports, e-Sports, Fantasy Sports, V-Sports, etc. So live betting is always fun at this place as there is so much to explore in the real as well as virtual sports betting world. However, from these if you had to pick 1, the W88 a-Sports is something you should go for!

Explore Top 5 Sections of Asia Bookie at – a-Sports – a-Sports is a place online where there is never-ending entertainment. Besides this, you can even use this platform to learn how to play sports betting. Let us now dive deeper into the amazing world of W88 a-Sports, one of Asia’s top bookies in sports betting.

#1: Bet on Exciting World Cup Matches

W88 a-Sports is known for being one of the most organized sportsbook in Asia and thus, they have also divided the matches that are constantly updated into systematic sections. The first section the you will notice is the W88 a-Sports section for World Cup matches.


  • Using this section, you will be updated daily, hourly, and even in minutes about everything going on in most of the world cup matches across the globe.
  • Not only this, but you can even filter out what betting type you prefer to get updates on the betting odds very frequently.
  • You can even make early bets on the decided match line ups for future world cup tournaments.

As long as you have a strong internet connection, you will see that – a-Sports is one of the best sportsbook you can use for betting early as well as during live world cup matches.

#2: Make Ongoing Sports Bet for the Day

Besides the World Cup matches, you can even make bets on the ongoing daily matches at W88 a-Sports sportsbook.


  • As you can see, you can select your preferred sport you want to bet on from the drop-down menu on the left and even filter out the odds you want to place your bets on.
  • You can choose to bet on Soccer, Saba Soccer, Basketball, European (E-Sports), Tennis, Cricket, Table Tennis, etc.
  • The betting odds during the live matches are constantly updated, so depending on the odds, you can place more accurate bets.

Again, as long as you have a strong internet connection to stay updated with the changing odds as well as upcoming matches for the day at W88 a-Sports.

#3: Make Bets Virtually at W88 Virtual Sports

What about the days when there are no matches being played and thus, there are no updates at W88 sports section? Well, this is a very unlikely scenario, but if we such a day then you can still be entertained by betting on W88 Virtual Sports.


  • Virtual sports takes the entire sports world to another and a futuristic level. As the name suggest, you can bet on non real-life matches online.
  • Betting on these matches online is very simple as they have the same betting options as most of the normal sports have in the sports betting world.
  • Virtual Sports are basically sport matches that are played online and they also have tournaments online. So betting on them would give you an equal payout rate just like in any normal sport match betting.

To bet on virtual sports you must have a strong internet connection as it will require you to view the live game, you can bet on virtual soccer, virtual basketball, virtual tennis, etc. using this W88 a-Sports section.

#4. Play E-Sports at – A-Sports

The next W88 a-Sports section is perhaps the most interesting section and that is the E-Sports section. E-Sports is different from Virtual Sports, because E-Sports betting include betting on online games that are exciting to watch.


  • The E-Sports world has gained rapid fame over the years because of top gamers and their teams showcasing their amazing gaming skills. Thus, this definitely makes us want to bet on the best E-Sports team.
  • E-Sports is a place where you can bet on games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2, League of Legends, Kick of Glory, and even the newest and most hyped game Valorant!
  • When you click to bet on E-Sports, you will be taken to a new Saba Sports tab, however the minimum betting rate of RM5 remains the same.

Play E-Sports betting and bet on some of your favorite E-Sports team like T1, Heroic, 1Win, Beijing WB, etc. and watch the game with a strong internet connection to enjoy more!

#5. When Sports meets Lottery, the fun is Doubled!

Lastly and something that is exciting at W88 a-Sports sportsbook is the bets that you can make on lottery. But what is even more cool is that you can bet on Sports Lottery!!


  • Sports Lottery is placing bets on numbers like normal lottery games. You can bet on Soccer Lottery, Cricket Lottery, Basketball Lottery, etc.
  • Here, you can make bets on Small, Big, Odd, Even, Tie bets for RM5 and wait to win and earn an equally high payout rate depending on the amount of bet you make.
  • Not only this, but you can also bet on E-Sports Lottery which will open up a new betting tab for you with an interesting interface.

Thus, – a-Sports sportsbook has a lot of things to offer where you can make bets for minimum RM5. At W88 a-Sports, making bets itself becomes easy that it allows you to sit back and truly enjoy the thrill of online sports betting.

Play at W88 Asia Bookie Live in 3 Easy Steps!

Now that you have been introduced to most of the amazing things offered by – a-Sports Sportsbook. It is time for you to join W88 by filling out the W88 register form! So make sure you have all your details ready before we get into the 3 easy steps to start betting at W88 a-Sports.

Step 1: Login to W88 Account & Select a-Sports

  • The first thing you must do to go to W88 is to visit and click on “Register” to get redirected to the official W88 website.
  • Once you have entered the official W88 domain, you can click on the “Join” button available at the W88 homepage’s top right corner.
  • This is when you will be introduced to the W88 register form where you can fill in your details accurately and finish up by adding a creative W88 username and a strong password.


  • Once this is done, login to your new W88 account and then on the homepage, click on “Sports”.
  • From here, click on “a-Sports” and you will enter the a-Sports Sportsbook in a new tab.

Step 2: Filter & Select What you want to bet on

  • When you enter the W88 a-Sports sportsbook, you will be introduced to all the ongoing matches taking place.
  • Not only that but on the left side, as well as at the top, you can see that you will be able to filter your searches according to your preference.


  • Once you have filtered out which match you want to place bets on, you can click on the blue arrow present at the right hand side of every match on the screen.
  • This will take you to the particular match and to make the interface more simple when placing bets online at a-Sports sportsbook.

Step 3: Look at the odds & place bets for RM 5

  • When you complete the previous step, you will finally reach the last step required to place a bet at the W88 a-Sports sportsbook.
  • But before that it is important to analyze the football betting odds of the match. As a rule it is important to bet on higher odds, meaning higher chances of winning, to receive a higher payout.


  • So here, we place a bet with the highest odds in this match. This bet would cost us only RM5! Now, the best part is that, if you win this bet, you will receive RM295 in return!!
  • Thus, to place the bet, you must click on “Bet” after entering the minimum stake you want to bet with. The higher the stake you play with, the more payout you will receive.

Find the best Malaysia Bookmakers Bonuses at W88

Yes, everything is easy with W88 including your gift of earning up to RM150 on the new account that you have just created. W88 promotion offers many sportsbook welcome bonuses as well as live casino and slot bonuses. However, if you want to boost your a-Sports account then be sure to make your first deposit in the a-Sports wallet!

Get 100% up to RM150 on First Deposit at a-Sports

As mentioned above, you can grab many sportsbook promotions at W88, however, the one you need to grab before making your a-Sports deposit is the 100% welcome bonus up to RM150!


What is even more exciting about this promotion is that you can get RM 150 with your first minimum deposit of RM30 only.

  • After making the first deposit of RM30, you will have to visit the W88 promos section and apply for the 100% up to RM150 welcome bonus.
  • Then you will get a bonus code which will be valid for some time. This will lock the bonus amount, depending on how much you deposited, in your account.
  • To unlock the money, you must complete the rollover requirement 15 times and then the bonus will be yours!


In conclusion, W88 a-Sports is a place where you can get everything you need in a sportsbook whether you are a pro player or a beginner. In this sportsbook, you can get live updates on World Cup matches, bet on ongoing sports matches for the day. If there are no matches available, then you can go ahead and play virtual sports betting or bet on your favorite E-Sports tournaments. Not only this but W88 a-Sports brings to you an exciting blend of Sports Lottery! Join today and experience never-ending entertainment!

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