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Learn W88 Gameplay for Online Sports & LCasino Games in 3 Steps! Join W88 Malaysia & get a 100% bonus up to RM600 on 1st deposit with extra Free credit of RM30.

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Intro to Gambling Online in Malaysia

Malaysia is known to be one of the most famous places for gambling as the people there enjoy this sport as well as have an incredible talent for it. However, not everybody over there has access to places where they can go and enjoy the thrills of gambling. Besides, the legality of gambling in Malaysia is a very grey area.

However, people still indulge in betting in Malaysia in order to use their skills and have fun and they do so by placing bets online. Online gambling has thus become one of the most widely known forms on entertainment in recent years across the globe! The reason they thrive and aren’t shunned is because of sites like W88 that offer reasonable prices for online W88 gameplay.

What Do People Mostly Bet on in Malaysia?

Since there are many people in Malaysia who enjoy online betting, online casinos tend to offer them a wide range of online games they can play and bet on. However, every online betting site has 2 specific areas that are always active! They are Sportsbook and Live Casinos. Why does most of Malaysia’s Online Betting take place here – let’s look into it!

Ongoing Matches at W88 Sportsbook are always updated

The reason people like the Sportsbook at W88 gameplay is that they find W88 the easiest site to make bets at. As you can see, you can bet on early, ongoing, and many more kinds of matches. The betting options under the W88 sportsbook are also many, like 1X2, Correct Score, Odd/Even, Total Goal, etc.


Not only this the page in W88 Sportsbook keeps refreshing with live updates on ongoing matches. It also updates its odds every now and then as the match keeps going on, making it easier for the players to make accurate choices when betting. W88 offers many sportsbooks like a-Sports, e-Sports, Fantasy Sports, etc.

Live Casino Games for a Thrilling Experience

The next place that is always active, perhaps more than Sportsbook, is the Live Casino at W88! People enjoy the Live Casino W88 Gameplay more because this site offers some of the best game rooms that enhance the gameplay with every new round!


Additionally, these gamerooms are offered by some of the best game providers out there like Club W Casino, Club Evolution, Club Ezugi, and many more! You can play popular card games like Baccarat and Blackjack to popular non-card games like Roulette and Sic Bo all at W88 Live Casino!

How to Play Sports Betting at W88 in 2 Steps

Sports betting at W88 is very easy and can be done in only 2 steps. Take a look at the W88 online sportsbook to learn how to bet on them thoroughly.

Step 1: Login to W88 and Select a Sportsbook

  • The first thing you must do to start W88 gameplay at their sportsbook is to join in on the W88 family, to do this, you must first visit W88you.info and register at W88’s official website.
  • When you get access to W88, you must click on “Join” to enter the page with a W88 register form.


  • Then you must fill in your details accurately as mentioned in your bank documents, confirm those details, and you can finally successfully log into your account at W88.
  • Once done, you must select “Sports” that contains many sportsbook makes, select a sportsbook and follow the next steps precisely.

Step 2: Select a Match and make a Sports bet for RM5!

  • When you select either of the available sportsbook, you will notice that W88 offers all the ongoing matching across the globe on your screen. Not only this but also lets you bet on most of the famous betting options.


  • Thus, in order to play W88 gameplay at their sportsbooks, you must first analyze the odds and payouts of both of your preferred matches – the higher the odds, the more money you get in return. This is one of the easiest W88 sports betting tips to carry out effectively.
  • Then you must select on favourable odds of winning and enter the amount you wish to bet with. The minimum amount you can bet at W88 eSport is RM 5!

An Example of the outcome of betting online at Sportsbook

Betting at Sportsbook is easy as everything you need will be available on your screen!

  • Here, we have decided to place a 1X2 bet on the team Depok United from the Live Match Karawang United vs Depok United.
  • This is because the odds of Depok United winning the 1X2 bet is high with 20.00 odds.
  • Thus, we placed an RM5 bet on Depok United, whose payout will be about RM100!


  • Since you have to wait for the entire match to get over to know the outcome, we will predict the W88 gameplay for this bet by using the table below:
W88 Gameplay CasesOddsOutcome
Karawang United (1) Wins1.09You will lose RM5 bet money
Tie (X) Results6.40You will get RM5 + Tie Payout
Depok United (2) Wins20.00You will get RM100
  • This betting using odds provided by W88 is important to win more money by sports betting.

Learn the W88 Gameplay of Live Casinos in 2 steps

Another area that is always active at W88 is the Live Casino. With many game rooms available, learning the W88 gameplay for live casino is a must!

Step 1: Join W88 and Visit the Live Casino section

  • Just the first point in the aforementioned section, the first thing you must do is go to W88you.info and join W88 by clicking on “Join“.
  • You must then enter your accurate details in the W88 register form which contains a unique username and strong password.


  • Once this is done, complete your account verification and get ready to play Live Casino games by clicking on “Live Casino“.

Step 2: Select a Gameroom and place your bets

  • When you enter the W88 Live Casino domain, it is guaranteed that you will be awed at all the popular and amazing games there provided by some of the most prominent game room providers.


  • From these, you can select your favorite game room and start betting for a Minimum rate of RM5! To place bets at Live Casinos, you must follow the W88 gameplay rules of the game room.
  • Usually, you have to place bets before the timer ends by dragging casino chips, relevant to your bet amount, and place them on the table.

Real time W88 Gameplay at Live Casino

Let us look at a real money W88 gameplay using the game room for Dragon Tiger.

Round 1: Place your bets wisely

  • The interface of the Live Casino makes the W88 Gameplay even more interesting as it is easy to play at even as a rookie.


  • We have selected to play Dragon Tiger since it is one of the easiest games to play.
  • Here, we make a RM5 bet on Tiger. Now we need to sit back and anticipate the results as the dealer will deal the cards.

Round 2: Wait to win!

  • The dealer will then reveal the cards one by one once the timer stops. Enough for everyone present in the gameroom to pick up on the W88 Gameplay.


  • Here, Tiger gets the higher rank and thus, we win this bet.

To know more about how to play Dragon Tiger, read our guide on how to play Dragon Tiger.

Top Two Promotions to Double Up your Cash for More W88 Gameplays!

Now, that you know about the amazing things of the Sports and Live casino betting world, as well as how to join one of Asia’s top sites to play any of the W88 gameplay mentioned above, let us look at a way to enhance your W88 gameplay by cool promotion offers by W88!

#1: RM600 Bonus on Live Casino

The first jaw-dropping bonus is a 20% cashback bonus on Live Casino that will give you up to RM600 bonus! To claim this offer you must make a minimum deposit of RM30 in the casino W88 wallet.

  • When making the deposit, you must select the bonus code: W20CA. This will lock the bonus in your W88 wallet.


  • To unlock this W88 bonus, you must complete the rollover requirement for 15 times. Once done, you will win up to RM600 cash back!

#2: 100% up to RM218 on Sportsbook

The next equally exciting bonus promotion at W88 is for the e-Sports section. It offers players a 100% welcome bonus up to RM218 on making a first W88 deposit.

  • To claim this promotion, you must make a deposit of minimum RM30 in your e-Sports W88 wallet as your first W88 deposit using the bonus code W100ESPORTS.


  • Once this bonus is locked in your account, you must complete the 20 times rollover requirement to unlock and claim RM218 all for yourself!


In conclusion, there is no other thrilling gameplay you can experience like W88 gameplay! Each round, whether at the Live Casino or Sportsbook is equally exciting to bet at because it is always active and updating. Besides this, the bonuses offered at W88 are some of the greatest in the betting world and can help you kickstart your gambling journey with a bang! Join W88 today and claim free welcome bonus offers.

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