W88 Wallet | How to Check & Transfer Fund within W88 Wallet?

After depositing into W88 account, money shows in Main Wallet. To start game new player needs to transfer funds to one of 9 different W88 wallets for Malaysia.

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W88 has evolved into one of Malaysia’s most acceptable online sportsbooks and online casinos with live dealer websites based on the latest online gambling statistics of 2024.


If you are exploring a regulated, licensed, and authorized betting platform to play online – W88 is your best option. Here, you will find multiple valuable Tips and Tricks if you are a beginner in this online gambling world at Malaysia’s top #1 site – W88!

W88 wallets

  • To save and keep cash or real money people carry a money wallet. Similarly, W88 – the leading gambling website to play online for Malaysian gamblers hold its wallet to keep members’ money safe.


  • There are a total of 9 W88 wallets available for players and members to keep their money safely. These include – Main, Club W Grand, Evolution, Massimo, Slots, Virtual & Lottery, a-Sports, e-Sports, Fantasy (EUR), Palazzo & Playtech, F7 & F8 Fishing (RMB), GPI Fishing & P2P, and last but not the least Poker (USD) wallet.

9 Different W88 Wallets at W88 Malaysia

Once you register a new account at W88 Malaysia – a betting site, you just need to deposit make a deposit and transfer your funds to the other W88 wallet. Let’s go through the 9 exclusive different W88 wallets for Malaysian betting fanatics detailed below:


#1. Main wallet

  • After successfully signing up for the new account at W88 Malaysia, you need to make actual funds W88 deposit to your W88 account.
  • On a successful deposit of real funds, the money will be saved to the main W88 wallet. From the Main wallet, you can transfer the money to the respective wallets that you want to play online to make more money in real.
  • When you want to make your successful withdrawal, you need to keep in mind that the minimum funds of RM30 have to be in a Main W88 wallet where you can go for the withdrawal.

#2. Club W Grand, Evolution, Massimo, Slots, Virtual & Lottery wallet

  • For casino games in W88, there is a separate Wallet to keep the money of participants safe. The 3 Clubs of W88 live casino to play live dealers & tables games – Club W Grand, Club Evolution, and Club Massimo combined with Slots, Virtual & Lottery make a separate W88 wallet.
  • The games fall under Club W Grand, Evolution, Massimo, Slots, Virtual & Lottery categories you can play online and earn money and keep the funds in this wallet.
  • Remember to make a fund transfer from Main to his wallet to utilize the funds for placing bets and double it then make more money.

#3. a-Sports wallet

  • W88 a-Sports is provided by saba sports – the most famous sports event gaming provider. Their interests are tailored solely to Asian – particularly Malaysian sportsbook betting.
  • Not just you can discover Asian odds, but you can even swap to “China View” to glimpse more Chinese football or any other matches you prefer.
  • W88 a-Sports contains sports events from Cricket – ODI, t20, Test series, Football – Champion’s league, World cup, English premier league, Tennis, Wimbledon, Australian open, & many more. Make sure to transfer your funds to the a-Sports wallet before actually placing a wager with real money so that you won’t waste your precious time.

#4. e-Sports wallet

  • Another widespread sports betting market in Malaysia at W88 is e-sports. In W88 e-Sports, you can choose between an Asian and a European view.
  • The favored Asian bet kinds, and around 200 more betting types, are available at W88. This sportsbook has around 100+ live matches available across 30 further sports events.
  • Always check your balance or transfer the funds from another W88 wallet to this one if you don’t have a sufficient amount to place wagers in a match under the e-Sports event of W88 Malaysia.

#5. Fantasy (EUR) wallet

  • W88 Fantasy sports is an online betting place where sportsbook fanatics, especially newcomers, assemble to compete against one another. If you enter Fantasy sports, you need to choose real game players to arrange together your virtual team.
  • The Fantasy unit would describe you in your preferred match against the further teams. This indicates that your execution during the live match will be decided by the performance of your picked players.
  • This Fantasy sport contains sports events like football, cricket, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and many more. W88you recommends that to check your balance always for the need to transfer the funds from another W88 wallet to this one if you don’t have a satisfactory amount to place stakes in a match under the Fantasy wallet of W88 Malaysia.

#6. Palazzo & Playtech wallet

  • The W88 Club Palazzo & Playtech is identified as one of the most acceptable gambling providers online in Malaysia that present innovative cinematic measures of authentic live casino gaming to be played online.
  • W88 features live casino clubs said earlier such as Ezugi, Club W Grand, Massimo, Playgon, Evolution, and the famous W88 Club Palazzo.
  • In collaboration with Playtech Live, W88 proudly presents massive displays of high-quality table games on the W88 website. Always look out balance to play games that comes under Club Palazzo & Playtech.

#7. F7 & F8 Fishing (RMB) wallet

  • Who doesn’t love fishing games and that too can be played at any time and anyplace? At W88 Malaysia there are loads of fishing games that are Arcade games that come under the F7 & F8 Fishing category.
  • F7 & F8 Fishing contains the fishing games like the fishing master, fish crab prawn crab & scratch, ocean explorer, and dragon ball fishing.
  • W88you suggesting you always check out your respective W88 wallet balance to play Fishing games that come under F7 & F8 Fishing.

#8. GPI Fishing & P2P

  • The Gaming Partners International – GPI provides their own Fishing games at W88 for Malaysian gamblers along with P2P games such as Pokdeng, Domino QQ, Bai Cao, Tien Len, Texas Hold’em, Gao gae, Super bull, and many other Poker forms
  • There is an individual W88 wallet for GPI Fishing & P2P to play games that are stated earlier point. So, look for sufficient balance and perform a funds transfer if you need more funds to play those games at W88 Malaysia.

#9. Poker (USD) wallet

  • Poker online will be played universally and that too live at W88 bookmaker. For that universal currency is needed to play.
  • There are multiple tables are available at Poker as per betting types and bet ranges. The minimum stake required is $0.01 you must transfer it to your Poker (USD) W88 wallet from another wallet and play and start winning by performing call, raise or fold at W88 Poker online.

How to check your balance in all W88 Wallets?

The next thing you must know is to check the balance in your W88 wallet. For that, just check out the 2 steps explained below and keep the info in your mind while performing further fund transfers.

Step 1: Access W88 and perform account login


  • To check your balance in all W88 Wallets individually, you have to visit the W88 official website via the latest and most updated backup links provided by W88Malayu here.
  • Access the W88 site by logging into your betting account. If you’re still not a member yet, read the W88 register guide and follow the steps carefully to open and join W88 today!

Step 2: Click “Balance/Points”

  • Once you are done logging in or registering into the W88 account, you’ll be directed to the main homepage of the leading gambling website in Malaysia – W88.


  • Now you need to find and click on the hyperlink – “Balance/Points” – where you’ll be able to discover the actual balance you have kept under the W88 wallet.


  • When you click the Balance/Points, a corresponding wallet and balance slip will be shown below that tab, where you’ll get the info regarding all W88 wallets and rewards points if any.

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How to transfer Funds within 9 W88 Wallets?

Now its time to acquire the knowledge on how to perform funds transfers within 9 W88 wallets for Malaysian punters to play the respective category of betting games online.

Step 1: Access W88 & Login


  • As said at the time of checking balance or points section, to transfer funds or checking balance you must access your W88 account as a foremost thing
  • Once on the homepage, you need to login into your account for the transfer of funds. Click the “Login” tab shown in blue at the top right corner of the homepage

Step 2: Select “Fund $” & choose “Transfer”


  • After you perform a successful W88 login, you need to click the “Fund $” hyperlink or tab that is present on the right top corner below the login button
  • Once clicked the Fund $ button, you will get to see the available payment-related services at W88 such as Freebet, Deposit, Transfer, Withdrawal, and History. Select Transfer to perform fund transfer.

Step 3: Choose the wallets for Fund transfer


  • Once you are on the Transfer page, select the W88 wallet under From drop-down list from which you want to get the balance
  • Then under the To drop-down list, select where you want to transfer the funds.
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer manually. Remember the minimum amount required to transfer is RM30
  • Select the applicable bonus code from the drop-down list and click on it.
  • Lastly, click on the Transfer button to confirm the fund transfer successfully.

Note: The minimum and maximum transferable amount required are RM30 and RM300,000 respectively and charges for the fund transfer at W88 wallets are not applicable


  • You will then be carried to the Transfer page again. Here, you will notice a note at the bottom saying the fulfillment of your transaction.
  • Make sure to check your balances and estimate to witness if the transfer of the funds was correct.


Maintaining and checking the status of your balances and learning how to transfer your money in your W88 wallet are essential to effectively partake in all the betting games of your preference to play online at W88. Transferring funds to your game of choice is made comfortable and convenient by W88. When the necessity emerges, add the extras and conclusions from your main W88 wallet balance. Do it to support your balance without reckless mistakes in the procedure.

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