How to play Casino Holdem Poker at W88 – Win Free RM30 prize

Learn How to play Casino Holdem Poker at W88 Malaysia. Here, you’ll get to know the game of Club Evolution – a famous poker provider for Malaysians by W88You!

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In online Casino Hold’em poker play, you sit in front of a real live dealer, as you both try to make the finest 5-card poker hand. There won’t be any bluffing and complicated calculations to recall, only cards, bet chips, and instinct. Keep reading the whole article below to learn How to play Casino Holdem Poker at W88 under the live casino section.

Introduction to casino Holdem poker


  • Players put a bet to start the game round of casino Holdem Poker online at W88. The live dealer deals with 2 hole cards facing up for the participant and 2 hole cards facing down for himself.
  • Next, the live dealer deals with 3 community cards facing up on the table, and the gambler is fronted with 2 choices, either to continue by doubling the bet (X2) or quit the game by picking to fold, it gets automatically folded once the bet timer of 15 seconds is over.
  • If the player resumes staying playing the dealer deals with the other 2 community cards and if the participant card rank is more profitable than the dealer’s, then the player wins.

How to play casino Holdem poker at W88 – 3 easy steps

As you got to know the overview of casino Holdem poker, it’s time to learn how to play casino Holdem poker at W88 Malaysia within 10 minutes via 3 step process. Read and understand the guide carefully and follow the below steps precisely.

Step 1: Access W88 & Choose Live Casino

  • A beginner like you needs to complete the W88 register to start playing Casino Holdem poker online and win more real money.


  • Once you registered successfully to your W88 account, come on to the homepage and choose ‘Live Casino‘ from the menu bar then you’ll see all available online casino live dealer games at W88 ready to play.

Step 2: Choose Club Evolution & find casino Holdem poker


  • Once you are on the live casino page of W88 Malaysia, scroll down a little bit and select Club Evolution to play Casino Holdem poker, as it offers a minimum lowest betting limit of ₹50.
  • From the menu bar of the club evolution provider, choose Poker to play Casino Holdem poker, a most recommended variant of the most famous Texas Holdem by W88 Malaysia.


  • Click on the Casino Holdem poker from the given lists of poker tables once clicked the Poker menu on top.

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Step 3: Make your Bet with a minimum of RM50

  • Once you choose the Casino Holdem table under the Poker category in the Club Evolution room.


  • The live dealer will come on your screen to direct Casino Holdem poker play with all the participants online.
  • Just place a minimum stake of RM50 and hit “Ante” to begin your Casino Holdem poker adventure online with a live dealer at W88 Malaysia.

6 Basic rules of casino Holdem poker

Let’s understand the 6 essential rules of Casino Holdem poker before you start your real money play at W88 because you know they are most significant. Knowing the Poker rules and hand ranks of Casino Holdem poker is the most important one.

w88-poker tactics for beginners-04

  1. Card deck: One deck card is utilized to play Casino Holdem in each casino.
  2. Hole Cards: The dealer trades 2 facing-down cards for himself and faces up for the participant, named hole cards. Those are separate cards and cannot be communicated by the other performer.
  3. Community Cards: 5 shared cards are pulled facing up on the board of a game, which is learned as community cards. They are shared per player to develop the highest potential Casino Holdem hand rank.
  4. Gameplay: Community cards belong to dealers and players both. The participant must get the highest achievable hand rank from his hole cards and community cards to win Casino Holdem poker round.
  5. Objective: Punter needs to create a higher hand rank probable than the dealer to win the round.
  6. Showdown: Finally, the live dealer uncovers his cards and the one holding the higher ranking hand wins the Casino Holdem poker online at W88 Malaysia.

4 Essential terms in online casino Holdem poker for Beginners

You encounter 4 betting choices in 1 round of Casino Holdem Poker, it starts with Ante and ends at win or folds. Check out the detailed info below:


  1. Ante: The betting amount stake by the participant in Casino Holdem is called an Ante.
  2. Bonus: It is a side bet that would be optional, and cannot be set independently. It is involved on the 1st 5 cards only and if you own pair of aces, then you win this bonus side bet.
  3. 2X Play: After the 1st 3 community cards are dealt by the live dealer, 2 choices will occur on the screen in front of you. You need to pick 2X Play if you desire to put a stake double the original stake for continuing the game.
  4. Fold: If you don’t wish to continue playing & want to quit the Casino Holdem, then click Fold to get out of the online table.

Real money casino poker gameplay at W88 Malaysia

Round 1: Place the RM50 chip & click the Ante

  • Choose the chip with the number having the amount of wager you wish to set and click the ante – blinking with the yellow border on the table.


  • As per the image shown, a player has placed a bet of RM50, the smallest minimum betting stake to place at Casino Holdem poker by Club Evolution at W88 Malaysia.
  • You must place a bet within a time limit of 15 seconds otherwise you’ll wait until the next round started.

Round 2: The live dealer deals the cards with 2 betting choices – 2X Play & Fold

  • The live dealer would deal with 2 facing-up hole cards for participants and 2 facing-down hole cards for herself as you can see it in the below images.


  • Then 3 community cards will be dealt by the live dealer and you’ll be encountered with 2 betting choices.
    1. 2X Play – continue to play and click to the bet double your original stake amount
    2. Fold – Exit the game if you feel your cards are not powerful enough to defeat the live dealer
  • As in the image, a player has chosen to continue and clicked 2X Play.
  • A player’s cards – 6, 6, J, 4, 2 which is Pair.

Round 3: The live dealer deals rest of 2 community cards and announce the winner

  • Once a player made his determination, the live dealer deals with 2 more community cards face-up and then, exposes his cards.


  • Dealer cards – Q, 10, 9, 8, 6 that form a high card – a lowest valued hand rank
  • As you can glance in the image above, a player made pair with their cards. Hence, the player wins.


W88you expect this beginner’s guide to learn the Casino Holdem poker at W88 Malaysia to assist you to comprehend the rules, hand rank, the dissimilarity between Casino Holdem poker & Texas Holdem, & many more. This poker variant is the easiest one to play and makes lots and lots of money online via W88.

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