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Online betting games are avoided by many players since they often require you to play with real money which they may or may not win back. This is why we recommend always betting with some casino strategies that are helpful to not only maintain your account bankroll but also boost it with good payout returns on sites like W88 Bet Malaysia. One such betting strategy is the Fibonacci betting strategy which is used by many gamers, and in this article, we will explore all about this best Fibonacci strategy.

What is Fibonacci Strategy?

First, let us address the main question of what is Fibonacci strategy and the basic workings behind the best Fibonacci strategy that appeals to many. The Fibonacci betting strategy is one of the famous strategies that allows people to get good profit returns on investments, especially after experiencing losses. This is a system that allows you to maintain your existing amount by telling you how much to wager to get more return profits.

fibonacci betting strategy explained with simple examples from experts

Since betting is like investments where you put some money for entertainment to gain double it, the Fibonacci betting strategy is widely used by many gamblers as one of the famous Progressive betting systems. Just like the Fibonacci sequence works, you must wager accordingly wherein you increase the stakes of losing bets so that when you eventually win a round, the lost money will be included in part of the payout returns.

So in the Fibonacci betting strategy, if you wager RM1 in the first round and lose, then you must wager RM1 again, but if you lose again you must wager RM2 since 1+1 = 2, and so if you win the round, then you gain RM4 in return, which means that you get back all the money you wagered in the four rounds. To learn more about the Fibonacci betting strategy, read below as we explore case scenarios of how to use the Fibonacci trick on online gaming rounds.

How does the Fibonacci Betting Strategy work?

With the Fibonacci betting strategy explanation above, you now have a basic understanding of how this best Fibonacci strategy works. But to further understand what is Fibonacci strategy, let us take a look at the table below. Here you will see 10 betting round cases with made-up scenarios of how the Fibonacci strategy is supposed to work on wins and losses when playing casino games.

fibonacci betting strategy explained with simple examples from pros

Round No.Betting StakeWin/LoseProfit/LossNext Round Stake
1RM1Lose-RM10 + 1 = RM1
2RM1Lose-RM11+1 = RM2
3RM2Win+RM4Remains the same
4RM2Lose-RM21 + 2 = RM3
5RM3Win+RM6Remains the same
6RM3Win+RM6Remains the same
7RM3Lose-RM32 + 3 = RM5
8RM5Lose-RM53 + 5 = RM8
9RM8Win+RM16Remains the same
10RM8Win+RM16Remains the same

Total Betting stake = RM36
Payouts earned = RM48
Profit = RM12

As you can see in the table above the Fibonacci betting strategy works. What you must do is increase your betting stake using the Fibonacci trick sequence when you lose a betting round, to win back the lost money as part of the payout when you eventually win. So, visit the W88 Live Casino section and access a game room to play with the Fibonacci betting strategy. For that, all you must remember is to follow the Fibonacci sequence:

0+1 = 1 | 1+1 = 2 | 1+2 = 3 | 2+3 = 5 | 3+5 = 8 | and so on…

When you lose a betting round with RM1 as the initial betting stake, then you must add another 1, making the new betting stake RM2. But when you win the RM2 bet, you get RM4 in return, which includes the lost betting amount of the previous round, and thus, when you win you must bet again with the same stake amount until you lose again. When you lose move on to the next number in the Fibonacci betting strategy and watch your bankroll double by the end of your gaming sessions!

Pros and Cons of playing with the Fibonacci betting strategy

Among the many betting strategies out there, the best Fibonacci strategy is something that can get you to maximize profits and minimize loss. However, it is important to remember that the Fibonacci betting strategy has pros and cons. The table below highlights the main pros and cons of the Fibonacci trick to help you decide whether or not this is a good betting system for your bankroll and gameplay.

fibonacci strategy explained with simple examples from pros

Pros of the Fibonacci Betting Strategy

Cons of the Fibonacci Betting Strategy

1. It helps in managing your bankroll well and efficiently1. Since this is a progressive betting system it requires a huge bankroll amount
2. It provides instant results at the end of gaming sessions2. To see visible instant results you need to win more rounds than lose them
3. This strategy can be modified depending on your bankroll amount, or by setting limits3. Since you have to focus when wagering with the Fibonacci betting system, it makes gaming sessions a little too serious than they should be
4. Using the Fibonacci betting strategy is a game in itself making betting fun
5. The Fibonacci trick requires you to wager mindfully to be more alert when betting

Who can play with the Fibonacci system in betting online?

In the final section of this W88 Play Fibonacci strategy, let us look into who exactly the Fibonacci betting strategy appeals to the most. It is always important to remember to game online using betting strategies that work best for you and your bankroll. The Fibonacci strategy is a progressive betting strategy that requires a lot of attention to the betting stakes than the gameplay, and this makes the Fibonacci strategy not everybody’s cup of tea. So, who exactly is the Fibonacci trick meant for then, let’s find out.

fibonacci betting strategy meaning with simple examples from experts

  1. Gamers who are Highrollers: As stated above, progressive betting systems often require you to game with a large amount of cash in your bankroll for it to be more effective. Thus, the Fibonacci strategy is best suited for gamers who are high rollers, meaning those who like spending a lot of cash on casino games online.
  2. Instant-result seekers: Another set of groups that can use the Fibonacci trick are the instant-result seekers. The Fibonacci sequence is a hit or miss and it is important that you must win more rounds than lose. So, if you wish to risk it all and gamble for a few rounds to get instant results, then the Fibonacci sequence can help you with it.
  3. Those in it for the thrills: Last but not least, the Fibonacci betting strategy sequence is meant to focus more on the wagering than the gameplay. Thus, this makes the entire gaming session even more thrilling because here you must not only focus on winning the games but also bet mindfully and strategically.


This was the Fibonacci Betting Strategy that can get you to win the best payout earnings at the end of your gaming sessions. That being said, it is important to remember the pros and cons and keep your gaming style and bankroll in mind to see whether or not the Fibonacci strategy is for you or not. Remembering what is Fibonacci strategy can help you enhance your gaming sessions, and for more such betting strategies keep visiting us.

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