10 Valorant Pro Strategies – Earn RM900 daily on W88 eSports

Use these 10 Best Valorant Pro Strategies today and earn RM900+ on bets easily with bankroll management tactics, bet systems, and other strategies for Valorant.

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Esports betting on popular betting sites like the W88 Online gaming platform is becoming increasingly popular thanks to many exciting esports leagues taking place back-to-back. Some of the top Esports leagues come from popular betting sites like Valorant. So, to bet on these leagues and win huge payout returns, here are some of the best Valorant strategies that you can use for betting. These Valorant pro strategies are the best for beginners as it helps them use betting systems effectively and also manage their bankroll well, so read on!

valorant pro strategies to win online for beginners

1. Use betting systems in your gameplay to boost bankroll balance

  • The first one of the Valorant pro strategies is to make use of betting systems that works well with your bankroll balance for proper maintenance.
  • Betting systems can be non-progressive wherein you maintain the same betting stake throughout your gaming sessions.
  • There are also many progressive betting systems that you can use to change the stakes by increasing or decreasing them based on your losses or win as one of your strategies for valorant betting online.

2. Make more use of progressive betting systems in your gameplay

  • Another one of the helpful valorant pro strategies, you must make use of more progressive systems since they help you earn profits progressively over time when learning Betting on Valorant online.
  • However, it is important to note that progressive betting systems are usually heavy on the bankroll, so be sure to use budget-friendly ones like the D’Alembert method as one of your strategies for valorant betting online.
  • The D’Alembert method requires you to increase the stakes by one unit after a loss and decrease it by one unit after a win to win back some of the lost stakes as part of the payout returns.

3. Group matches in sets with the Ladder betting strategy

  • Another one of the Valorant pro strategies that work is to make use the ladder betting system which is also one of the progressive betting systems.
  • The Ladder strategy is one of the best strategies for valorant betting to win, and to use it you must increase the stakes after winning a bet and maintain them after losing a bet.
  • This way, you can group some matches in sets and bet on them to collect profits separately, and then go back to betting with the initial stakes again for the next set of matches.

valorant pro strategies to win esports betting from experts

4. Analyze the previous results using the statistical data charts

  • In sportsbooks online, there are different kinds of matches taking place under the soccer section, and one of the best aspects of using sportsbooks like the W88 Sportsbook is that you get access to statistical data charts.
  • These charts are one of the valorant pro strategies for betting that work because they help you analyze which team is better from previous match results.
  • So, one of your strategies for valorant, you can predict many matches based on past data by comparing them to the ongoing gameplay or betting odds in the sportsbooks.

5. Wager more on options with lower betting odds in sportsbooks

  • The betting odds in the sportsbooks provide you with information of the potential payout returns based on the odds and the betting stake amount, but these also help as one of the Valorant pro strategies to make accurate betting decisions.
  • Lower odds are known to pay less, and higher odds pay more, but this is because lower odds have fewer odds to defy while higher odds come with more odds to defy.
  • So, as one of your strategies for Valorant betting online, it is best to wager on the betting options with lower odds most of the times for accurate predictions.

valorant pro strategies to win esports betting for beginners

6. Use Handicap Conditions to make match-winner predictions

  • Another one of the most helpful valorant pro strategies Tips and Tricks to make accurate betting decisions is to use the handicap conditions to predict the match-winner betting options.
  • Handicap conditions give the stronger team handicap scores at the beginning of the match, whereas the the underdog teams get headstart scores at the beginning of the match.
  • This way, the team with handicap scores is the stronger team for the match winner bets, and so as one of the best Valorant strategies for beginners, you can wager on the match winner bets using these predictions

7. Make use of Map 1 observations to bet accurately on Map 2 and 3

  • In sportsbooks, betting on in-play matches is also beneficial especially when it comes to making observations as one of your best valorant strategies to win.
  • For this, you must use the map 1 gameplay just to observe the match and also how the betting odds change, along with other important aspects.
  • Then start wagering from map 2 onwards using the valorant pro strategies here to bet with more accuracy in the sportsbooks online.

best valorant pro strategies to win esports betting for beginners

8. Avoid being biased when betting on popular Valorant league matches

  • Many people join online betting sites to bet and support their favorite teams, but as one of the valorant pro strategies, we recommend avoiding being biased when betting.
  • In matches, sometimes, your favorite team is the stronger team, whereas sometimes they may be an underdog, which can affect your winning rate if you only wager on them.
  • So, as one of the best valorant strategies that work for many, we recommend that you avoid wagering by being biased, and instead wager using the other valorant pro strategies mentioned above.

9. Set a losing limit or winning goal for your daily betting sessions

  • Using all of these best valorant strategies that work for many valorant league betting online can get you huge wins but it is best not to get lost in the thrills of it all.
  • So, to avoid mindless betting, you can set a losing limit on your bankroll or a winning goal for the match bets you place for the day.
  • Losing limits can help you stop playing once the limit is met on your bankroll, and winning goals can help you stop playing once you have collected the said amount which is one of the best valorant pros strategies to win with responsibility.

10. Make use of sportsbook bonuses and other offers to earn extra cash

  • Lastly, as one of the best valorant strategies to win without spending a lot of cash from your own pockets, we recommend that you use the online sportsbook bonuses on the website.
  • These bonus offers are usually given to members as a first deposit bonus on the betting site or as rebates that boost your account wallet with huge cash, and this is one of the best valorant strategies that work for beginners.
  • For instance, at W88 you can claim a W88 promotion on sportsbook products up to RM1,088 on your first deposit as a new member after creating a new account in the W88 register.

valorant pro strategies to win for beginners


These were the 10 Valorant Pro Strategies that can grant you huge wins with an increased winning rate guaranteed. So, apply these best valorant strategies in your gameplay today to kickstart your gaming journey with huge payouts. Join the W88 register today and claim up to RM1,088 welcome bonus on sportsbook products to boost your account wallet instantly. For more such tips, tricks, strategies for Valorant along with simple betting guides for beginners, keep visiting our expert-guided website.

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