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Many people across the globe have always enjoyed lottery games like Keno and this makes it the only game that is allowed legally offline. But what is better than playing Keno offline is that now you can access the same game online making it even more accessible for people across the globe to play on the go for instant results. That being said, you should know about the online keno games for real money wins offered by the top 3 betting sites in the betting world online.

Criteria for selecting Keno real money games online

Before we get into the top 3 sites offering online keno games for real money, let us help you understand how we deemed these 3 sites to be the best of the best in the betting world online. Well, there are many ways to pick a good site for you based on your preferences, there are 5 criteria that the keno site must fulfill to be the best site for keno games online.

Online keno games for real money online casino keno game rooms

  1. Must offer welcome bonuses: Firstly, it is important that the lottery game rooms you select offer you welcome bonuses that you can claim upon joining the betting site with a newly created account. This gives you a boost in your online account as you can claim the new member bonus and play keno games on the site without spending a lot of money from your own pockets, especially when learning How to Play Keno online.
  2. Must have free demo rooms: Another important feature that your online site should give you is a free demo room that you can try out before playing with real money. The reason behind this is that you can first learn how to play keno online as these rooms offer you additional side bets to enhance the gameplay and which can also help you win real money easily.
  3. Attractive yet simple interface: Next, the online casino site you select to play Keno online must not have a difficult-to-understand interface as this can set the mood off. Knowing how to operate the keno game rooms is essential to game online for fun rather than trying to figure out how to bet online.
  4. Fun betting game rounds: As mentioned above, online keno game rooms sometimes offer you extra betting options and this enhances the gameplay in the room to make the gaming rounds fun. However, these betting options also give you a better chance of winning as the side bets are even more fun to wager on. Using some good Keno Tips to win, you should be able to eventually start earning more in such game rooms.
  5. Instant results: Last but not least, the reason many people switch from traditional offline keno games to online keno games for real money is that the results are given out almost instantly. However, there are some online casinos that take a couple of minutes to deliver the results. Instant results would mean that you can play more rounds for less amount of time rather than waiting for the results which would make the game somehow boring.

Top 3 online keno games for real money in Malaysia

Now that you know about the criteria of finding online Keno games for real money on top online betting sites, you can go ahead and select a good betting site to play Keno games online. But to make things easier for you, here are the top 3 betting sites where you can get online keno games for real money in Malaysia.

1. W88 Malaysia

First on the list is W88 Malaysia, one of the best online betting sites that beginners can use to kickstart playing keno games online. At W88, you will find 2 keno game rooms with exciting betting options and even a welcome bonus. Overall, W88 Keno rooms tick off all the necessary criteria mentioned above.

Minimum bets: RM2

Online keno games for real money w88 keno

  • W88 is a legal-to-use online betting casino as it gives you licensed keno game rooms that are certified by the BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International license providers.
  • Upon making a W88 Register, you can find 2 ksinds of lottery keno game room tables starting at RM2 only. To add to this, the results are declared in less than a minute!
  • You also get to play with exciting betting room options like big/small, odd/even, and element bets along with the main number bets.
  • Lastly, this game room offers you free betting rooms that you can try playing before placing real money bets.

100% up to RM1,288 W88 keno welcome bonus

Online keno games for real money w88 promotion

As mentioned, W88 Malaysia completed all the criteria required for good online keno games for real money so go ahead and make a W88 Register today. Doing so would enable you to claim the new member W Casino and Keno bonus. Here you get a W88 Promotion of a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM1,288 on Keno games online upon making a minimum deposit of RM30 as a first deposit. Complete the given rollover requirement of 15 times and watch your account wallet boost with the bonus cash!

2. M88 Malaysia

M88 Malaysia is another online betting site that allows you to play one of the best online keno games for real money. This site caters to beginners as well as pros and so, you can use this betting site for a long time to play online keno games for real money. Upon making an M88 register, you can play keno games online with a welcome bonus cashback boost on your betting account.

Minimum bets: RM2

Online keno games for real money m88 keno

  • Like W88 Live Casino, M88 is certified to operate with a legal Interactive Gaming License which is issued by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development from the Republic of Vanuatu.
  • Besides Keno, you can find other lottery game rooms here starting at RM2 only with results declared within 5 minutes of betting.
  • The game room for Keno comes with exciting betting options which include the main number of bets from 1-80 and additional side bets like big/small, element bets, etc.
  • Here, you get to play at more than 10 keno game rooms for real money or at free demo rooms with your M88 account.

100% M88 lottery welcome bonus up to RM128

Online keno games for real money m88 promotion

Just like the W88 Promotion, you get a welcome bonus for registering an account in the M88 Register. Here you get to game with a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM128 on lottery games online which includes keno. This bonus requires you to make a minimum deposit of RM30 as your first deposit. Once done, you can opt-in for this promotion and then complete the rollover requirements of only 5 times to make this cool new member welcome bonus offer yours!

3. 1XBET Malaysia

Lastly, we have the 1XBET Malaysia game rooms that allow you to play fun Keno games in their casino section. 1XBET gives you many Keno game rooms with unique themes and so you cannot really be bored playing here. Although this site may not check off all the criteria, the 1XBET Malaysia site is beneficial in its own ways as here you get one of the best welcome bonuses on casino games to help you play with some Keno Tricks online.

Minimum bets: €0.5 (Approx. RM2.56)

Online keno games for real money 1xbet keno

  • Like the aforementioned online casinos, the 1XBET casino is also licensed with a Curacao EGaming License certificate which allows it to offer its services for players playing in Malaysian Ringgit.
  • Although there is no separate section for Keno games under their lottery main section, you can visit the casino section to game on fun Keno game rooms with bets starting from €0.5 which is approx. RM2.56.
  • 1XBET lets you play at authentic Keno game rooms with main betting options with numbers from 1-80 and other additional betting options with unique themes.
  • Last but not least, like the aforementioned online keno games for real money, you can play here for real money as well as free demo keno game rounds.

1XBET 100% casino bonus up to RM6800

Online keno games for real money 1xbet bonus

Since the Keno game rooms at 1XBET fall under the casino section on the site, you can claim one of the best online casino bonuses upon making a 1XBET registration. Here, you get to claim 100% up to RM6,800 plus 150 free spins, a bonus that lasts till you make your fourth deposit on the site. Here, you must put a first deposit of €10 to claim the first deposit bonus of €30. Once the wagering requirement of 35 times is completed the bonus amount will be added to your online betting account wallet.


These were the top 3 Online Keno Games for Real Money wins that you can access and play on the respective betting sites mentioned above. No matter which site you choose, fun is guaranteed, but to get more benefits be sure that they fit the 5 criteria mentioned above as well as your gaming budget. To know how to keep winning keno games online keep visiting W88you for pro betting insights, tutorials, and more!

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