10 proven Slot game tips and tricks for sure big wins online

10 proven Slot game tips and tricks by W88you that you must apply today in your slot gameplay online. Boost your win rate with each spin & win upto RM900 daily!

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Slot gaming online on betting sites like W88 is extremely fun as here you get not only exciting bonuses on your first deposit but also get to game on slot games from the top game room providers in the betting world online for real money starting at RM0.1 only or in the free demo game rooms. However, to win online slot games like these you may require some slot game tips and tricks that can boost your win rate. So, to help you with this W88you has put together these 10 tips and tricks for online slots that can help you win almost every spin.

w88you slot game tips and tricks to win online daily

1. Select an online slot game after researching

  • The very first thing you do to play slot games online is literally where the first online slot game tips and tricks apply and that is to select an online slot game after researching well.
  • Online you will find different slot game rooms that vary with themes, soundtrack, betting stakes, and other factors that you must consider before playing the game online.
  • Another important factor that you should look into is the RTP or return to player rate which is the pay ratio percent that you get on winning spins. Thus, the slot game room you pick should cater to your entertainment needs, and bankroll, and also should have beneficial returns.

2. Go for higher RTP slot games ranging from 96% to 99%

  • The second slot game tips and tricks strategy is to game on the slot rooms with higher RTP rates as these would result in more payouts than the slot games with lower RTP rates.
  • That being said, there is no definitive description of the highest percentage when it comes to RTP rates but the most beneficial RTP range is 96% to 99%.
  • Creating an account in the W88 Register would give you many High RTP Slot Games with higher RTP rates with the preferred range for higher payout returns.

w88you slot game tips and tricks to win every day

3. Set a reasonable bankroll to play slot games online

  • Slot gaming is enjoyed because of how quick it is with the spins and results, and thus it is deemed as one of the fastest online casino games on the internet where you can spin 10 rounds within a minute.
  • Thus, this also means that you get to bet 10 times within a minute, which could be a lot of money spent in a minute if you do not win the rounds.
  • Although these slot game tips and tricks help you win most of the rounds in your gameplay session, we recommend setting a reasonable bankroll aside specifically for playing slot games online.

4. Play 3-reeled slots mostly for an easier gameplay

  • As mentioned above, selecting a slot game to play requires research and although playing 5-reeled jackpot slots is beneficial, they are difficult to win as there are 5 reels.
  • Thus, the best option that beginners should go with is the 3-reeled slot games as these games have fewer symbols and reels thereby increasing the chances of winning.
  • That being said, if you create an account in the W88 Register, you can get 3 reeled slot games with not only easy gameplays but also high RTPs.

w88you slot game tips and tricks to win online for jackpots

5. Choose a betting system to apply to your wager

  • Slot games are known to give you at least 10 spins per minute which means that by using these slot game tips and tricks you can win more rounds but you are definitely bound to lose some as luck also plays an important role in online betting games.
  • Thus, you should use progressive betting systems that require you to increase your wager for every round you win or lose so that you can notice an increase in your bankroll by the end of the gaming session.
  • Otherwise, you can use the non-progressive betting system that requires you to maintain the same wager throughout your gameplay to keep playing online with the same bankroll.

6. Go with the D’Alembert method to win in small amounts

  • Clearly, the most beneficial of the two betting systems is the progressive one however, it is important to note that this system is usually meant for high rollers.
  • This is why, you should always opt for low-risk systems like the D’Alembert method to play slot games as here you must increase your betting by one unit whenever you lose a round so that when you eventually win, you receive the lost money as part of the payout returns.
  • When you win, you must then decrease the betting stake by one unit again so that you keep playing with the same bankroll. Thus, this betting system is not only beneficial but also helpful for higher RTP slots that you can find in the W88 Slots section.

w88you slot game tips and tricks to win daily

7. Do not wager on all the spins when playing slots

  • Another best way to save up on your existing bankroll as well as the money you earn via the payout returns when learning How to Play Slot Games Online, is to skip some betting rounds and play on some of them
  • It is not important to wager on all the slots betting round as this can be heavy on your bankroll to the point where you can even lose your payout wins.
  • Thus, you should skip some betting rounds and wager after certain intervals so that you can win more rounds as well as maintain playing with a set bankroll to avoid overspending.

8. Practice these slot game tips and tricks in free game rooms

  • Before you use these betting tips and tricks for slot games online, it is important that you not only understand but also try out these tricks in the game rooms.
  • This way, you will get a good understanding of which slot game tricks work for you and which ones do not as this can help you further strategize on slots betting online.
  • The best way you can practice these slot game tips and tricks is by making use of the free demo rooms available on your online betting site. Here is a list of the Top 10 Free Slot Games online that you can choose from to practice as well as play for entertainment.

w88you slot game tips and tricks to win every time

9. Make use of any Casino Slot bonuses on your betting site.

  • When you join any online betting site, you are welcomed with first deposit bonuses that you can claim on your very first deposit in the cashier of the betting site to play real money slot games online.
  • This is something you definitely should get your hands on as Slot casino bonuses help boost your account wallet almost instantly which means that you do not have to make real money deposits from your own pockets.
  • For instance, the W88 Promotion section provides new members with a W88 slot bonus of 100% up to RM600 on the first deposit of RM30 only.

10. Know when it is time to stop playing slots online

  • Lastly, as mentioned above, if you do not have a set bank limit, or betting system, or use the casino slot bonus, then slot gaming online can be heavy on your pockets which may make you feel like you spent more money thank you earned it.
  • This is exactly what you must avoid as one of the greatest slot game tips and tricks out there by knowing when it is time to stop playing slot games online.
  • So, if you sense that you are losing more than winning, or setting certain gaming session hours or a bankroll limit can help determine when to stop playing.

w88you slot game tips and tricks to win every time online


These were the 10 proven Slot Game Tips and Tricks that can guarantee make you win big on slot games online. Use these 10 tricks for slot gaming online and boost your winning rate by 98% on every spin on the internet. Making use of online betting sites like W88 would not only grant you free demo rooms but also extravagant slot welcome bonuses. Lastly, using W88you as your betting guide, you can become a slot gaming pro in no time!

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