20 Sports betting terms and meanings for beginners explained

Top 20 Sports betting terms and meanings explained in this W88you helpful guide. Learn the common sports betting definitions in easy terms to bet online at W88!

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Sports betting is one of the most popular modes of entertainment these days online. This is because now you can enhance the thrills of watching your favorite sports matches by placing a wager on it on online betting sites like W88. However, before you place a wager, you must learn about all the terms and conditions related to the sportsbooks online to help you game smoothly. So, here are 20 sports betting terms and meanings explained to you in simple definitions by W88you experts.

w88you sports betting terms every beginner should learn

1. Sportsbook

Sportsbook refers to the online book where you play sports betting. Sportsbook contains data like early and live matches, betting options for each match, betting odds, betting slips, statistical reports, etc. They provide gamblers with a proper betting playground online on the betting site you select. This means that there can be one or more than one sportsbook on the betting site. Making a W88 Register would give you at least 4 to 5 sportsbooks to use for wagering on matches online.

2. Bankroll

The money you use to place a wager is called a bankroll or your bankroll. This money should be kept specifically for gambling and is often deposited in the online betting site. Moreover, this bankroll should not be mixed up with your daily necessities and must be used for gambling only. That being said, you can boost your online betting bankroll by applying for online sportsbook bonuses that can help you play without spending a lot of money from your own pockets.

3. Markets

Markets are sometimes referred to as the betting options in the sportsbooks and there is more than one markets for a particular match. There are main markets which contains the main betting options related to the overall score of the match, there are halves markets which contains that betting options for the first half or second half for the match, quart markets contain quarter matches betting options wherever applied, and sometimes there are also special markets whether there are special bets placed.

4. Betting odds

Betting odds refer to the predictions given for a particular match outcome. In sportsbooks, there are different kinds of betting odds available for different betting options and these help determine the payout or sometimes how much you need to wager to win a certain amount. American odds, Malay odds, Indonesian Odds, Hing Kong odds, Decimal odds, and Fractional odds, are some types of betting odds you will find in sportsbooks with Decimal odds being the most common one. To know How Odds Work in Sports Betting, click on the given link.

w88you sports betting terms every beginner should know

5. Payouts

Payouts or Payout returns refer to the winning money you get if your bet wins. This is usually added to your betting account wallet instantly when your bet wins. Usually, these are determined by multiplying the betting odds with the betting stakes but in some cases, they are determined based only on how much you must wager to win the double of it. To win big payouts, first learn How to Play Sports Betting online thoroughly with beginner’s strategy by W88you.

6. Home team

Home team is one of the sports betting terms that you will come across many times in sportsbooks online. This basically means that the first team of the two when a match is played. For instance, if the match is called Manchester City vs Burnley F.C., then Manchester City is the Home team. Home teams are typically depicted as the number 1 in the sportsbook under 1X2, Handicap, or other similar betting options.

7. Away team

The opposite of the Home Team is the Away team, and it is another term you will find in the sportsbook. Away Team is the second team of the two when a match is played. So, taking the same example of the Manchester City vs Burnley F.C. match, Burnley F.C. is the Away team. Away Teams are typically depicted as the number 2 for 1X2, handicap, and similar betting options in the sportsbooks online.

8. Over/Under

Over and Under is one of the main betting options you will find in many sports matches in sportsbooks like the W88 Sportsbook. This betting option requires you to predict the total score of both teams to be above a given margin or under the given margin. Basically, over means more than certain goals or score and under means less than certain goals or score in the sportsbook. Over/Under or O/U is one of the easiest betting options you can play online as a beginner.

w88you sports betting terms and meanings explained

9. Favorites

When there are strong teams playing with odds that seem to predict their wins easily, then these teams are called Favorites. This does not mean that this team is literally favored more but instead, it means that bettors tend to favor wagering on this team more because it has more chances of winning. Since the risk of wagering on the favorites is lower, the payouts received are also low. In handicap betting options, however, these teams are usually at a disadvantage in certain goals, which will be explained below.

10. Underdog

When there is a team that has odds that are not in their favor, these teams are known as the underdogs in the match. Of course, it does not mean that the teams are weak but by making previous match predictions these teams are most likely to lose the game. Since the odds of them losing are high, the payouts on them are often higher as there is more risk. That being said, in handicap matches, these teams are often given a headstart.

11. Handicap

Favorites and Underdog teams are more prominent when it comes to handicap betting options in sportsbooks. Handicap options alter the real match results by providing a handicap of minus goals to the stronger or favorite teams and providing a headstart of plus goals to the underdog teams in the sportsbooks. So, based on the real match results, the handicap and headstart goals are reduced and added, respectively, to provide alternate results in the sportsbook.

12. Parley

Parley is a form of betting that combines two or more than two bets into a single bet in sportsbooks. This form of accumulator bet lets you tie betting options from different matches into a single betting option for big payouts. However, this also would mean that every bet you place in the parley bet should win for you to receive the huge payouts. For instance, if you tie 4 different betting options into a parley bet, and if 3 out of the 4 options win, then you lose the entire bet as all 4 of the bets must win for your parley bet to win overall.

w88you sports betting terms and meanings explained with simple definitions

13. Bookmaker/Bookie

You must be now wondering who provides these odds and keep track of the betting stakes and payouts, etc. and the answer lies in the bookmaker sports betting definition. Bookmakers or Bookies are those who provide, distribute, and manage sportsbooks online. They are responsible for every aspect of the sportsbook and its functions so that bettors can gamble online smoothly. Here is a list of the Best Sites for Sports Betting in Asia with top bookmakers.

14. Double Chance

Although there are many betting options that you can use in sportsbooks online, one of the sports betting terms for betting options you should know is the Double Chance bet. As the name suggests, you get to wager on two out of three outcomes of the game thereby increasing your chances of winning them. This means that you can wager on the outcomes for the home team winning or draw (1X), home team winning or away team winning (12), or for the draw or away team winning (X2).

15. First Half

Sports matches are often divided into 2 halves, and the first-half betting options refer to the bets made during the first half of the game. This means that instead of betting on the overall match results you can wager on the first half alone. As an important Sports Betting Tips strategy, we recommend observing the first half of the game and wagering on the second half for accurate results. However, in some matches, the first half is divided into the first quarter and second quarter parts of the match.

16. Second Half

The second half of the match offers players fresh betting options and odds, just like the first half of the game. In the second half, you can wager on only the second part of the game. For some sports, the second half is divided into the third quarter and fourth quarter parts of the matches. The second-half results predict the overall results of the second-half betting options as well as the overall results of the match combined with the first-half results, thus, it is like a showdown in sports betting.

w88you sports betting terms and meanings explained online

17. Total Score

The total Score of the match is the end result of the game, and there are three kinds of total scores which are the total score of both teams combined, the total score of the home team, and the total score of the away team. The total scores can also be given for the first and second half of the match separately. Thus, depending on the sport, there is more than one total score result in the sportsbooks that you can find. To wager on these different results the W88 sportsbook claims the W88 Promotion offers up to RM1,088 on sports betting online.

18. Early Betting

Early betting refers to wagers on early matches in the sportsbook. These matches have fixed odds given earlier, which is days prior to the real match events. These are overall predictions made by the oddsmakers in the sportsbook. As a betting tip, locking your bets on these early matches’ betting odds is often considered to be a better option as these are bound to change based on the real event outcomes.

19. In-play betting

In-play betting is the opposite of early betting and it basically means wagering on live matches. This kind of betting is even more exciting however risky as the odds are often changing constantly after intervals. But you also get the chance to watch the live game in the sportsbook and place your bets on the increasing or decreasing odds accordingly. As mentioned above, wagering in the second half of the match by making observations for the first half is a good strategy for in-play betting.

20. Outright

Lastly, outright is another word you will come across when playing in the sportsbooks online. This is a kind of betting option specially made to predict not the match results but the winner of the entire league. So, if you are certain that a particular team will win the league then you can place your bets on the outright betting option vouching for that team. These outright bets often have higher odds since the overall risk is high, but if your predictions are accurate then you will also win big.

w88you explanation of sports betting terms with simple definitions


These were the 20 Sports Betting Terms and meanings explained with simple definitions by W88you experts. Remembering these is helpful to enjoy sports betting in sportsbooks like W88 smoothly. In fact, you can use W88you as your betting guide for more information on betting terms as well as tutorials online. Here we also offer you pro insights of placing accurate bets for huge wins online!

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