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W88you sports betting welcomes you to the world of odds! If you’re new to sports betting and don’t know how odds work in sports betting, we’ll explain everything and help you grasp how they work!

Introducing W88 odds in sports betting

For everyone new to the W88 sports world, a few items on a betting sheet seems to be unfamiliar. Understanding the various odds, how odds work in sports betting and what they signify is one of the most important things to learn.

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Remember that regardless of the sort of odds displayed, they all represent your possible wins. Let’s quickly get on the track of how odds work in sports betting at W88 Malaysia!

3 different odds type at W88 Malaysia

Before we dive into the sea of how odds work in sports betting, we’ll see what are the

different types of odds available in the market. Basically, there are 3 main types of odds: American odds, Decimal odds & Fractional odds.

#1. American odds – The majority of online sportsbooks will set their odds in “American Odds.” These are the most often employed & beginners may find it difficult to read and comprehend these sports betting odds. These are generally represented in decimals but with a negative or positive sign prefixed.

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Negative & Positive in American odds – The symbol in front of the number shows whether betting on that event will pay you more or less money than you bet.

  1. Negative(-) odds: If the odd is negative (-), the result is more likely to occur, and a bet on it would pay out less than the amount wagered
  2. Positive(+) odds: Whereas a positive (+) odd indicates that the outcome is less likely to occur, and a bet on it would pay out more than the amount spent.

#2. Decimal odds – The decimal type of odds is generally utilized in Europe and is rather simple to grasp.

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To figure out the decimal style chances, simply multiply the amount you want to gamble by the decimal odds displayed, and you’ll obtain your payoff.

#3. Fractional odds – In the United Kingdom, fractional odds are most usually encountered when putting bets on horse races. They have a peculiar appearance, but if you grasp what they imply, they are really simple to compute. Ther are represented in fractions like 1/8, 1/2, etc.

Why Decimals odds are most preferred?

According to W88you, betting using decimal odds is the simplest of the 3 types of odds you’ll encounter.

  • In Europe, decimal odds are common, and many Sportsbook like W88 utilize Decimal odds by default.
  • It’s simple to calculate your potential winnings using decimal odds.

How odds work in sports betting?

By now we have covered almost everything about odds, starting from what are odds, and types to the most preferred one. How odds work in sports betting requires a bit more attention since it is the important section of this article. Let’s understand this with an example.

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Consider the football EPL match between Arsenal FC vs Manchester United. For the bet type 1X2, the odds for Arsenal are 2.10 and for Manchester is 3.54.

This indicates that Arsenal has more probability of winning the match. Time to calculate the odds,

Formula: Return = Wager * Odds

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  • Wager = RM100
  • Odds = 2.10
  • Return = RM100 * 2.10 = RM210

By this, we have understood that if you wager RM100 on Arsenal with odds at 2.10 & if they win then you will get a return of RM210. On the other hand, if Manchester wins then you will lose the RM100 that you wagered.

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Understanding multiple forms of odds is crucial since it allows you to pick from a variety of options available at W88 Malaysia. Hope this article on how odds work in sports betting helped you learn everything about odds. Also, avoid making dumb mistakes like putting large bets on events with poor odds. Earn huge cash rewards by betting wisely at W88 Malaysia!

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