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Club W88 App Download with 3 Steps guide & grab 20% welcome bonus up to RM600 for Live Casino players in India. Play with a minimum of RM05 & double your money.

Free Credit RM30  Club W88 App Download  W88 Bonus RM1,288

Introduction to Club W88 App

Club W88 App is an alternative to W88 Lite App and it is one of the most popular applications for online betting and gambling in Malaysia with thousands of downloads and millions of players engaging all around the globe. It offers sports betting for every sport available, live casino games at minimum rates, slot machines for RM0.1, a lottery for RM0.5 and so much more with such great prices.


Download the Club W88 application, register your account at W88 Malaysia, claim exciting promotions like free credit of RM30, deposit a minimum of RM30, engage in the best online gambling experience of your life, and make fast and secure transactions of your winnings with a valid SSL certificate. Join & grab a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on the first deposit.

5 Incredible Benefits of the Club W88 App

There are multiple benefits to having an application over visiting the website all the time to access the online betting company. You must know the importance of having an application if you are an online shopping freak. 5 of them about the Club W88 App download are mentioned below.

  1. 5-in-1 Products of W88: Club W88 App download offers 5 products on W88 in one place: Sportsbook, Live Casino, Slots Online, Online Games, and Lottery. Enjoy all 5-in-1 products of W88 Malaysia on your device, be it Android, HTML 5, or iOS with no fee for downloading and registering at Club W88 App.
  2. Affordable Betting App: All 5 products have a different range of minimum betting stakes. Place your bets on Sports matches at just RM5, play live casino games with RM5-25, spin slot machines online with RM0.1-2, online games with RM5-20, and lottery with RM0.6-2, making Club W88 App an affordable app.
  3. Fast & Safe transactions: Club W88 App offers a minimum deposit of RM30 within 5 minutes via bank transfer and net banking and a minimum withdrawal of RM30 within 15 minutes via bank transfer only. Hence, it provides fast and safe transactions with a valid SSL certificate to keep players safe.
  4. Best Welcome Bonuses: Best W88 Promotion on Club W88 App download and registration is the free credit of RM30 upon verification. Players also get a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on slots online, a 100% first deposit bonus of up to RM218 on e-Sports, and so many more on the first deposit.
  5. 24X7 Customer Service: Hardworking and dedicated team of W88 workers are available 24×7 for customer help. Contact W88 CS via Live chat, email address, web call, line, telegram, etc, and solve your query within 5 minutes in the W88 Customer Care Services column in Club W88 App.

How to access Club W88 App Download on your PC?

There are two ways to download the application, one is through the link which we will discuss further in the article and another is through the QR Code which we are going to discuss now. How to access the Club W88 App Download via QR code on your PC? Continue reading or just follow the numbers of the images to complete Club W88 App download.


  1. Access the official website of W88 via the link given in the anchor text above and click on ‘Join‘ to create your new registered account at W88 and claim a W88 free credit of RM30 upon verification. Click on ‘Login‘ if you already of a W88 account, and enter the username and password to log in to the account.
  2. Click on the ‘Mobile icon‘ given in the horizontal list of W88 features, products, facilities, and services given below the W88 logo. You will be redirected to a new page where all the available W88 mobile & PC apps are listed in slider form, W88 lite, Club W88, e-SPORTS, Ocean Explorer, Gao Gae, Super Bull, etc.
  3. Click on the second circle representing the number of sliders in the column to visit the Club W88 App Download QR Code for Android, HTML 5, and iOS. Use your mobile camera or any Scanning app on your device to download the file of 47+ Mb, Install the Club W88 App and enjoy online betting at W88.

3-Steps Guide to Club W88 App Download on Mobile device

Without further ado, here’s the ultimate 3 steps guide to complete the Club W88 App download on your mobile device, be it Android, iOS, or HTML 5. Follow the mentioned below points to download the app successfully within 5 minutes and play live casino games.

Step 1: Access W88 website & Click on Download

  • Open your mobile and go to the preferred search browser, search for the W88 official website or there’s a simple way, just click on the link given in the first paragraph of this article to access the official and legal website of W88 Malaysia.
  • Become a member of the official W88 website before downloading the Club W88 App and claim free credit of RM30. Enter your username and password after clicking on Login and access your W88 Register.


  • Click on the three dashes given on the left side of the W88 logo and a menu will appear on your screen with W88 products, services, information, facilities, and homepage. Click on ‘Download‘ to visit the page where all available W88 Apps are present for downloading.
  • Click on ‘Club W‘ from the column and row of different W88 mobile apps present on the page and you will be redirected to a new page. Downloading will start on its own but if it doesn’t start, click on ‘Download‘ to start the downloading process of the file of 47Mb.

Step 2: Download the File & Install the Club W88 App

  • Once the file is downloaded, your device will ask if you want to open the file. Click on ‘Open‘ to start another process, that is, the installation of the Club W88 App on your device.


  • Another pop-up will appear on your screen which asks for permission to Install the Club W88 App. Click on ‘Install‘ if you want to complete the process of installing the Club W88 App on your mobile device and the process will start. It takes less than 5 seconds to install the Club W88 App.

Step 3: Log in to the Club W88 App & Start Playing

  • Once the Club W88 App is installed, your device will scan the application and open it if the application is safe for your device. You can find the application in your mobile menu and open the application from there too.


  • Enter your username and password, tick on keep me logged in, and click on ‘Login‘ to access your W88 account finally able to enjoy the perks of the Club W88 App download. Play live casino games, slots online, lottery, online games, and sports betting with exciting betting options and limits. Make a W88 deposit to play online games

3 Points to remember while Club W88 App Download

3 points you must know before making Club W88 App download to avoid getting into fraud by knowing these three points. Read them carefully and let no one take advantage of your naiveness, that’s why we are here to tell you the absolute truth about the Club W88 App download.

  1. No fee to Download Club W88 App: Keep in mind that the W88 betting company doesn’t ask for a single penny from the customers to download Club W88 App, it’s absolutely free and can be downloaded whenever you want without paying a single penny to anyone.
  2. No fee to Register a W88 Account: Alike Club W88 App download, Registration in the W88 online gambling application doesn’t require any kind of payment. Registering at W88 is absolutely free, you only need to make a deposit when you want to play the games with real money to win more real money.
  3. Enter accurate username & password: We recommend changing your username and password if you don’t remember it at all, don’t keep trying to log in with the wrong password otherwise W88 will block your account. But that doesn’t mean you write down your password on a piece of paper, make it simple to remember.


Club W88 App download is the easiest and most effective way to engage in online betting and gambling any time of the day and night on your mobile device. No need to open your desktop to enjoy the perks of W88 betting company, you can download the Club W88 App in just 3 steps, register your account, claim RM30 free credit, make a first deposit of a minimum of RM30 with a welcome bonus code to claim 100% welcome bonus up to RM600 on slots online.

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