How to Play Blackjack Online Casino for Real Money big wins!

Learn how to Play Blackjack Online for Cash. Know Blackjack card game rules, tutorial & witness a cash example at W88 Live Casino. Win a 20% bonus up to RM600.

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Introduction to Blackjack Online at W88

Also known as 21, Blackjack online is a bigger variant of the Baccarat card game. It is the second most popular card game in live casinos after baccarat because of its simple and thrilling gameplay. Blackjack is a card game where a player bets on his cards to have greater value than that of his opponents and lesser than 21.


Any player whose total card value crosses 21, automatically losses the game. Hence, 21 is a natural win and no one can defeat 21, that’s why blackjack is called 21. Play a thrilling game of cards, and blackjack online at W88, the best live casino for Malaysian players. Join W88 and claim free credit of RM30 on new member registration.

How to play Blackjack Online Guide for Beginners at W88?

Learn how to play blackjack online in 3 simple steps at W88. Follow the points without any confusion and you will land on a page to play blackjack online. This is the ultimate guide for beginners to learn how to play blackjack online for real money for all the players all around the world, no matter where you go, rules will be global.

Step 1: Join W88 & Select Club Evolution under Live Casino

  • Visit the official and legal online betting site in Malaysia, W88 to play Blackjack online. Click on the buttons given above to visit the official website of W88 without any hindrance.
  • Create your new member account via 3 steps guide on W88 Register by clicking on ‘Join‘ and filling out the registration form and completing the 100% validation to claim free credit of RM30 at W88 Malaysia.


  • Select Club Evolution > Live Casino to visit the page where all the Live casino games are given in W88 live casino to play and earn real money. Click on Live Casino given in the list of all W88 Products and a drop-down menu will appear on the screen with 5 live casino providers. Select Club Evolution to play blackjack online with a minimum betting limit of RM5.

Step 2: Select Blackjack by Club Evolution Games Provider

  • There’s a search box given in the right corner of the list of all the live casino games available at W88 live casino, type Blackjack in the search bar and all the blackjack games with different providers will appear on the screen. Select Club Evolution to open the Blackjack games online provided by Club Evolution.


  • There’s only one available tab, click on Blackjack to visit the online gambling room by Evolution and be ready to play. Don’t forget to make a W88 deposit before engaging in an online blackjack game and don’t forget to claim a 20% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on your first deposit at W88 Malaysia.

Step 3: Select the Chip & bet type to place your Bet

  • Once you click on Blackjack, you will be redirected to a gaming room where the live dealer will be sitting behind the table and cards are present on the table for her to conduct online blackjack for online players.
  • Select the chip from 5, 10, 25, 125, 500, and 1,000 equal to the amount of Malaysian currency you want to wager on the W88 blackjack online game to select the betting amount. The minimum betting amount at Blackjack by Evolution gaming is RM5 and the maximum is RM5,000.


  • Click on the circle in between to place a bet on your cards at Blackjack, you can click on the side bets as per your preference. We recommend not placing bets on side bets until you gain enough experience to risk more money. As soon as you click on the circle, bets are placed and confirmed automatically.
  • The dealer will deal 2 cards face up for you and 1 card face up and 1 card face down for herself. Depending on the conclusion of the shown cards, you will have to choose your next step. Whether you want to Hit, Stand, Split, Double down, etc.


  • Hit means to continue playing by adding the same betting amount as the wagered amount for continuing, stand means continuing the game without making any further bets, and so much more. Continue reading this article to know more about all betting options.
  • If your cards have a value nearer to 21 than the dealer’s cards, you will win the game and get to take the pot home. If your card’s value is less than 21 and even less than that of dealers, then you lose the bet and your wagered money. Learn how to play blackjack with friends in a bonus article for you.

How to play Blackjack Online RULES – One Must know!

Mentioned below are some basic rules one must know before playing blackjack online at W88 or any other live casino. The foremost rule is to know the card value and gameplay of blackjack online. Continue reading to become a master of rules within a minute with W88.


  • Gameplay: Three cards are drawn by the live dealer for the player and himself, whoever gets the total card value nearest to 21 wins the game and money as per the payout. Yes, it’s that simple. Play blackjack online by Club Evolution at W88 Malaysia and increase your chances of earning real money.
  • Cards value: The value of an ace card can either be 1 or 11 depending on whether it takes the total card value near to 21 or far. The value of numbered cards is equal to their face value. The value of face cards, that is, queen, kind, and the joker is 10.
  • Betting stake: Least amount of money you require in your w88 wallet to place one bet on blackjack online by club Evolution is RM5 and the maximum amount of money you can play with is RM5,000 on blackjack online at W88 Malaysia.
  • Given time to bet: Players get 14 seconds to place the bets, as in selecting the chip and betting option to confirm the bets. You can continue to watch the rounds of blackjack online without playing the game as long as you want. There’s no fee to enter the gaming room, you will be required to deposit only when you want to play the game with real money.
  • Betting options & payout: Typical blackjack online is played against the dealers and other players if playing on the table. Hence, you often bet on your own cards. But players can also bet on various side bets for a quick large sum of money with less effort. You will learn more about them in the next section of the article.

Betting Options, Odds & Payouts for Blackjack

Refer to the table given below to know and understand the betting options, payouts, odds, RTP, and outcome. You must know the bets and side bets of Blackjack online before playing the game and here is your chance to understand them in the simplest way. Don’t run from the guide and learn blackjack tips & tricks to win more real money.


Bet type




Natural 2198.80%2:1

Any Pair

Suited Pair




Suited Trips



Straight Flush96.09%


Three of a Kind






Hot 3



Total 21 Suited96.21%


Total 21 Unsuited96.21%


Total 20


Total 19



Bust It

Bust with 8 or more cards94.71%


Bust with 7 cards94.71%


Bust with 6 cards


Bust with 5 cards

Bust with 4 cards94.71%


Bust with 3 cards94.71%


Real Money Blackjack Online Gameplay at W88

Now that you are here don’t go away without looking at a real money gameplay example of Blackjack online at W88 live casino. Learn from our actions and double your money as we did. Witness us doubling our money from RM5 to RM10 and join us in the journey to double your money.

Round 1: Select the chip & betting option to place your bets in Blackjack online at W88


  • We selected the chip with the number 5 on it to place a bet of RM5, the minimum betting stake at Blackjack Online by Club Evolution.
  • We clicked on the circle to place a bet on our cards, we didn’t select any side bet option to keep the game simple for beginners without risking a large amount of real money.

Round 2: Live dealer deals the cards and determines the winner as per the card value near to 21.


  • The dealer deals the card and you get 8 & 5, making a total of 13. The dealer gets Q, 5, and Q, making a total of 25. Since the value of the dealer’s cards reached above 21.
  • She automatically loses the bet and the value of your card is nearest to 21. Hence, you win the blackjack online game and won RM10 in return as per the payout conditions.


How to play blackjack online for real money, with real money, for beginners, etc. The answer to every question is mentioned above, but one thing is missing, tips & tricks. There are many articles written for you to earn more real money using tips, tricks, and strategies. Once you are done reading, follow the steps you learned on W88 and earn real money. Join W88 and start by claiming the free credit of RM30 after verification. Win a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on your first deposit at W88.

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