How to Play Texas Holdem Poker Online – Beginner’s bet guide

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What is Texas Holdem Poker Online?

Poker is one of the most famous casino games which every pro gambler loves because of how authentic a casino game it is. This is because everybody around the table is involved in trying to compete with each other to get the best hand, the best part of it is that there are many betting rounds and that you can also bluff to win! So, if you want to experience some authentic Poker gameplay then W88 is for you. With this article, you will be able to experience one of the best poker variants, Texas Holdem Poker, at the no.1 Poker table in the betting world.

Global Rules of Texas Holdem Poker at W88

Before we get into how to play Texas Holdem Poker, let us first address the global rules of Texas Holdem Poker online. The rules of Texas Holdem Poker are very simple yet it is important that you understand them thoroughly, this is because these rules along with your wits are what it takes for you to win at Texas Holdem Poker.


  • Texas Holdem Poker is a Poker Variant where there are other people playing on the table from across the globe with you.
  • The Texas Holdem Poker variant is played with a standard 52 deck of cards but 5 cards are all you need to win. These 5 cards need to be the best hand on the table.
  • 2 cards will be dealt to you face down and 3 cards will be dealt face up as the community cards.
  • Between the game, you will have 4 betting options where you can decide to forfeit or fold your cards or continue playing.
  • With whatever cards you have, your hand and community cards, you must make the best combination of hands.
  • During the showdown, each of the players on the table will reveal their cards and whoever has the best hand will win the bet.

Note: Although Texas Holdem Poker is a Poker variant, the game itself has its own variants. Casino Holdem and Texas Holdem are two of them. The only difference between them is that in Casino Holdem you play against the Live Dealer, while in Texas Holdem you play with other players.

Important Poker Terms to Keep in Mind

Before we get into the gameplay, it is important that you understand and memorize certain poker terms that will come in handy with understanding the how-to-play Texas Holdem Poker language on the table.


  • Dealer: In Texas Holdem Poker, each player gets the dealer button which is rotated around the table clockwise with each round. This is used to determine who will make the small and big blind.
  • Small Blind: The player sitting on the immediate left of whoever has the dealer button on the table has to put a small amount of bet on the table, this is called the Small Blind.
  • Big Blind: The player sitting on the immediate left of whoever placed the small blind on the table has to double or place the small blind bet and put a Big Blind bet on the table.
  • Check: When you click on Check, you pass on your betting turn without placing any bets. This is risky however because it kind of blows your cover of having a weaker hand.
  • Bet: When you click on Bet it means that you have decided to place a bet again indicating that you have a strong hand. However, you can also click on bet to bluff.
  • Raise: When you are confident in the hands you have, or when you are confident that you can bluff well, then you can raise the betting stake. Doing so would often make players fold their cards.
  • Call: By Calling you to match your betting stake to that of the other players on the table.
  • All-in: If you are very confident in your cards then you click on All In which means that you are staking all the money you have.
  • Fold: Not being confident in your hand in poker is not a sign of weakness but of a good choice you can make. This is when you fold your cards which means that you cannot play further in the round.
  • Flop: Flop is referred to the first 3 community cards that are placed on the table face up.
  • Turn: Turn refers to the 4th community card placed face up on the table as this card usually turns the game around for most players.
  • River: The last card, which is the 5th community card that is placed on the table is called the river card.

Texas Holdem Poker Gameplay

When learning how to play Texas Holdem Poker Gameplay in the W88 Poker app is something you definitely will have fun experiencing as it provides its customers with a real casino-like feel. Let this not overwhelm you though because the gameplay is relatively easy to grasp.


  • The game starts with the player, sitting to the left of the player with the dealer button, placing a small blind bet on the table which is followed by the next player placing the big blind bet.
  • Then the dealer gives each player 2 cards, face down and the first betting round commences where you call by matching your stake to the big blind.
  • This is followed by the second round, where you can again call or raise your betting stake. This is also when you can fold to stop playing further.
  • After this, the Flop is introduced, where 3 community cards are placed face-up on the table. Here is when you will have to compare the cards in your hand and on the table to find the best pair.
  • Then another betting round is followed, where you can check or raise the bet. This is followed by the Turn card, which is the fourth community card, being introduced face up on the table.
  • After another betting round, the last community card, which is the River card is introduced on the table, and then you can check or increase the bets again.
  • Then the showdown takes place where the hands are compared and the one with the best hand wins the pot.

Play Texas Holdem Poker Online at W88 in 3 Easy Steps

Let us now look at how you can experience the best Texas Holdem Poker gameplay online as well as play the game,

Step 1: Login to W88 Poker App & Visit Texas Holdem Domain

  • The first thing you must do to access a poker table in the W88 Poker App is to create an account in the W88 register on the official website.
  • Then you must make a W88 Poker download using the link from the official website.
  • Once completely installed, you must (1) click on ‘Login‘, this will open up a pop-up box on your screen where you will have to enter your username and password.

Note: When entering your username, you will have to (2) enter the ‘W88‘ prefix before your username as shown in the picture below.


  • Once you have successfully entered your username and password you must click on ‘Login‘ again to complete the process.
  • Then to buy a Poker table, you must (3) click on ‘Hold’em‘, this will take you to the Texas Poker Holdem domain.

Step 2: Find a Poker Table & Buy Your Seat

  • Now that you have entered the Texas Holdem Poker domain in the W88 Poker App, you will be introduced to all the poker tables you can choose from.
  • However, to get a seat at the Poker table, you have to buy your seat. Thus, we recommend that you scroll down till you get the minimum rate for a table.


  • In the Poker App, the starting minimum betting rate is $0.50 which is the most ideal.
  • So, when you find your preferred table you must (4) click on ‘Join‘. Since the W88 Poker app lets, you get the authentic casino experience, you will have to wait for a table to get empty.


  • When you click on join, you will be introduced to another pop-up box where you can (5) set the buy-in amount. Here, we have set it for $1 which is the minimum amount for the table.
  • Once done, you must (6) click on ‘Okay‘, this will either put you on the waiting list or offer you a table immediately, depending on the crowd.

Step 3: Place Your Bets to Let the Game Flow

  • Now that you have bought your seat at the table, you will be able to experience playing Poker as you have never experienced before.
  • The game will flow as mentioned in the gameplay above, the person to the left of the dealer will place the small blind and the person to their next will place the big blind.


  • So, the first thing you must do when you enter the table is (7) check who has the Dealer button. In the picture, the dealer button is with the second person to your right.
  • This means that you will have to make a big blind bet where (8) you can increase the stake to $0.20, or fold to bet any bet by keeping the betting stake the same as the small blind.
  • Here (9) we have decided to go with the small bet amount which is $10 as the hand given to us is not that great.
  • This way, the gameplay commences forward with betting rounds, where you must make wise decisions when it comes to the hands of the cards as they are very important.

Learn Winning Card Hands of Texas Holdem Poker

Playing poker is easy with our “How to Play Poker for Beginners Guide“, however, it is important to learn the best poker hand in order to keep up with the game. So, below we have mentioned all the poker hands you will be needing to win the game in a simple way and you can take your time to learn all of them.

Card Hand Rankings


Name of the Hand

General Payouts 


How-to-play-Texas-Holdem-Poker-05Royal Flush Hand500 to 1
2ndHow-to-play-Texas-Holdem-Poker-06Straight Flush Hand50 to 1


How-to-play-Texas-Holdem-Poker-07Four of a Kind 10 to 1
4thHow-to-play-Texas-Holdem-Poker-08Full House Hand3 to 1


How-to-play-Texas-Holdem-Poker-09Flush Hand3 to 2
6thHow-to-play-Texas-Holdem-Poker-10Straight Hand1 to 1


How-to-play-Texas-Holdem-Poker-11Three of a Kind Push


How-to-play-Texas-Holdem-Poker-12Two Pair Push


10thHow-to-play-Texas-Holdem-Poker-14High CardPush
  1. Royal Flush: The first card ranking is the Royal Flush card where you get all the top-ranking cards like Ace, King, Queen, Joker, and 10 in a sequence.
  2. Straight Flush: Straight Flush refers to card hands where you get consecutive ranks in the same suit.
  3. Four of a Kind: Four of a Kind refers to a card hand with 4 cards with the same rank irrespective of suit.
  4. Full House Hand: This refers to 3 cards of the same rank plus the other 2 cards of the same rank.
  5. Flush Hand: Flush Hand refers to the card hand in the same suit, irrespective of rank.
  6. Straight Hand: Straight hand refers to a card hand with the same rank, irrespective of suit.
  7. Three of a Kind Hand: Three of a Kind refers to a card hand with 3 cards in the same rank.
  8. Two-Pair Hand: Two-pair hand refers to a card hand with 2 pairs of cards in the same rank.
  9. Pair Hand: Pair Hand Refers to a Pair of cards with the same rank in the hand.
  10. High Card Hand: Here, the highest rank card in the hand will determine the value of the entire hand, although this is the lowest-ranking hand.

Real-Money Texas Holdem Poker Gameplay with W88 Poker

Let us now experience real money Texas Holdem Poker gameplay which will help you understand the game better.

Round 1: Find a Good Hand Ranking with the cards you have

  • As you can see, we have the dealer button in this round and the cards dealt to us in this round are 9♦️ 2♦️, which is a pretty good start as they have the same suit.
  • Now the community cards that are dealt here are 2♥️, 7♠️, and 8♦️.


  • Here, we got a Pair Hand, which is 2♦️ and 2♥️. However, our luck shines better when the Turn card is dealt.
  • Here, the Turn cards turned the game in our favour by giving us a 9♠️. We now have 2 Pairs or 9s and 2s.
  • As you can see, we are asked if we want to “Run it three times”, here you can select whether you want the turn and river to be dealt with three times, we select no.

Round 2: Go All In with Confidence and Win

  • Although we have already got a good hand which ranks 8th in the hand ranking list, we will take a chance to go All-In for the river round.
  • Here, the river card is revealed to be a 6♥️, a card that is not useful to our hand.


  • But although the river card wasn’t in our favour we still managed to get 2 pairs, 9s and 2s, and this is indeed fruitful as we won the betting round and pot!


Thus playing Texas Holdem Poker at the W88 Poker app is pretty simple to grasp but this highly depends on how quick you are with the gameplay and also with the pairing of the best card rankings you can find.

3 Betting Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Poker Online

Now that you have learnt everything you need to know about playing Texas Holdem Poker at the W88 Poker App, you can now go ahead, and download the Application on your PC or Mobile and get an authentic casino experience of playing Live Poker. But before you do so, remember these 3 Texas Holdem poker hacks for betting that you must use to help you win more.

  1. Play with the Minimum Betting Amount: As you know, Texas Holdem Poker has many betting rounds and so if you do not play your cards right you will lose more than you earn, and as a beginner losing is part of your learning experience. So, to avoid major loss, you should find a table with the lowest minimum betting rate and use this minimum betting rate to place your stakes on the table.
  2. Learn the Card Rankings Thoroughly: The second important thing that you must master before sitting at any Poker table is the card rankings. This is because Poker is a game of quick wit where you must know when to fold and when to play depending on the cards dealt to you. Thus, knowing the card hand rankings thoroughly beforehand would give you an edge to create the best hand in Texas Holdem Poker to win.
  3. Make Use of Bonus Promotions: Lastly, a tip which can be considered by many players to play more rounds is to make use of the Bonus Promotions offered by W88. As emphasized above Poker, regardless of which variation, has about 4 betting rounds, which means you will have to place a stake 4 times in one single poker round, so using bonus promotions offered by your online betting site can help you earn extra free cash.

In Conclusion

So this was all about how to play Texas Holdem Poker at one of the best places, the W88 Poker App. With this, you have gained most of the basic knowledge you need to start playing Poke and to become a pro, you will need a lot of experience. So go ahead and give the W88 Poker app a try by making a hassle free download today and kickstart your Poker journey by experiencing some authentic poker gameplay.

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