Know how to win Lottery online in Malaysia to win big daily!

Learn secrets on how to win Lottery online in Malaysia every time from W88you experts. Apply these tricks to boost your lottery wins every time you play online!

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Online betting sites are hosting many lottery game rooms these days, especially sites like W88 where you can wager on lottery tickets via their demo rooms. Regardless of which lottery games you play, you will need some tips and tricks to boost your win rate online. So, here are the 10 best how to win lottery online in Malaysia tricks to boost your win rate!

how to win lottery online every time


1. Select which lottery variant you want to play

  • When it comes to online betting, there are many lottery variations available. These variations usually require you to wager on different numbers for instance there are lotteries where you must wager on 5 numbers or 6 numbers.
  • The number of numbers you wager on can help you win or lose accordingly based on how much you can be accurate with the bets. For instance, betting on lotteries with more numbers gives you a better chance of getting at least 1 winning number.
  • Thus, selecting which lottery variant you wish to play is the first how to win lottery online trick that you must try in the game rooms online.

2. Pick a good online betting site with instant results

  • Next, it is important that you select a good online lottery betting platform to play the game online. This platform must come with legal certification.
  • Moreover, the site should be secured with an SSL certificate and a smooth transaction process to play the lottery online with real money.
  • We recommend using the W88 Register to create an account as here you get to play legally as well as get free lottery game rooms.

w88you how to win lottery online every time

3. Set a fixed time for playing the lottery

  • In the next how to win lottery online tip, we recommend fixing a set time to play the lottery online as this will help you maintain a bankroll as well as earn more.
  • This fixed time should preferably be set in the evenings since most gamblers game in the evenings which may affect the payouts.
  • That being said, you can set fixed time limits in terms of days where you play the lottery online on those particular days only to save up cash as well as earn in one go.

4. Observe the previous winning number results

  • Most gamblers who bet on lottery games understand the value of the previous winning numbers and ensure that they keep track of it to see which numbers win more times.
  • Since online lottery games are mostly based on the RNG system, there is a good amount of chance that the previous winning numbers could show up again.
  • So, observe the winning numbers and see which of those appears most of the time to wager on that number and win eventually.

w88you how to win lottery online every round

5. Bet on hot lottery numbers more

  • As mentioned above, when you observe the most winning numbers you will notice that some numbers tend to appear again and again with different winning rounds.
  • These numbers are called hot numbers and you must compile them all by finding 6 to 7 numbers and wager only on those numbers using a betting system.
  • This way, you could win at least few numbers instead of all or could even win all the numbers and hit a jackpot in one go!

6. Use strategic betting systems for your bankroll

  • The next thing that you must do is apply a betting system to your gameplay when you bet on the lottery online. There are two kinds of betting systems in the betting world.
  • Progressive betting systems are those that require you to change your wager every time you lose or win a round so that you win back the lost stake by the end of your gaming session.
  • Non-progressive betting systems are those that require you to maintain the same wager for every round regardless of your wins and losses during your gaming session.

how to win lottery online every round

7. Apply the D’Alembert method

  • The Progressive betting system is clearly something that is more fun to play with as it enhances the gameplay. But you must keep in mind that these systems often come with risks.
  • So, using lower risky systems like the D’Alembert method which is progressive in nature is the best how to win lottery online strategy you can use.
  • The D’Alembert method requires you to increase your wager by one unit every time you lose a betting round so that when you win you will receive the lost stake as part of the payout. But when you win, you must decrease your wager back by one unit to maintain your bankroll.

8. Use the lottery side bets more often

  • If you use W88 Keno or lotto sections as a member on the official website, then you will notice that there are additional betting options that you can wager on.
  • These betting options are often known to predict numbers in bulk which makes it easier to win. However, side bets often do not payout as much as the main bets.
  • The Big/Small or Odd/Even side betting options are the most useful side bets of them all so you can wager on this to win in small amounts.

w88you how to win lottery online every day

9. Keep track of your wins and losses when playing Lottery online

  • It is important to note that the aforementioned how to win lottery online tips and tricks can help you win most of the round and not all the round in the betting room.
  • So, it is important that you keep track of your wins and losses to see the profits and whether or not a betting trick works for you.
  • If you end up losing most of the time then we recommend skipping a few betting rounds in the game room. To make up for this, you could apply online casino bonuses like the W88 Promotion up to RM1,288 to boost your account wallet balance.

10. Do not play the lottery every day

  • Lastly, sometimes to win, you do not have to be consistent with your games, and since lottery online results are revealed almost instantly, you should not play lottery online every day.
  • Lottery games are often quick-paced, and in just 10 minutes you could play about 15-20 rounds. This would mean that you’d have to keep increasing the amount in your bankroll which is not really ideal.
  • So, deciding a particular day or a time limit is good for playing online lottery games as you can have a fun gaming session while being mindful of your bankroll.

how to win lottery online every day


These were the 10 How to Win Lottery Online in Malaysia tips and tricks that you can apply to your gameplay today. Using these is simple however it takes practice. So to instantly boost your account wallet with extra cash, you could apply to some cashback bonus offers on your account. For more lotto, keno, or casino betting tricks, keep visiting

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