10 Helpful how to win Online Casino games every time tricks!

Follow 10 Helpful how to win Online Casino games tricks and strategies for huge payout earnings! Boost your winning rate by 98% to win up to RM1,000 every time

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On popular betting sites like W88, you can come across some of the most fun and classic online casino games to play. However, winning these games is important as well in order to increase payout earnings and boost your account bankroll. For that, we have put together 10 how to win online casino game tricks to help boost your winning rate by 98% on most of the popular casino gaming products. So, follow these helpful how to win at online casinos every time tricks thoroughly.

how to win online casino games every time betting strategies

1. Apply a betting system to your casino bankroll

  • When it comes to online betting on popular casino games, it is important that you own a good amount of bankroll and to maintain this bankroll you should make use of betting systems.
  • Betting systems can be progressive which requires you to increase your betting stakes based on wins and losses in the game room.
  • Another form of betting system is non-progressive where you must maintain the same betting stake throughout your gameplay. Create an account in the W88 Register today to play with betting systems.

2. Make more use of progressive betting systems

  • Progressive betting systems are better compared to non-progressive systems if you want to notice instant winning boosts in your online banking account.
  • That being said, it is important to note that progressive betting systems often come with more risks of losing your bankroll, so be sure to use methods like the D’Alembert method.
  • The D’Alembert method requires you to increase your betting stake by a unit on loss bets and then decrease it again by one unit to go back to the initial betting stake. This way you will notice a boost in your account wallet.

3. Mostly bet on Big/Small, Odd/Even, Red/Black options

  • Another important how to win online casino games that you should adhere to is to remember to bet on betting options with easier wins like Big/Small, Odd/Even, Red/Black, etc.
  • Wagering on these betting options helps you apply progressive betting systems more effectively and in turn gain more benefits.
  • It is also important to note that these betting systems usually come as side bets which sometimes is easier to win than the main bets. Grab the W88 Free Credit of RM30 to try out this how to win online casino games trick!

how to win online casino games every time betting tricks by experts

4. Be alert of the Monte Carlo/Gamber’s fallacy

  • When you wager on the aforementioned how to win online casino games recommended betting options, you can wager on any one of the sub-bets using progressive betting systems.
  • However, when it comes to such cases, you may think that just because a sub-betting option is winning most of the gaming rounds, it is unlikely to win again. This feeling is known as the Monte Carlo or Gambler’s fallacy which is something you must be alert of.
  • Avoiding the Gambler’s fallacy is important because with this even pro players have lost most of their winning payouts in a single betting round. Use the W88 Live Casino betting site to experience smooth gaming sessions and wins!

5. Make use of previous bet-winning charts in the game rooms

  • The next how to win online casino games strategy is yet another helpful one, and that is to make use of the previous bet winning charts in the game rooms.
  • These betting charts show data on the previous winning bets, and from here you can easily see which betting options win more rounds than the other.
  • That being said, using this strategy, you can wager on the most winning betting options using the D’Alembert progressive betting system to win big payouts most of the time.

how to win online casino games every time betting strategies by experts

6. Start small and use the minimum amount as the initial betting stake

  • Betting systems, one of the best Online Casino Tips and Tricks have more to do with the betting stakes rather than the gameplay, and so you must set the initial betting stake as the lowest minimum amount in the game room you are playing.
  • This way, whether you are playing with progressive or non-progressive betting systems, you will always be spending less and winning double the amount you are wagering, which will be more.
  • Using the minimum betting stake as the initial wager is also a great how to win online casino games strategy for the betting options with more than one betting round in their gameplay.

7. Learn to observe the game to make accurate decisions

  •  Previous winner bet charts and progressive betting systems are a great way to game online with accuracy, but observing the game for a while is another how to win at online casinos every time strategy that you must use.
  • Observing the gameplay for a while before wagering can help you understand the pace of the game, and the most winning bets, and even lets you catch any fraudulent activity in the game rooms.
  • That being said, observing the game room can also help you place mental bets and come up with in-game strategies, that are equally fun and entertaining than playing online casino games. Is Online Casino Legal in Malaysia? Know the truth in our detailed review.

how to win online casino games every time betting hacks

8. Practice play in free demo or virtual casino rooms

  • Placing mental bets is a great method of observation, but another thing you can do without wasting a single penny is try out the games in free demo rooms on popular online casino websites.
  • These demo or free game rooms come with betting stake limits, a virtual dealer, and RNG systems that can help you game online for entertainment as well as to practice or try out these how to win at online casinos every time strategies.
  • Moreover, since the RNG system is computerized to generate any winning outcome and cannot be hacked, Virtual casino game rooms are even more better than live casinos for online gaming.

9. Apply for any online casino bonuses to boost your account wallet

  • Although this is not exactly how to win online casino games strategy, it is one of the best tricks to boost your betting account wallet, and that is to make use of any online casino promotion bonuses your betting sites offer.
  • Online promotions are usually given as a welcome bonus to boost your account wallets, and these can be claimed on your first deposit as a new member of the betting site.
  • For instance, if you join online betting sites like W88, then you can get big W88 Promotion offers for casino gaming which go up to RM1,288.

10. Set a losing limit to maximize daily wins in the bankroll

  • Last but not least, as a how to win online casino games expert, we recommend that you set a losing limit on your bankroll since the aim is to win most of the betting rounds realistically.
  • Setting a losing limit must be kept so that you know when it is time to stop gaming for the day and save up on your existing bankroll for another fruitful gaming session.
  • Losing limits is a good way to maximize your daily wins in the bankroll since the limit must be put on your existing bankroll and not on your payout earnings, which must be counted separately.

how to win online casino games every time betting tips


These were the 10 How to Win Online Casino Games tricks that you must follow to ensure maximum winning payouts. To get the most benefits from playing online casino games, we recommend that you use online gaming sites like W88. At W88 you not only get exclusive member promotion bonuses on your first deposit but also can get W88 free credit of RM30 on account verification. For more such betting tips and tricks to win big, keep visiting our website, the best sports betting guide!

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