Is online casino legal in Malaysia – 5 clues for safe gaming

Is online casino Legal in Malaysia? Learn 5 clues to ensure you play legally online. Know 3 licensed live casinos to play and earn real money without tension!

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Playing online casino games can be challenging but what is even more challenging is finding an online casino that is legal in Malaysia. But to help you out with this, the W88you team has put together this quick article on whether is online casino are legal in Malaysia, and if yes, then what are the ways in which you can identify legal online casinos to use. Moreover, as you read, you will be introduced to 3 of the legal and safe online betting sites, M88, W88 and 1XBET, in Malaysia that you can use to play fun online casino games legally.

Is online casino legal in Malaysia?

Firstly, let us address the main question of this article: Is online casino legal in Malaysia, and getting straight to the point, the answer to this question is tricky and quite blurry. The reason behind this is that there has been a ban in public gambling houses in Malaysia and only a few gambling games like Lottery are allowed in the country.

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However, the gambling laws that have banned public gaming houses have not been amended for a while and if they do eventually, it’ll only apply to physical casinos. In short, there is nothing mentioned about online casino sites being illegal or legal in Malaysia and so, there is no definitive answer to the question is online casino legal in Malaysia. However, if the online betting site has a license provided by a foreign country’s authority, the site is deemed legal and safe to play. This is why we recommend making an account in the W88 Register as it is one of the best beginner-friendly legal sites to use in Malaysia.

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In fact, there are many online casinos all over the world that allows Malaysian players to play online casino games in Ringgits which makes online casinos definitely accessible to more Malaysian gamblers. That being said, not all of these online betting sites are legal to use which basically means that they operate legally. And so, to answer the question is online casino legal in Malaysia, it is important to look into which sites operate legally in the country by using a legal foreign license.

3 ways to identify a legal and safe online casino

Although there are many ways in which you can identify an online casino that operates illegally, there are only a few ways to tell whether an online casino operates legally. However, the below-mentioned 3 ways to identify a legal online casino would definitely ensure that you play online casino games safely and securely as it will help you pick out legal online casinos in Malaysia. Below mentioned is an image of the W88 Live Casino which is one of the ideal online betting sites you should look into!

is online casino legal in Malaysia w88you review

  1. Has a link to the official license on the homepage: The first way to identify a legal online casino is to look for the license provided for it to operate in Malaysia and the link to this license should be easily available on the homepage of the online betting site. Most of these links are found right at the end of the page with additional links that help gamblers maintain a sense of responsibility, like the Responsible Gaming, Gambling Therapy links, etc.
  2. Offers game rooms by top game room providers: Another important thing you should keep in mind is the top famous game room providers whose products should be a part of your online betting site’s product collection. This is because although you will be making transactions on your online betting site, the money will be used in the game room based and so they need to be safe and secure to use. Club Ezugi, Evolution, Palazzo, W Casino, and Massimo are some legal online casino game room providers online.
  3. Has partnered up with famous personalities: The last best way to identify a legal online casino in Malaysia is by looking at the sponsorship and previous partnership deals and if they include famous celebrities then you should look at the site as a green flag. These partnership deals provide credibility for the site’s safety and ensure people that they are trustworthy as a legal business since such deals catch media attention quickly and would not want to get into trouble for any illegal activities.

Top 3 famous legal online casino sites for safe and secure gambling

With the above 3 points, you can immediately understand which online betting site is good for you and which one is not as they will definitely help in proving the legality of the site. But since W88you’s motto is to make gambling easy for its customers, our team has put together 3 famous legal online betting sites on the internet that you can use to play online casino games.

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W88 Official Gambling License
  1. M88: First on the list we have M88, one of Asia’s famous sites that many pro players prefer as it gives out great bonus offers and other deals that you can choose from based on your preference. Moreover, M88 has a wide range of game room providers to choose from as well as an interesting sponsorship list. M88 is a legal online betting site that operates under the Interactive Gaming License by the Republic of Vanuatu and is issued by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.
  2. W88: Another best site that caters both to beginners and pros then you should go for W88, one of the leading online betting sites on the internet where you get great W88 Promotion deals and also many game rooms to choose from. W88 has an impressive partnership list and was even a partner of the 2022 world cup winners Argentine FC. W88 operates legally with a license from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.
  3. 1XBET: Last but not least, we have 1XBET, one of the best online betting sites you can play at regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro. 1XBET mostly focuses on sports betting but they also offer a great range of online casino gaming products to choose from top game room providers. 1XBET has a good list of successful sponsor partnership deals like the above two online legal betting sites. This site operates online legally with a Curacao e-Gaming License Verification.

Apply these 5 tips to ensure you play legally online

In the last section of this article, let us give you 5 tips on how you can ensure that you’re playing legally online. These backed by all the aforementioned points would ensure that you play online casino games legally, safely, and securely. But if you want to play with accuracy to win more legal money online then you can use some Online Casino Tips and Tricks to enhance your gaming experience.

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  1. Always research the license providers: As emphasized above, it is important that you always research to make sure that your online casino has a legal license from a foreign company. However, this is just the start as you will have to look into the details of the company providing the licenses for these sites. Sometimes, it may be that the license provider itself is not a legal firm which could in turn cause harm to you.
  2. Check which sponsorships worked and which ones did not: Next, when looking at the sponsor list to ensure some credibility for your online casino, you must also look into which ones were successful deals and which ones did not work. For the latter, you must dive deeper to understand what went wrong, and doing so would give you a lot of information about the inner workings of the site you select.
  3. Understand the house edge price for casino games: Most people think online casinos are rigged and that the house keeps cheating them as they win more rounds. Besides house edges are taken away in most of the online casino games to help maintain the casinos and so, online casinos do not have to cheat to profit. If they cheat then that would only stain their business and career. That being said, the house edges should not be a lot of money which is something you should make sure of by conducting research on average house edges which is 5% for most games online.
  4. Research on the top game room providers: As mentioned above, the top game room providers are important in online casino sites as their products are basically your online playground where you will be gambling on. And so, it is important to look into them and have basic knowledge of the best ones. Casinos should provide you with more than 1 game room for a single game with different betting limits. Of course, these game rooms would be provided by foreign companies and so they should have their own licenses too.
  5. Observe the games before placing real money bets: Lastly, it is important to observe a few game rounds by skipping a few of them in the casino game rooms before placing real money bets. Observing the game is beneficial for many reasons but one of the main reasons is to see whether the game room you select in indulging in any foul play or not. Observing the game and not immediately getting swept by the thrills of it would help you immediately observe when something is wrong, and when you feel so, it is advised that you immediately leave the game room or site itself.


This was the article Is Online Casino Legal in Malaysia with 3 ways to identify a legal casino and 5 ways to ensure it is safe and secure to play. Join W88, M88, or 1XBET online casino to get extravagant bonus deals to play online casino games from top game room providers at this online betting site. To ensure wins and more payout returns, visit W88you for more tips, tricks, strategies, and tutorials on all online casino games in the betting world!

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