8 Best Fishing games of all time- play for free or real cash

Top 8 best Fishing games of all time on the internet by W88you. Play Ocean Explorer, Crazy or Chill Fishing, Insect Fishing, etc. for free or real money online!

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Online casinos provide you with some traditional games like baccarat, blackjack, poker, etc. at the tip of your fingers. However, there are only a few online casinos that take their products to another level by providing you with more than just these classic casino games. One such online betting site is W88 which is widely known for offering some of the best fishing games of all time in the betting world online besides some of the best sportsbook and casino products. Moreover, fishing games are considered to be the most played games when it comes to shooting games at casinos online. To know more about these 8 cool shooting games, read on!

best fishing games for beginners online for free

8 best Fishing games of all time on the internet

When you think of fishing games, you probably would jump to the conclusion that they all are the same, which is true as the gameplay requires you to shoot and earn. However, what makes one fishing game different from the other is the themes they come with and the different offers they have that you can aim for and earn. The below-mentioned 8 Fishing games are considered to be the best fishing games of all time on the internet because they excel in providing you with easy gameplay in unique settings. This means that if you jump from one fishing game to the other from the list below, you will get a different experience even though the gameplay is the same and can become a W88 Fishing Master in no time!

1. Ocean Explorer

First on the list is the game Ocean Explorer, one of the most famous online fishing games you can find on the internet. Ocean Explorer is a fun game with a basic shooting game theme where you must select a side to aim for the best fishing in the ocean. However, since its theme is Ocean Explorer, the background changes giving you to aim for fishing from different settings!

best fishing games for beginners ocean explorer

  • At Ocean Explorer, you get to aim for fishing that are tiny and fishes that are huge. But what makes playing this game more fun is the intervals at which you can aim for bonuses.
  • Moreover, with Ocean Explorer, you can gain additional coins by completing daily tasks which require you to fish for a particular fish, etc.
  • Ocean Explorer is the go-to fishing game that will never get you bored and since this is many fishing game lovers’ favorite game, there is an Ocean Explorer app that you can download from the W88 site for easy gaming.

2. Crazy Fishing

The next fishing game will definitely keep you at the edge of your seats as this game lives up to its name. Crazy Fishing is one of the fast-paced fishing games on the internet that is considered to be one of the best fishing games online where you can apply some Fishing Master Strategies as well. At Crazy Fishing, you get a variety of fish to aim for however, what takes this game to another level is the abundance of bonuses you can aim for and win.

best fishing games for beginners crazy fishing

  • Although this game room is something that beginners may find hectic, the Crazy Fishing game is a must-try shooting game at the W88 Live Casino site.
  • Here, you get to aim for fishing that moves at a steady yet quick pace but what makes this game fun is the never-ending bonuses that you can shoot for which can boost your accounts instantly.
  • However, it is important to remember that these bonuses move quickly all over the screen and so shooting for any one of them is a task that requires great fishing tricks.

3. Dragon Ball Fishing

Based on the famous anime, Dragon Ball Fishing is a fun game that you can play at fixed times to get exciting bonuses disguised as Dragon Balls. Although this has normal fishing gameplay where you must aim ad shoot for coins, the Fishes in this gameroom are extremely unique. However, keeping an eye out for the Dragon Ball is the ultimate aim of this game.

best fishing games for beginners dragon ball fishing

  • Dragon Ball Fishing is another fun Fishing game to play on the internet because as you can see in the image preview of the game above, fishing in this game room is definitely interesting and rewarding.
  • Moreover, the Dragon Ball game offers you with there kinds of different game rooms that you can select from and as you guessed, each of these game rooms comes with different themes.
  • Playing Dragon Ball Fishing games using the W88 website is extremely beneficial as a new member as here you can claim the W88 Free Credit of RM30 upon verifying your account.

4. Longya Fishing

Longya Fishing is a fishing game that makes shooting exciting for people that play to aim for big fish or small fish. One of the rules of fishing games is to shoot for fish, big or small, continuously to win. Thanks to the theme of this game, you can aim for fishes that vary in size, but mostly are big enough to help you shoot continuously.

best fishing games for beginners longya fishing

  • Moreover, what makes the Longya Fishing game stand out from the others is the bonus rounds where you get to aim for many big fishes and a Lucky Tiger Cat.
  • These big fish last on the screen for a good amount of time giving you enough time to aim for them and earn huge bonus coins.
  • However, since aiming for small fish while the other players in the room aim for bigger fish is one of the good Fishing Master Tips to win in small amounts, you can easily aim for small fish here too.

5. Chill Fishing

Sometimes all you must do is sit back and unwind the day by playing fun fishing games online. And to help you with this is the Chill Fishing game room which lives up to its name and thus, is the opposite of the Crazy Fishing game room. As you will notice upon joining this game room, the Fishing over here is extremely easy to aim for as they move at a much slower, chill pace.

best fishing games for beginners chill fishing

  • Chill Fishing game rooms allow you to sit back and enjoy the fishing games without having to worry about missing out on the fish you were aiming for as all the fish here swim at a slower pace.
  • Moreover, the bigger fishes in these game rooms are not very big, giving you a better chance to win coins while aiming for one fish at a time.
  • Since the pace of this game is slower compared to the others, the Chill Fishing game room is considered to be the most beginner-friendly game room of them all.

6. Insect Master

Fishing games do not only have to be about aiming for fish as the Insect Master fishing game lets you aim for insects. As you can see, there is a variety of insects you can aim for to earn instantly and so, in this bright and fun game room, you can play fishing game with a unique theme.

best fishing games for beginners insect fishing

  • The Insect Master game room lets you play insect fishing on small insects like flies to big bonus spiders as shown in the image above.
  • Moreover, here you get the Lucky Tiger Cat bonus once in a while which you can aim at to earn points and coins in huge amounts.
  • Overall, the Insect Master game room is a fun place to switch things up, making this another beginner-friendly game room that introduces you to fishing in a unique setting.

7. Pirates Fishing

Pirate Fishing is another free game that you can play on the W88 website where you must aim for fish in the sea both big and small. Although this may seem like a regular fishing game, the fishes that you must aim for are extremely unique with a variety of bonus fishes you can shoot to claim coins in huge amounts.

best fishing games for beginners pirates fishing

  • The Pirate Fishing game comes in a different game room setting and as the name suggest, you must Fish for random Pirate bonuses that float around after intervals.
  • Moreover, the Pirate Fishing game has many other bonus fishes that are constantly swimming around one after the other, so you do not have to wait for bonus rounds here.
  • They also have small fishes swimming in patterns and offer more than one game room theme making the game easy to win and fun to play.

8. Fishing World

The last game on the list is Fishing World, a new downloadable fishing game that has been introduced on famous betting sites like W88. The Fishing World game room is something you cannot access for free on most websites, however, you can download the game for free online.

  • Just like Ocean Explorer, the Fishing World game room offers you rooms in a unique setting where you can aim for fish of different sizes to get coins.
  • If you want to download the game, then you can visit the W88 Website to make a quick download using the available link under the W88 Fishing section.

Why choose W88 Fishing?

Now that you have learned about all the cool Fishing games you can play online, you must be wondering where exactly can you access these games. Well, in the last section of this article, we will introduce you to one of the best places to play all the 8 best fishing games of all time, and that is the W88 website. W88 offers you all the fishing games on the list above with free and real-money game rooms and even apps. So, go ahead and make an account in the W88 Register today to access these games. That being said, besides offering the best fishing games, W88 fishing games come with additional benefits like:

best fishing games for beginners online

  • Free Fishing game rooms: As mentioned above, seven out of eight fishing game rooms mentioned above are free to play as they come with demo rounds. So here all you must do is just create an account on the website and enjoy gaming. But what is even cooler is that you can access most of the demo rounds without creating an account which shows that W88 indeed focuses on customer satisfaction more.
  • Reasonable Prices: If you decide that you like the fishing game rooms at W88, then you definitely must create an account on the website and play for real money. But don’t worry because even if you play with real money, the price range of these fishing game rooms is budget-friendly and so, you can make small deposits to enjoy these games and earn more.
  • Bonus offers: It is important to note that W88 offers more than just the best fishing games online, which means that if you join the website, you will get to play some of the best casino and sports betting games online. But more importantly, as a W88 member, you can get access to some of the best W88 Promotion bonuses on most products.
  • Beginner Friendly: W88 is used by many pro players but this website caters to beginners as well. Here, you get to play alongside pro players or in different game rooms that are beginner friendly. Fishing games are less competitive in these beginner game rooms but you can advance to pro levels at any time.
  • Variety in Fishing game themes: By now you probably have learned that all the top 8 best fishing games above have different themes with the same gameplay and so, since W88 offers all the Fishing games at one place, you can get access to a variety of fishing game rooms on the website.


These were the top 8 Best Fishing Games of All Time on the internet, and you can find and play them all at W88 Malaysia. Joining W88 would give you the chance to play most of these fishing games for free but another thing you can claim for free is the W88 free credit bonus of up to RM30 on account verification. So, go ahead and make a W88 account today to enjoy some cool fishing games online.

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