How to play Dragon Ball fishing real money game online guide

Get a 3-step how to play Dragon Ball fishing at W88 guide. Know the rules & 3 bonus tips to win more at fish shooting game. Join W88 & claim free credit of RM30.

W88 Fishing Game Online  Dragon Ball Fishing  W88 Free Credit RM30

What is Dragon Ball Fishing?

Shooting fish in virtual life is one of the most popular games in Malaysia, though the reason behind it seems intriguing. The different age groups of people in Malaysia enjoy playing fishing games and the W88 betting site offers 7 varieties of fishing games. One of the most played online fishing games is Dragon ball fishing, which provides three themes to play, treasure, mermaid, and dragons. Play with coins and earn real money by shooting the fish. Join W88 Malaysia, claim free credit of RM30, and a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on 1st deposit.


5 Essential Rules to play Dragon Ball Fishing

5 Important rules you must know before playing dragon ball fishing at the W88 betting site Malaysia. Even though it is one of the easiest online games to play, it gets difficult for beginners who have no idea about dragon ball fishing at the W88 betting site Malaysia.

  1. Gameplay: Dragon ball fishing requires the players to convert their real money into coins and use these coins to access the position in the gameplay room to shoot the fish. Shoot as many fish as possible and as big as possible to earn more coins and earn more real money in return.
  2. Objective: The objective of the player in dragon ball fishing is to shoot as many fish as possible to collect the coins and convert those coins into real money and withdraw your winnings from your W88 wallet to your bank account. Hence, shoot the big fish to earn more coins at W88 Fishing.
  3. Playtime: Players can continue shooting the fish in dragon ball fishing until the coins are over, or they can exit the game whenever they please by clicking on the exiting
  4. Play Coins: The player will need coins to play the dragon ball fishing game and these coins can be purchased with real money at dragon ball fishing in W88 Malaysian betting site.
  5. Conversion: The coins you win in the dragon ball fishing game will be converted into real money and will be credited to your W88 wallet. You can transfer this money to your bank account as soon as you reach the withdrawal limit and complete the withdrawal terms and conditions.

How to play Dragon Ball Fishing Online at W88 Malaysia?

A most straightforward guide to playing dragon ball fishing at W88, read the steps and learn how to play dragon ball fishing game online at W88. Play dragon ball fishing with a minimum betting limit of RM01, you have to convert your deposited money into coins to play Dragon ball fishing. Join W88 & claim RM30 free credit before playing.

Step 1: Join M88 & Select Dragon Ball Fishing

  • Playing dragon ball fishing at W88 starts with visiting the official W88 website, so you are safe to make a deposit with real money. W88 Official website holds a valid SSL certificate to secure your data, click on the buttons given above to access the official website.
  • Click on ‘Join‘ to register your account at the W88 betting site, enter the asked details in the W88 Register form, and claim free credit of RM30 on registration and verification.


  • Click on ‘Fishing‘ given in the W88 official website menu bar to play dragon ball fishing. A drop-down menu will appear on the screen where all the fishing games are present for you to play and earn money. Locate and click on ‘Dragon Ball Fishing‘ to play the game.

Step 2: Select Dragon Ball Fishing theme to play

  • As soon as you click on ‘Dragon Ball Fishing‘ you will be redirected to a page where you can select one out of three themes to play Dragon Ball Fishing. Make W88 Deposit to play the games with real money, you can also try the fishing game for free.


  • There are three themes, Abyss Treasure, Mermaid Coast & Dragon Ruins. Select the one you prefer, each theme has a different betting limit. You have to exchange real money for coins to play dragon ball fishing.

Step 3: Prepare your Weapon & Shoot the fish

  • The objective of the Dragon ball fishing game is to shoot as many fish as possible, win coins, and convert them back to real money. There are four positions to sit and play, shoot the fish and win real money.


  • Target big fish and different varieties to earn more coins, each coin is equal to 1 shot. Bigger fish takes many shots to kill and hence, you have to target and shoot the fish as long as it blasts with colors.
  • Once all the coins are over, you have to fill up again to shoot more. You can collect the coins you earn from different rounds and exchange them for real money at W88 wallet. Join W88 Malaysia today and claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on 1st deposit.

3 Bonus tips to Win more at Dragon Ball Fishing

Before playing the Dragon Ball Fishing game at W88 Malaysia, know three bonus tips to help you shoot more fish, win more coins, and earn more real money. Also, claim W88 Promotion before playing any game.

  1. Shoot Big fish: Bigger fish offer more coins when killed, hence you should aim for bigger fish. You will require to shoot many times to kill one big fish but it will be worth your time and coin. Shooting a bigger fish can help me win more coins when compared to killing multiple small fish.
  2. Shoot a variety of fish: Shooting one type of fish won’t help you win more money. There’s a reason that multiple fish varieties are present in the dragon ball fishing game, so you can shoot multiple fish and earn different amounts of coins from different fishes and earn more real money.
  3. Money & time management: Dragon ball fishing is an addictive virtual fish shooting game, manage your time and money before starting to play the game. Play 15 minutes a day and spend less than 5% of your monthly salary on the Dragon Ball fishing game at W88 Malaysia.


Here’s the easy guide on how to play Dragon Ball Fishing online at W88 in 3 steps. Shoot a variety of fish with your weapon and collect the coins, and exchange these coins in return for real money, that’s how you earn more money at W88 Fishing. Join W88, claim free credit of RM30 on verification, and start shooting fish at W88. You can also try the game without spending a single penny on W88 Malaysia. Try it out and we guarantee that you won’t regret the decision to become a W88 member, claim 100% up to RM600 on the first deposit.

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