Is Online Baccarat Rigged and Fake – Know truth to play safe

Is Online Baccarat Rigged? Is Baccarat Live Dealers Cheating You? No, Online Baccarat is Real, but the House Always Wins. Know Secrets & Identify Fake Baccarat.

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In Malaysia, the legality of gambling is not very clearly however, the government allows its people to indulge in playing casino games like baccarat and the lottery. But instead of going to real gamble houses people find it easier to play online gambling at sites like W88. However, many times the people who are interesting in playing online gambling in baccarat are not really sure about joining online betting sites because of questions like is online baccarat rigged, are online casinos fake, etc., and so they miss out on fun online baccarat games. If you are such a person then let us help you decide whether online baccarat games are rigged or not.


Are Online Baccarat Games Rigged?

The answer to this question in simple terms is no, however, not every online baccarat game is real as this highly depends on the online betting site you choose as well as online baccarat game room you pick to play the game. That being said, most online baccarat games that are provided to you by top game room providers and reputed online betting sites are not rigged but may feel so because of the following things:

  • Online casino games such as baccarat were created as a form of entertainment to test one’s luck by gambling and thus luck plays an important role in playing baccarat online.
  • Somedays the player may just not feel lucky enough and notice most of the times the opposite side winning more. This does not mean that the baccarat game is rigged but it means that you should stop the game for the day.
  • That being said, people have also claimed to have to win initial betting rounds in baccarat and lose the remaining, which is indeed frustrating but taking a step back it often happens that players when they win continuously end up placing bets recklessly.
  • Besides our brain is designed to focus more on the negative aspects of things and so there are cases where even if the players have won and lose equal amount of times, the player will notice their loss more than their wins.

Thus, in the end, it often happens that when learning how to play baccarat, the game is not rigged but instead it is the players who make small mistakes here and there which lets them focus on their losses. Besides many people who claim that their online casinos have rigged them off their money do so in frustration of loss and reckless gambling. That being said, this does not means that online baccarat sites do not commit fraudulent activities against their customers. There are some online casinos that you definitely should avoid placing bets, so as you scroll down you will get an idea of which sites you should avoid and which ones you should go for!

Live Dealer Baccarat vs Virtual Dealer Baccarat

Before we get into how you can pick the correct online betting site for you, let us help you identify the difference between live dealer baccarat vs virtual dealer baccarat. Online casinos like W88, offers its customers with two kinds of baccarat game room, however they also come with variations. Besides this, one game room is better than the other as the live dealer baccarat game room comes with a live dealer and tends to have more fraudulent activities recorded if playing in the wrong betting sites.


That being said, there are virtual baccarat game rooms that you can use to play online baccarat games as they give you authentic casino experience without the help of live dealers. In stead, virtual baccarat game rooms use systems like the RNG system where cards are randomly dealt with the help of a computer. This also makes placing bets on RNG system based virtual baccarat game rooms relatively easy as via observations and eventually you can predict which card will be pulled out next. Thus, using RNG based virtual game rooms for baccarat is one of the best baccarat strategies to avoid being scammed.

5 Tips to Identify if Your Baccarat Game Room is Rigged

Now that you know that online baccarat is safe to play in Malaysia, it is important to understand how you can play the game by selecting the proper online betting site for you. So, in this section we will introduce you to how you can play baccarat games online by avoiding certain things that can indicate that the online betting site or game room you are using is fake.

1. No Live Dealer Video Available

  • When you choose an online betting site and pick a game room to play baccarat online, it is important to make sure that your online game room provider gives you a live video where you can see the live dealer dealing cards well.
  • Not only this but the baccarat game room you select should also provide you with multi-cam option where you can see the dealer dealing or distributing cards from all angles.
  • Moreover the site you select should give you game rooms which are easy to load as you need to monitor the baccarat dealer live, so if there is a lag then you should consider not playing.


2. No Clear View of the Baccarat Table

  • Secondly, the baccarat table where the live dealer deals the card should be clearly visible. This is because there have been many cases where the tables in online casinos contain hidden slots where winning cards are kept.
  • This is important because getting a closer view of the table would help you in many ways with not only noticing illegal activities but also to notice the way the cards are dealt and placed on the table.
  • Yes, all the small things in these tables matter because most of the online cases where people claim that their online casinos have cheated them always show evidence where the dealers are skilled in slight-of-hand movements.
  • Getting a closer view of the table would help you identify such dealers and so, you can leave the game room immediately.

3. Cards are not shuffled live on camera

  • When you play at online betting sites, you will notice the live dealer shuffling the cards after they are almost over or a helper assisting them with card shuffling as they carry on with the gameplay.
  • This is sometimes considered as a distraction however, watching the cards betting shuffled on camera is indeed a necessary distraction. The reason behind this may seem very obvious, however, we will elaborate in short why it is necessary.
  • If the cards are not shuffled on camera and are randomly added on the table, then the entire gameplay may seem fishy this is because you cannot see what happens behind the camera and there is a good chance the the  cards are shuffled in a way where the house wins most of the times.
  • So, to be on the safer side, always pick an online betting room which shows the cards being shuffled on camera.


4. Universal Baccarat rules are not followed

  • In baccarat there are some universal baccarat rules like the third card rules or the rules for when the cards sum up to a number more than 9.
  • These rules are something that you should look into thoroughly and understand whenever you join an online game room to play baccarat online.
  • So, you should go to the rules section and read them once to see if they are in synch with the online baccarat rules that are universal. Some online casinos make things fun by bending the rules, but if you notice that the online betting site has completely altered the rules then you should not play at the game room.
  • This applies to the payout you receive at online casinos as well, if you think that the payout given to you upon winning the bet is different that the ones usually given, then it is a sign of a fake or rigged online baccarat game.

5. Live Dealer is not skilled or professional

Although this is something that is overlooked, it can be a sign that the online casino is not an authentic one.

  • Online casinos and their game room are in the business of online gambling which means that this is a profession that must be handled by professionals.
  • Thus, every live dealer you see has undergone training to be good at dealing cards and keeping the game entertaining.
  • However, if you notice a live dealer who is peculiar in the way of dealing the cards then you must consider the game room to be not an authentic one and although this can be overlooked, you must avoid such game rooms.
  • Professional live dealers are tied by contract and if they are caught in fraudulent activities it could damage their careers more compared to that of an unprofessional live dealer. So, as a baccarat game trick, it is always good to observe the live dealer before placing bets online.


How Do You Play Baccarat Online Safely?

Now that you have learnt all the things you will need to stay away from rigged or fake baccarat game rooms, let us take a closer look at the 5 things that will help you pick a good online betting site to play baccarat without facing any rigged games.

  1. Pick a legal online betting site: Firstly, it is important that you pick a site with a legal license and one that offers its services to its customers legally. In Malaysia, although casino games are allowed to be played it is always better to go for those online betting site with a foreign license from a legal foreign company.
  2. Select game rooms from prominent providers: Selecting a proper game room is as important as selecting a good online betting site to play baccarat online, and so it is important that you pick a legal game room that offers you with a low minimum betting rate and also a good bonus deal on their products.
  3. Read real person reviews of the online casino site: The best way to understand whether an online betting site is rigged or not is by learning from other people’s mistakes, so before you start playing anyway, it is best if you read reviews or what other people have to say about the betting site and game room providers.
  4. Always use strong internet for live dealer video: Live dealer video must be switched on at all times during the time you play the games and so, it is extremely important to have a strong internet connection for the video to run smoothly. This will prevent you from missing any of the unwanted card moves they make.
  5. Find and learn about top online baccarat players: Lastly, it is important that you go ahead and read and learn what the professional baccarat players in the world have to say about the online betting site and game rooms. In fact, you must go ahead and select sites and game rooms that they recommend to avoid illegality.


Top 3 Game Room Providers for Playing Real Baccarat Online

We are almost at the end of the article and we hope that we have convinced you that it is absolutely safe to play at online betting sites as long as they hold a legal license and operate with reputation. However, as mentioned above, picking the correct game room is equally important and so, here are the top 3 game room providers you should know whose products are completely safe to use.

  1. Club Ezugi: Club Ezugi is one of the top game room providers in the betting world online, and so, it is important that you go ahead and play the baccarat games offered by this game room provider. Besides this, at sites like W88, you can get a W88 promotion on this club which goes up to RM600!
  2. Club W Casino: Club W Grand is another game room that you will love when it comes to playing baccarat games as it offers you with multiple view dealer video to play baccarat with. Club W Casino is brought to you by W88 and also offers its customers with a bonus up to RM600.
  3. Club Evolution: Club Evolution is one of the leading game room providers in the betting world online that offers you with many baccarat game rooms to choose from along with its variations. Here you can find skilled and friendly live dealers that will keep you entertained in the safest way possible.


We hope with this we have answered your question on whether is online baccarat rigged or not. Remember to follow the points when selecting a baccarat game room and you will be safe from any fraudulent activities committed by the online betting site or game room. It is also advisable that you do thorough research before you decide to play online baccarat because responsibility comes from both ends. With this we wish you happy, safe, and responsible gaming and bid adieu.

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