Asian handicap 0.5 1.0 explained with easy W88 bet examples!

Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 Explained, it is extra goals provided to even out the results of the match between favorite and underdog teams to alter the real results.

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Playing football betting is a trend that is increasing year by year and so, this year you definitely must hop on the trend as there are many amazing sites like W88 which you can use to play football betting online. However, learning how to play football betting online can be a little bit difficult if you do not know the which betting option is what under football sports betting. So, in this article we will be talking about one of the most famous betting option you can find under the football section and that is the Asian handicap betting option and so, by the end of this article, you will have the Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 explained in a simple way for beginners.

The basics of Handicap Betting in Football

Before we jump into what the Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 explanation is, let us talk about what handicap football betting exactly is and how it affects the real time game and the bets placed on the teams by the end of the match. Football Handicap bets rely on the end result of the match as it heavily depends on the numbers of goals each team scores. However, to make things more simple, there are half-time handicap betting options too which you can use as a football betting strategy to place bets to win. So, what exactly is the function of this betting option in football?


  • Well, to answer that question let us first imagine a match played between a team who has won the world cup already and between a team who has recently got selected to participate in a major tournament.
  • In the above example, it is clearly obvious that the former team is more experienced than the latter and so playing Football Betting Online on this match would be easier as the outcome seems obvious.
  • Thus, to make things interesting, the handicap betting option was introduced where the stronger team gets a handicap disadvantage while the underdog team gets an advantage.
  • This disadvantage and advantage is given in terms of goals, for instance, the underdog team gets a head-start with an extra goal, while the stronger team is handicapped by not counting the first few goals depending on how weak and strong the team stats are.

Why does the Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 exist?

Another thing worth noting is that the Asian Handicap bets are given to the teams based on how good they are at playing, so if the underdog team has never won any football title trophies, then they will get more goal advantages that the underdog team that has won a few titles. So, if they get a 1 goal head-start, then the stronger team will get a disadvantage of 1 goal. This is indicated with + and – signs, where +1 is the advantage of one goal and -1 is the disadvantage of one goal. However, there are -0.5 and +0.5 handicap bets too, so what does this mean?


In simple words, 0.5 Handicap Betting in Football option means that there is an advantage and disadvantage of half a goal. Now what does half goal mean? Well, the handicap goal advantage and disadvantage is only applicable to sports betting and not the real match.

Thus, if the strong team scores 1 goal and the underdog team scores 0, but the underdog team has an advantage of 0.5 goal and the stronger team has a disadvantage of 0.5 goal, then the bets placed on the underdog team would win as the stronger team would require to score more than 1 goal, since half a goal cannot be scores.

To understand what is stated above in a simple way let us look at the 1.0 handicap betting option for the Sunderland and Fulham match in the image above:

Sunderland +1: Scored 0 goals = 0+1 = 1 

Fulham -1: Scored 1 goal = 1-1 = 0

Thus, the bets placed on the Sunderland team will win although the football team lost the real match! But if Fulham scored 1 goal then the stakes will be refunded, if it scores more than 2 goals, then you will win the bets placed on Fulham. Similarly, if Sunderland manages to score a goal or tie with Fulham, you will win the bet, but if they do not score, your stakes will be refunded.

That being said, you will also notice a 0.5/1 handicap betting option available, thus the 0.5/1 handicap means that the advantage and disadvantage goal is equal to +0.75 and -0.75, respectively. This is because 0.5/1 is derived from the average of the numbers in the betting option 0.5/1.0 using the formula:

(0.5 + 1)/2 = 0.75

To understand what is the outcome of this handicap betting option, let us look at the example of such a match with the 0.75 handicap betting option more closely.

Learn about Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 bets using 3 simple steps

Before we get to the example it is first important to join a good betting site that offers a good sportsbook to play the Asian handicap betting after you have read this Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 explained article. Here, we have selected W88 because it is the best online betting site for beginners to play to learn as the minimum betting rate is only RM5.

Step 1: Join a Betting Site and pick a Sportsbook

  • Although we have picked W88, you can choose your own betting site and click on ‘Join‘ to create an account in their register by filling out the registration form.
  • At the W88 Register, you have to enter a unique username and password as it will complete half the process of getting RM30 free credit on account verification. To complete the W88 sign up process, you should click on ‘Login‘.


  • Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the online betting site’s homepage, where you will find all its products available on the ribbon bar. Here, you must click on ‘Sports‘ to access the site’s sportsbooks.
  • At W88, we recommend going for the ‘eSPORTS (European)‘ sportsbook as it will give you can claim a new member bonus of up to RM30 for this sportsbook under the W88 Promotion section.

Step 2: Find a Football match with the Desired Handicap bet

  • Then you must click on the ‘Soccer‘ to filter the sportsbook matches, which will filter out all the sports matches for soccer leagues in the sportsbook.


  • You can also go ahead and filter out the betting options by selecting the ‘Handicap‘ bet from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, you can find a match that give you the 0.5/1.0 handicap (0.75) betting option. Here we have selected the Sepsi vs AFC Chindia Targoviste match under the Romania Liga.

Note: As stated above, the Asian Handicap 0.5/1.0 translates to the 0.75 betting option, and so in the sportsbooks you will almost always this handicap betting option written as 0.75 betting options instead of the 0.5/1.0.

Step 3: Click on higher odds and fill out the bet slip to place bets

  • Among all the available betting options, you must scroll down to find the betting option for the Asian Handicap Bet. As you can see, W88 Sportsbook provides you with many types of Handicap betting options, so here we have selected the Full Time Asian Handicap Bet or FT Asian Handicap.
  • To place bets, you have to click on any one of the betting options. We suggest clicking on the betting option with higher odds as that will give you higher payouts.


  • To place bets, you have to click on any one of the betting options. We suggest clicking on the betting option with higher odds as that will give you higher payouts.
  • Here, we have clicked on the AFC Chindia Targoviste handicap betting option of +0.75 with the odds of 2.05.
  • Then we must enter the betting stake RM5, and see the payout we will receive if the bet wins which is RM10.25 in this case. To lock the bets click on ‘Place Bets‘ and then sit back and enjoy the match.

The Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 Explained with 2 examples

Let us now take a closer look at the example given there by analyzing 2 case scenarios where you place bets on the team with the handicap disadvantage and also where you place bets on the team with the handicap advantage. You can also use some Asian Handicap Football Tips to boost your winnings. Thus, the table below will clearly explain the difference and what the 0.75 difference would mean depending on the outcome of the match.

#1 BG Pathum United: Handicap Disadvantage#2 Lamphum Warrior FC: Handicap Advantage
Handicap Disadvantage: -0.5/1 = -0.75Handicap Advantage: +0.5/1 = +0.75
Betting Odds: 1.84Betting Odds: 2.00
Betting Stake: RM5Betting Stake: RM5
Payout if won: RM9.20Payout if won: RM10.00

Betting odds in sports are given to help the bettors determine which team has a better chance of winning and so, betting on the higher odds is always better. In the handicap betting option, thanks to the advantage they get, the underdog team will mostly have higher odds and thus, is considered to be a safer betting option. To know more about How Football Betting Odds Work, check out our detailed article on it.

5 points to remember for betting on teams with 0.5/1 handicap

Before we conclude the Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 explained article, let us take a closer look at the most important points to remember when it comes to this handicap betting option:

  1. Handicap betting option is created to even out the bets placed on a football match where one team is stronger than the other.
  2. The handicap betting advantages and disadvantages are given based on the statistics of the teams where the weaker team gets + goals head-start and the stronger teams get a – goals handicap.
  3. The 0.5 and 1.0 handicap betting option together forms the 0.75 handicap betting option where the stronger team gets a disadvantage of -0.75 goals and the weaker team gets an advantage of +0.75 goals.
  4. In order to win the bets placed on the stronger team, they have to score at least 2 or more than 2 goals if they have a -0.75 handicap.
  5. In order to win the bets placed on the weaker team, they have to win or tie the match counting the advantage of 1 goal. If they lose the match with a 1 goal difference, then you will get half your betting stake back.


So, this was the Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 Explained in a simple way to help you as a beginner understand how to place bets on this betting option. The handicap betting option in football may seem complicated, however, it is one of the most found betting option in football which you definitely should learn playing as a beginner to eventually become a pro. Using sites like W88, you can get a W88 promotion up to RM600 to help you learn this form of handicap betting and eventually win wholesome payouts!

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