W88 Football Betting Online Malaysia 2024: Play for RM5 only

Detailed Football Betting Online Malaysia 2024 review by W88you. Join W88 & claim 100% upto RM1,088 sports bonus to play Malaysia football betting for RM5 only!

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Introduction to Football betting online

Football has always been a sport that is enjoyed by many and thus, the entertainment you get from this sport is never ending as there is almost every country in the world that indulges in this sport. As a result, there is a lot of sports matches that you can find from different kinds of leagues. But to enhance these thrills, people use online betting sites like W88 to play football betting online Malaysia. If you want to hop on the bandwagon and try football betting online in Malaysia then read on!

football betting online malaysia review 2023 by w88you experts

In this article, we will look at how you can play Sports betting online on soccer matches in one of the top online betting sites on the internet which is W88. W88 is one of the top-notch sites that provides soccer betting matches on some of the top sportsbooks in the betting world. Here, you also get extravagant bonuses and W88 Promotion on sportsbooks which goes up to RM1,088. So, using the W88 website is something that you definitely should do as you can claim these extravagant bonuses on your first deposit as a new member.

Is Football betting online legal in Malaysia?

Before we look more about football betting online in Malaysia and the simple tutorial by W88you experts, let us discuss whether or not football betting online is legal in Malaysia. This is an important question whose answer you should know about as a Malaysian player to ensure that you play betting on soccer matches online in a legal and safe setting.

w88 football betting online malaysia review 2023 by w88you

It is important to note that in Malaysia, there are gambling laws that are active which you can learn more about in this Is Online Gambling Legal in Malaysia article. Thus, when you pick a betting site for football betting online Malaysia games, you must select a site that comes with a legal betting license and authorization from a foreign country. This lets you gamble online legally in the sense that Malaysian laws do not apply to betting sites originating and operating from a foreign country. In the end, football betting online in Malaysia can be legal only if you discreetly use an online betting site with a foreign license.

Why choose W88 as your football betting online Malaysia sportsbook?

With that is said above, the W88 betting site is the best football betting online Malaysia site you can access in the country for playing the sport of gambling online. This is because the online betting site W88 comes with a foreign license and authorization, but there are other things that enhance user experience overall as well. So here, let us look at why you should choose the W88 website as your betting betting online Malaysia sportsbook.

w88 football betting online malaysia review 2023

  1. Legal and Safe: Firstly, the online betting site W88 is legal and safe to use as you can see in the license image above. This license is provided to the betting site by the BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certificate providers.
  2. More than one sportsbook: The W88 website offers you more than one W88 Sportsbook that you can choose from to play Malaysia football betting online. These sportsbooks are provided by top and well-known providers on the internet making this site even more credible.
  3. Contains live-streaming options: The best part about the W88 Sportsbook is that it comes with live-streaming options for in-play betting to help make accurate bets and win wholesome payouts on football matches online.
  4. Offers detailed statistic charts: For those who prefer playing early betting on early matches, then you can use the statistic charts that are offered in the W88 sportsbooks with years of previous match data accumulated to give you better odds and help you make accurate decisions when betting.
  5. No lags in betting: Another noted feature is that the betting site and also the W88 app for playing football gambling online are lag-free. This means that all you must have is a strong internet connection as the W88 website is extremely simple to use without any lags to wager on updating odds smoothly.

3 Must-know betting options for Football Betting online in Malaysia

Before we get to the football betting online Malaysia tutorial, let us look into the 3 main betting options that you will usually find in the sportsbook for soccer gambling online. Knowing the meaning of these three W88 Play sports betting options would give you a better understanding of how to play football betting online with ease.

w88 football betting online malaysia review 2023 by w88you experts

  1. 1X2: The 1X2 or Moneyline betting options are the most common ones found in sportsbooks for football betting. This basically means that you must predict the outcome of the match where you can wager on 1 for the home team to win, X for a tie between the teams, and 2 for the away team to win.
  2. Handicap: The handicap betting option takes the 1X2 outcomes to another level as it gives the underdog team headstart goals and the stronger team handicap goals based on the strength difference between the teams to alter the real match results at the end of the day.
  3. Over/Under: The Over and Under betting option is the third main betting option when it comes to football betting online Malaysia. This betting option requires you to wager on the total score of both teams to be over or more than a given margin, or under or less than the given margin.

Play W88 Malaysia football betting online in 3 simple steps

In this section, we will be looking at a simple football betting online Malaysia tutorial designed by the W88you experts to help beginners wager on their favorite soccer matches with ease. Using only these three steps you can play Malaysia football betting online anywhere anytime!

Step 1: Log into W88 and pick a sportsbook

  • The first thing that you should do is log into your W88 account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button on the top right corner.
  • If you do not own a W88 account, then click on ‘Join‘ to register an account in W88 Register within 2 minutes.

w88 football betting online malaysia review 2023 and tutorial step 1

  • Once done with logging into the W88 Register, you can go ahead and click on the ‘Sports‘ option from the menubar above and from there click on your preferred sportsbook.
  • Here, we will go ahead with the BTi sportsbook whose betting rates start from RM05 only with both the Asian and European betting windows.

Step 2: Filter the W88 sportsbook to pick a soccer match

  • In the next step, you will find yourself on a page with all the matches and betting options from different sports domains.
  • So, you must filter the sportsbook by clicking on the ‘Sports‘ option to get all football matches on one page in the sportsbook page.

w88 football betting online malaysia review 2023 and tutorial step 2

  • As you can see, you can also filter the W88 sportsbook by selecting a match from different countries and leagues, and this would immediately give the desired results on one page.
  • Once done, click on the match of your choice and move on to the next step. Here, we will select the Wolverhampton vs. Liverpool match in the England Premier League.

Step 3: Place your bets online and wait for the results

  • In the final step, you must select a betting option of your choice and click on your preferred sub-betting option. Read these 15 Football Betting Tips and Tricks to make accurate decisions here.
  • This will open a betting slip on the right side of your screen where you must enter your betting stake.

w88 football betting online malaysia review 2023 and tutorial step 3

  • Based on the betting stake and odds for the selected sub-option, you will be able to see the potential payout you will receive if your bet wins the match.
  • So, if you are satisfied with the payout returns, you can click on the ‘Place Bets‘ button and watch the live game in anticipation of the match results. Below, we have mentioned the three outcomes of this betting option, and how the payout is given based on the odds.

How are the payouts given for Football Betting online in Malaysia?

Since we are on the final section of this article, let us now look into what happens at the end of the match when the results are revealed. This means that here, we will be looking at the outcomes of the above match as well as how the football betting online Malaysia players get their payout if the bet wins. The three outcomes and other information on How Football Betting Odds Work is mentioned in the table below.

Bet on Wolves (1) @ 7.10Bet on Draw (X) @ 4.96Bet on Liverpool (2) @ 1.41
w88 football betting online malaysia review 2023 and tutorial outcome 1w88 football betting online malaysia review 2023 and tutorial outcome 2w88 football betting online malaysia review 2023 and tutorial outcome 3
Condition: Wolves must win the match for this betting option to winCondition: The match must end in a draw/tie for this betting option to winCondition: Liverpool must win the match for this betting option to win
Betting odds: 7.10Betting odds: 4.96Betting odds: 1.41
Betting stake: RM5Betting stake: RM5Betting stake: RM5
If the bet wins: RM35.50 is receivedIf the bet wins: RM24.80 is receivedIf the bet wins: RM7.05 is received
If the bet loses: Betting stake is lostIf the bet loses: Betting stake is lostIf the bet loses: Betting stake is lost

As you can see, the outcomes of what happens when each sub-option, wins, loses or ties is mentioned above, and thus, the payout is given according to the betting odds multiplied by the betting stake. However, as you can also see, the higher odds get more payouts and the lower odds get less payout returns. This is because the risk of higher odds is high and since you are risking more if the bet wins, you get paid more. But lower odds have sure wins making it a good option to go with when playing Malaysia football betting online.


This was the Football Betting Online Malaysia review 2024 by W88you experts. Using this betting guide and explanation, you can go ahead and create an account in the W88 Register today to play some fun online betting on soccer matches for exciting payouts. Join W88 and claim 100% up to RM1,088 welcome bonus on first deposit for W88 sportsbook products to boost your wallet today!

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