Explained Baccarat vs Blackjack Odds: 5 secrets revealed out

Baccarat vs Blackjack Odds! Find out best game of cards with our 5 facts. Prefer baccarat with a low house edge of 1.06% & double your profits at W88 Malaysia!

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Overview of Baccarat vs Blackjack online games

Baccarat vs Blackjack is a conflict that has raged on for decades, with passionate fans on both sides. When comparing the 2 popular casino games, various elements must be taken into account, including the house edge, fundamental strategy, and popularity.


  • Aim of Baccarat – To bet on which side(Player|Banker) will have a value closer to 9.
  • Aim of blackjack – Bet until your hand value is greater than the dealer without crossing a total of 21.

Each game you play at W88 Malaysia has its unique set of winning odds. Before you play online, you should learn about the Blackjack vs Baccarat house advantage so you can figure out which casino game has the best odds of winning.

Baccarat vs Blackjack Odds explained

Let’s quickly look at the Baccarat vs Blackjack Odds before we move to the 5 fantastic features of the finest casino game. Find more useful information about casino games in the tips and tricks category now.

Baccarat – When playing real money baccarat, you can wager on the banker, the player, or the tie.


  • The banker’s hand has a 1.06% house edge. Make the banker bet if you want to get the most out of your game. While playing, this stake boosts the odds in your favor since you have a higher chance of beating the dealer.
  • The player’s hand has a house edge of 1.24%.
  • The house edge on the tie bet is substantially bigger, at 14.36%. The house normally has the advantage in this bet, but if you can achieve a tie victory, the reward would be enormous.

Blackjack – When a correct strategy is used in a blackjack game, the house edge is roughly 0.5%. The house edge can rise to 2% if you don’t apply a solid blackjack fundamental strategy.


  • For natural blackjack, you’ll get a 3:2 payoff on various tables. Read how to play blackjack for beginners online.
  • You’ll only get a 6:5 payment on others (increases house edge by 1.39%).
  • Other tables can include 4, 6, or 8 decks, with the latter increasing the house edge by 0.59% over a 1-deck game.

5 Factors – Why baccarat is better than blackjack?

To begin with, baccarat is simpler to master than blackjack. This is one of 5 grounds why we believe baccarat is a superior gaming choice to blackjack. Continue reading to see why baccarat can be worth your attention!

#1. Quick to grasp

Gamblers have their own motivations for playing, but many just want to get away from their daily routines. They don’t want to think about anything in particular.

  • Slot is the ideal game that requires not many skills & is super easy to play.
  • Baccarat is just as simple to play like slot machines, and some would argue that it is even simpler.
  • Learn how to play baccarat at W88, because once you’ve started playing, all you have to do is place a wager on each hand and wait for the results.


#2. Low house edge

Baccarat online has one of the lowest house margins of any casino game. Making the right wager can lower the house advantage to only 1.06%. Here are the 3 baccarat bets available, along with their house advantages:

  1. Banker – The house has a 1.06% advantage in banker hand winnings.
  2. Player – 1.24% of the time, a player’s hand will win.
  3. Tie – 4.84% payment on a tie bet with a 9:1 payout ratio.

Note – Tie bet with a payoff of 8:1 is 14.36%.

#3. Easy tactics

To understand baccarat strategy, you don’t have to be a genius. It’s as simple as betting on the banker’s hand to win every time.

  • It is the ideal game if you want fantastic odds without having to learn the complicated technique.
  • To increase your chances of winning, you just need to know which bet is the greatest.
  • Implement baccarat betting tips & level up your gambling adventure.

#4. Bet on either(Player|Tie|Banker)

Baccarat with a live dealer appears to be difficult at first. There are several restrictions in the scoring system that determines winning hands. The good news is that you don’t need any prior knowledge of hand scoring to play.
All you have to do is pick one of the 3 wagers provided.

  1. Banker
  2. Tie
  3. Player

From here on out, the dealer is in charge of dealing cards, assessing winning scores, paying winning bets, and removing chips from losing bets.


#5. Tie pays high

No doubt Tie bet pays the highest if lady luck is on your side. Payout is 9:1 or 8:1 depending on the table you choose.

  • The banker bet is another profitable that casinos must deduct a 5% fee from winnings to keep their edge. Even yet, the house edge on this bet is only 1.0%.
  • A player bet is also a good option. Although it is somewhat less beneficial than the banker bet, it still has one of the smallest house edges in the casino, with a house edge of 1.24%.


After reading this article on Baccarat vs Blackjack Odds, you have every right to hold a different viewpoint. According to us baccarat’s simplicity, fundamental technique, and high odds will appeal to you. So if you haven’t already tried any, we strongly advise you to play starting with baccarat at W88 Malaysia to discover which is the best. Enjoy gaming!

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