9 Prime Handicap Football Betting Tips to win RM2,000 daily!

Hunting for the best Handicap Football Betting Tips? Try these 9 unbeatable hacks & earn RM 2,000 on your fav club. Bet with the best to win big at W88 Malaysia!

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Introducing handicap football betting

Handicap is a well-known football betting market that turns out to pay high when wagered with the right Asian Handicap Betting Tips. The purpose of handicap betting is to give one of the teams in a match a virtual head start.

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Because handicap betting attempts to provide both sides an equal chance to win, bookies like W88 Malaysia give an underdog that edge. To achieve the legal result for a handicap bet, that virtual head start is added to the outcome of the match.

Top 9 handicap football betting tips

Well, we’ve researched a few strategies that can help you make football betting more rewarding. Let’s take a look at the top 9 Handicap Football Betting Tips so you can put them to use in your gameplay at W88 Malaysia.

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#1. Support teams with high streaks

A little knowledge about the team’s history will definitely help you win big in the long run.

  • You should seek teams that are in good shape. Take advantage of their hot streaks while you can, since they’re likely to continue.

#2. Do your study

In sports betting, there’s no replacement for completing your mission, and this holds true for handicap betting as well. The more prepared you are, the more intelligent your choices will be and the more probable you will win.

  • Several W88 tips and tricks offer betting advice, with some of them focusing exclusively on sports.
  • They will provide you with a wealth of facts and form tables that you may use to find Handicap Betting Tips.

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#3. Examine scoring records

If the team you wish to back is extremely efficient, you’ll be well on your way to winning your handicap wager. If you are familiar with handicap betting, then you must be aware of the various handicap markets.

  • It’s always good to study a team’s previous match goals to ensure you anticipate the right bet.
  • Of course, this does not ensure that you will receive a reward, but it greatly increases your chances.

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#4. Compare the odds

Don’t be afraid to search around for the best odds, since there are numerous differences in the offer.

  • W88 Malaysia itself offers various sportsbook: Asian, European & Virtual.
  • The difference between winning and losing is razor-thin, so always seek the best odds available in the market & get benefited.

#5. Enormous favorites at -1.5

Because of handicap betting, games with huge favorites are substantially more appealing to punters.

  • Instead of raising your investment in order to make a respectable profit, you may increase your winning margin and take advantage of higher odds.
  • As a result, betting on strong favorites at -1.5 is a winning approach.

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#6. Modest home underdogs at +1.5

Underdogs, on the other hand, should not be overlooked. It’s worth betting on a little underdog playing at home at +1.5. If you haven’t placed hdp wager before then read this article how does handicap work in football betting to master the basics.

  • Although the odds aren’t very favorable, these clubs seldom lose by 2 or more goals at home.
  • Study the odds along with the team’s strength & bet appropriately.

#7. Play safely with a smart plan

When handicap betting, your primary goal should be to make a long-term profit. Don’t immediately place a large wager on an outrageous ‘-5 Goals’ market. Instead, aim for little triumphs regularly to build up your account.

  • We recommend implementing football Handicap Betting Tips to assist reinforce this mindset.
  • Determine how much you’ll spend on handicap betting each day, week, or month in advance.
  • Select a maximum number of handicaps you’ll place, and calculate your average stake appropriately.

#8. Monitor various markets

Handicaps aren’t just for pre-match markets; they’re also available in-play. Live betting, like other bet kinds, opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

  • If you’re interested in live handicap betting, we recommend watching the game live if at all feasible.
  • This can assist you in determining not just the best moment to place your wager, but also the best time to pay out an existing stake.

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#9. Spice it up

As previously stated, there are various forms of handicap betting. We strongly advise you to try each one out as you get started to see which one is best for you.

  • Don’t be scared to keep changing things after you’re up & going.
  • All handicap betting markets are appropriate for different scenarios, and if you’re really sure about a matchup, you may focus on the best handicap market instead.


With these 9 Handicap Football Betting Tips, you should now be ready to put your first hdp wager. So go to W88 Malaysia and start betting on the handicap market, remember the tactics and put them to use to optimize your prospective profits. Choose the game that best matches your needs and make the most of this interesting betting option!

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