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What is handicap betting in football?

Handicap betting, often known as “point betting” or “line betting,” is a type of wager designed to level the playing field between 2 teams that are not evenly matched.

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The bookies like W88 Malaysia provide the weaker team a virtual benefit and the stronger team a virtual drawback. If you bet on the weaker side to win, you will have an advantage against the stronger club, and your odds will be equal.

How does handicap work in football betting?

We’ll use an English Premier League soccer match as an example to better illustrate handicap betting. Assume Everton is facing Crystal Palace, and the match’s 1X2 odds are as follows:

  • Everton – 1.87
  • Draw – 3.51
  • Crystal Palace – 4.28

This shows that Everton is the favorite and is sure to win the match. If the bookmaker announced a 1 handicap, the outcomes would be as follows.

Everton (-1) and Crystal Palace (+1)

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It’s simple to compute a bet like this: After the game ends, deduct the handicap value from the number of goals scored by Everton(-1). If the score remains in Everton’s favour after that, your wager has won. Otherwise, you will forfeit your wager.

Case 1: Assume Everton defeats Crystal Palace 3-1.(Handicap -1 on Everton)

3 – 1 = 2, After accounting for the handicap, the total score is 2-1. Your wager was successful.

Case 2: And if Everton defeated Crystal Palace 1-0. (Handicap -1.5 on Everton)

1 – 1.5 = -0.5, After accounting for the handicap, the final score is -0.5-0. Your wager has been lost.

Bets on Crystal Palace to win with a +1.5 handicap will be calculated in the same way. In this situation, the handicap should be added to the overall number of goals scored by the Crystal Palace, rather than subtracted. If the outcome is in their favor, you have won.

3 Unique handicap bets in football available at W88 Malaysia

FT Asian handicap – Here the handicaps are applied when the match ends on the final score of both the teams. Below are the various FT handicap options available at W88 along with handicap value.

#1. Handicap 1

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  • Case 1: Everton -1
    To win this bet, Everton needs to win by 2 or more goals.
  • Case 2: Crystal palace +1
    To win this bet, the match must result in a draw or Crystal palace victory.

#2. Handicap 0.5-1

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  • Case 1: Everton -0.5-1
    To win this bet, Everton needs to win by 1 or more goals.
  • Case 2: Crystal Palace 0.5-1
    To win this bet, Crystal palace must win by 1 goal or the match must end in a draw.

#3. Handicap 0.5

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  • Case 1: Everton -0.5
    To win this bet, Everton needs to win by 2 or more goals.
  • Case 2: Crystal Palace +0.5
    To win this bet, Crystal palace must score 1 goal or the match must end in a draw.

3 steps – How to bet on W88 handicap betting in football

If you wanna implement this handicap betting in football, then you must know how to get started with betting at W88 Malaysia. Then continue reading to learn how to play the W88 Football Handicap Betting in just 3 steps.

Step 1: Visit W88 Malaysia and sign in to your account

  • To participate in W88 Football Handicap Betting and, as a result, place a wager, go to W88 Malaysia official site and log in to your account.
  • If you haven’t already done so, do W88 Register and set up a fresh account.

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  • Then you need to click on the Sports tab to find all the W88 sportsbook.
  • Click on esports(European) since it has the best odds with various handicap betting markets to bet on.

Step 2: Choose Soccer & EPL team to start betting

  • On the new page, you will be displayed with huge collection of sports games.

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  • Pick Soccer & select EPL under it.
  • Then select the most thrilling match Everton vs Crystal Palace to wager on.

Step 3: Place bets on handicap bet & win prizes

  • Now that you’ve entered Everton vs Crystal Palace betting area, you may start placing your bets right now.

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  • Click on the odds of your chosen side in your favorite handicap betting game.
  • Adjust the stake amount on the left-hand side once you’ve decided on your team.

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Handicap betting in football is a popular bet to gamble on all over the world. Football handicap betting is particularly popular in Asian markets, which is why it’s frequently referred to as Asian Handicap. We believe this guide on how does handicap work in football betting helped you understand all about handicap betting in detail. All you gotta do is signup at W88 & enjoy betting!

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