8 ways how to predict numbers in roulette: Win RM2,500 daily

Wanna know which slot the ball will land in? Well, follow our 8 tips on how to predict numbers in roulette. Guess & earn RM2,000 easily only at W88 Malaysia!

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Players from all around the world are still attempting to anticipate the next roulette number. But can a newbie learn how to predict numbers in roulette? Yes, but only with the best strategies, and even then, they won’t work for all wheels or in all situations.

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W88 roulette, as we all know, is a game that takes strategic thinking to be successful. If you want to win big, you need to understand the math behind the game and how it may be utilized to predict next number in roulette.

#1. Analyze the previous records

Checking the most recent winning samples might sometimes help you improve your game.

  • There are many things to learn about in online live casinos, but sadly, only a few individuals do so. Others believe it is unnecessary.
  • Starting to use the ways to locate the proper numbers to bet on can only help you.
  • Do read our latest post, why is online roulette the best? & discover 6 superb features.

#2. Study the wheel carefully

Another important strategy to predict numbers in roulette is to study the wheel. In the case of online roulette, checking the wheel is difficult because everything is automated.

  • You may, however, accomplish it by knowing a few things about how to get started.
  • Some beginners strive to grasp the procedure before moving on to the next phase.
  • You may also use it to improve your number guessing skills.

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#3. Take intervals from time to time

Not taking breaks while playing this game is a regular error. You will gain nothing from focusing on the screen for an extended period.

  • We say this because many people lose track while performing the same thing.
  • They are unable to predict numbers in roulette. So, why are you spending your money in the first place?
  • To avoid losing your money, you must be cautious at all times & take breaks in between.

#4. Follow your gut feelings at times

That is true for many individuals throughout the world. You should also trust your instincts in this game and predict the numbers as you believe.

  • This, however, does not always work. You should have some prior familiarity with it.
  • The more accurate figures you obtain, the more confident you get.
  • Newbies may learn how to play roulette at W88 in just 3 simple steps.

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#5. Using the signature of the dealer

In a game of online roulette, looking for the dealer’s signature, also known as sector slicing, is one approach to predict next number in roulette.

  • This idea proposes that the dealer’s spinning of the wheel causes them to hit the same numbers more frequently.
  • While it’s doubtful that they’ll keep striking the same number, they could keep landing in the same part of the wheel.
  • You can boost your chances of winning by determining which portion this is and betting on it.

#6. Wheel with a skew

Some online casino wheels are reported to produce the same numbers much too frequently to be regarded as totally random.

  • The cause is not immediately obvious, however, it is most likely related to the aging of older wheels.
  • Frets can become loose with time, and non-visible damage to the wheel’s pockets can occur.
  • By keeping track of where the ball lands the most, you may make more accurate forecasts for future bets.
  • Implement the Fibonacci Roulette strategy in your gameplay & win more often.

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#7. A roulette device

While this is not a strategy that can be employed during games (considered cheating), a roulette computer can precisely anticipate where the ball will fall on the wheel.

  • The speed of the ball during the last minutes of revolution, as well as the angle of the ball’s descent, are measured by this particular gadget.
  • The program will then generate a prediction of which pockets have the best chance of capturing the ball.
  • Explore the 3 common W88 roulette variations, pick the one that you are familiar with & start betting.

#8. Follow fallacy of the Gambler

This approach how to predict roulette numbers online will not work, but we’ll discuss it anyhow. When you assume that something that is about to happen has been influenced by something that has already happened, you are committing the Gambler’s Fallacy.

  • We know that getting a red result 6 times in a row on a roulette wheel is rare.
  • If the ball has fallen on red for 5 spins in a row, we may safely anticipate that it will land on black on the following spin.

That isn’t mathematically valid. However, you may choose to assume it and utilize it to guide your betting judgments. It won’t help you in the long run, but it’s just as effective as any other tactic.


There’s no better way to learn how to predict numbers in roulette than to try it yourself. Today is the day to put your roulette prediction to the test. You may play a variety of roulette games at W88 Malaysia. If you looking for ultra-fast roulette action, Speed Roulette is sure to deliver enormous thrills & even higher winnings!

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