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Introduction to W88 Malaysia roulette online

W88 roulette is a super simple & engaging live casino game. The goal is straightforward: put a wager on where you believe the ball will fall. Red or black? Inside or outside? It’s all up to you.

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Talking about the roulette game environment, the roulette tables are the first thing you’ll notice. There’s a wheel with slots for numbers 1 to 36, as well as 1 or 2 zero spots. The zero slots are green, and the number slots are either red or black. Keep scrolling to know more about W88 roulette rules, bet types & gameplay.

5 Fundamental rules of the roulette game

  1. Players place wagers on various bet types to begin the game of W88 roulette.
  2. Once the croupier/dealer says “No more bets”, the bets get locked.
  3. A ball is thrown into the spinning roulette wheel by the croupier (or dealer).
  4. The roulette ball falls on one of the wheel’s numbers.
  5. If any winners bet on the number, sector, or color, they will be paid based on their wagering odds.

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2 Must know W88 roulette bet types

Since roulette payouts are determined by 2 basic groups of bets, every player should be familiar with them. The 1st group consists of inside bets, whereas the 2nd second consists of outside bets. Before entering the table, players must first learn the roulette terms for these bets.

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The terms “inside” and “outside” relate to where the bets are put on the roulette board. Also, check out the 3 common roulette variations available at W88 Malaysia.

#1. Inside bets

Betting on the numbers is referred to as “inside”.

Sr No

Bet typeDescriptionExample
1.Straight upPlacing a bet on a single digit.



SplitPlacing a bet on two numbers that are adjacent to each other.2 and 5
3.StreetPlacing a bet on 3 consecutive numbers position in the same line.



Six linePlacing a bet on two lines that are adjacent to each other.3,4,5 and 6,7,8
5.CornerPlacing a bet on 4 different numbers that are positioned adjacent to each other.



TrioPlacing a bet such that zero is included along with the other 2 numbers.0,1,2
7.BasketPlacing a bet that includes the first 4 numbers


#2. Outside bets

Betting on other parts of the board is referred to as “outside”.

 Sr No

Bet typeDescriptionExample


Color bettingPlace a chip on either red or black.1(Red) or 2(black)


Even or OddPlace a chip on either even or odd box.4(Even) or 9(Odd)
3.ColumnsPlacing a bet on any column.


4.DozensPlacing a bet on any of 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12.

1-12 or 13-24 or 25-36

5.High or LowPlacing a bet on either 1st half or 2nd half.

1-18 or 19-36

3 Steps on how to play roulette at W88 Malaysia

If you’ve never played roulette at W88 Malaysia then quickly follow this 3-step procedure to get started.

Step 1: Visit W88 Malaysia & login

  • To begin, go to the W88 Malaysia official website and log in.
  • Newbies must open their account at W88 Register & then continue.

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  • After that, hover your mouse over the W88 live Casino tab & click Club Palazzo to be routed to the W88 Club Palazzo area.
  • W88you recommends Club Palazzo because it has roulette tables with the least bet amount and provides the best odds.

Step 2: Pick Speed roulette with a min bet amount of RM0.55

  • On the new page select Roulette from the main menu bar and click Club Palazzo to filter the tables.

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  • Now click on Roulette French to proceed.
  • You’ll be taken to Club Palazzo library, now click Roulette from the menu.
  • Do check out the 5 ideal roulette tricks article, implement & win big.

w88-how to play roulette-05

  • Pick speed auto roulette since it has the least bet amount of RM0.55.

Step 3: Place your first wager on W88 Club Palazzo Roulette

  • Now you need to pick chips & place them on the betting table at the center.
  • Go through the various bet types(inside and outside) mentioned above before deciding on your wagers.

w88-how to play roulette-06

  • Newbies prefer outside bets over inside because it is much easier & the probability is also high.
  • You get 11 seconds to decide your wager in speed auto roulette, so be quick.
  • Once the ball halts o the number, the number gets displayed & and all the winning bets are highlighted on the roulette table.
  • You may also implement some best strategies like, how to predict numbers in roulette & start winning more than often.

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You’re ready to join in the fun now that you’ve learned the basics of how to play roulette at W88 Malaysia. Grab some chips & try your luck at the roulette table with your newfound knowledge. W88’s club palazzo features the greatest dealers, a lively and exciting casino floor, and some of the best odds for Malaysians. Happy gambling!

>> Tutorial video on how to play roulette at W88

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