Fibonacci Roulette Strategy guide- Use for 90% Success rate!

Execute this negative progression system & expect positive result. Learn Fibonacci roulette strategy, a safe & easy approach to build your bankroll steadily!

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What is Fibonacci roulette strategy?

We can’t talk about the Fibonacci roulette technique without first discussing the legend himself. Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, later recognized as Fibonacci, was an Italian mathematician hailing from Pisa who is often regarded as the Middle Ages’ most gifted Western mathematician. Among the 100s of discoveries to his credit, the iconic Fibonacci sequence is the one that stands out the most.

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For those who are unfamiliar with Fibonacci, it is a numerical series of the pattern in which each number equals the sum of the 2 numbers before it.

Formula: Fn= Fn-1 + Fn-2

  • The Fibonacci sequence has been utilized as part of a betting method for roulette online and other casino games for over a century.
  • The Fibonacci technique is a pattern of negative progression. Nonetheless, this technique is seen to be more secure to employ than other alternatives.
  • The Fibonacci roulette strategy allows you to combine the value of the 2 prior wagers following a loss, rather than rapidly doubling bets as in the Martingale.

How does the Fibonacci roulette strategy work?

So, how can you utilize the Fibonacci roulette strategy when you’re playing roulette? We will present real-life instances of the Fibonacci system in action & explain how it works while playing roulette, so gamblers seeking to use this betting approach at online casinos like W88 may be safe.

Every number in the Fibonacci sequence is the sum of the previous two numbers put together. When you lose a round, raise your bet by the last 2 digits in the system; when you win, lower your stake by 2 places. The objective is to keep playing the sequence until you’ve won enough to return to the beginning.

  Sr No

  Bet amount  Result Profit
  1  RM 1  Lose


  2  RM 1  Lose



  RM 2  Lose  -4


  RM 3  Lose  -7
  5  RM 5  Win



  RM 2  Lose  1
  7  RM 3  Lose



  RM 5  Win  8
  9  RM 2  Lose


  10  RM 3  Win


Although the sequence above has 7 losses and just 3 wins, you finish up with a profit of RM12. These early consecutive losses appear to be a losing streak at first glance, but the Fibonacci technique only needs a few victories to produce a profit.

  • It’s worth mentioning that depending on how each round goes, the development might carry on for a little longer.
  • A different set of victories and losses might return you to the beginning of the run sooner or later.
  • The Fibonacci roulette method is a secure betting approach because of this reason.

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3 Advantages of Fibonacci roulette system

  1. Simple to grasp – The Fibonacci roulette method is extremely simple to understand, making it excellent for beginners and unprofessional players alike.
  2. Profit – Another advantage of the Fibonacci sequence is that even though the preceding example included 10 losses and 3 wins, it still yielded a profit.
  3. Minimum bankroll – In comparison to the popular Martingale approach, the Fibonacci approach is much less abrupt & hence less expensive. This has the advantage of requiring a lower bankroll to even out a run of bad luck.

2 Disadvantages of Fibonacci roulette system

  1. Big loss & risk – In roulette, it’s very feasible to go on a long losing run. If this happens, your losses may become uncontrollable. Also, the Fibonacci has a risk, just like any other negative progression betting strategy.
  2. Even money bets only – The Fibonacci sequence only applies to even-money bets like red/black and odd/even. The strategy will not work if you like straight-up betting that pays 35:1.

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Fibonacci Rioulette strategy implementation

To simplify things, we’ve created a step-by-step instruction that will allow even the most unskilled gamers to employ the Fibonacci roulette betting strategy.

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  1. Select a Bet Type – After grabbing a seat at the W88 roulette table, the first thing you must do is decide your wager. You must select one of the 6 even money betting options like Odd, even, red, black, 19 to 36, or 1 to 18.
  2. Place a Wager – After you’ve decided on the sort of wager you want to make, it’s time to put some chips on the table. Start by placing 2 successive RM1 bets in the traditional form of the technique, which we recommend.
  3. If You Lost – You must raise the number sequence to increase your wager. If you wager RM2 and lose, for example, you’ll have to put RM3 on the table for the next round. If you lose again, increase your stake to RM5, then RM8, and so on.
  4. If You Won – If you’re lucky enough to win on your 1st wager, stick with it until your luck runs out. If you win while playing farther down the Fibonacci sequence, simply go back 2 numbers and play again.

As you can see, understanding the Fibonacci roulette strategy is as easy as 4 stages, and if you follow our instructions, you should have no difficulty utilizing it even on your first game. And, while this betting technique is simple to master and allows little room for player mistakes, you should bear in mind that it, like all other roulette systems, is not without flaws. Learn how to predict numbers in roulette with ease.

3 Vital factors to note when implementing Fibonacci roulette strategy

The Fibonacci roulette system just provides you with a number series. There’s no magic here; simply a straightforward formula that tells you how much to wager.

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Because the odds of roulette stay the same, it does not affect your chances of winning. The following are the most important considerations while utilizing Fibonacci strategy in roulette.

#1. House edge – Even if you are a novice, you have most likely heard the phrase “the house usually wins.”

  • This essentially implies that the live casino will earn from players since the odds of the games are stacked in its favor.
  • This built-in advantage is called as the ‘house edge,’ which means that even if you adopt a gaming plan, you will lose a portion of your bet in the long term.

#2. Budget – The Fibonacci roulette system, like all betting systems, relies on players having enough money in their bankroll to ride off losing streaks.

  • Because bet amounts can quickly add up, your budget may run out before you make a profit.
  • Despite this, this technique adds an element of excitement & pleasure to your online roulette action when used wisely.

#3. Betting stakes – Another issue with using Fibonacci, is that many online roulette sites impose betting limitations.

  • Many tables have bet limits of RM50, which implies that if you’re using this strategy, the number ₹89 is the highest you may reach.


At the end, the Fibonacci roulette strategy isn’t certain, it’s still worth attempting. In comparison to other betting systems, the approach is quite safe & simple to learn & understand. You may test the Fibonacci for real money at W88 Malaysia, whether it’s simply for enjoyment or to practice betting strategies.

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