Online Slots vs. Real Slots: 10 Comparisons to differentiate

Online Slots vs. Real Slots: Which one is better? Know 10 comparisons of offline slots vs. online casino slots by W88you betting experts to discover the truth.

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Online Slots vs. Real Slots – Overview

There are clearly advocates on both sides of this debate. Real slots, of course, came first. And it’s no secret that the internet has had a significant impact on the way we play online slots since then. Is it more entertaining and exciting to play in front of a computer screen than to play in real life?

Sr No

FeatureOnline SlotsReal Slots
1ComfortNo ❌

Yes ✅


VarietyNo ❌Yes ✅
3Budget-friendlyNo ❌

Yes ✅


Free playNo ❌Yes ✅
5High RTPNo ❌

Yes ✅


SocializationYes ✅No ❌
7Massive jackpotsNo ❌

Yes ✅


BonusesNo ❌Yes ✅
9Instant switchNo ❌

Yes ✅


Quick cashoutYes ✅

No ❌

It is critical to comprehend how the two options affect one’s game experience. In it, you’ll observe both their defects and their strengths. And perhaps by the end, you’ll have made your decision.

Slots Online

The internet transports us to the diverse and vibrant world of online gambling casinos like W88. As previously said, the internet has immensely benefited gaming’s progress. And today’s online slot games provide players with a plethora of alternatives. To begin, let us look at what makes online slots so appealing.

online slots vs. real slots - what is the difference and which ones are better?


#1. Convenience – When considering playing online slots, the first thing that comes to mind is ease. You can play whenever and wherever you wish, day or night. You don’t even need to make plans or prepare to visit somewhere on a specific day or time.
To summarise, you do not have to fit gaming into your already hectic schedule. The majority of slots are now available on mobile devices, making gaming more accessible than ever.

#2. Availability – The game selection is another significant and vital feature of playing online slots. There are so many games to choose from that it might be overwhelming. There will never be as many slots to pick from at a real slots casino. You may also use this type of selection to narrow down your alternatives depending on a variety of criteria.
Horror, science fiction, fantasy, nature, television shows, and everything in between are among the themes explored.
The online slot casino has evolved to the point where it now includes something for almost everyone.

#3. Bet limit – Not to mention that you will have a lot of financial power. You might have a lot of fun experimenting with the controls, changing the stake amounts, and customizing the pay lines. What if a game is out of your budget?

online vs offline casino slots to win more real money at W88 Malaysia

#4. Return on investment (RTI) – Most online slots, for example, have an RTP of 95% to 96%. That is a significant difference. That distinction may be enough to persuade some players to play online slots.

#5. Large jackpots – Online slots may provide progressive jackpots that land-based slots can only dream about when it comes to greater prizes. Every bet placed on any of these slots adds a small amount of the pot to the pot. As a result, you can imagine how large these jackpots are.

#6. Free games – Last but not least, you can play games for free online. There are no such things as legitimate casinos. You cannot simply go in and begin playing games without first paying.


#1. Lack of actual slot ambiance – To begin with, there is no sense of a genuine casino. Again, depending on your perspective, this might be a good or bad thing.

#2. NO free refreshments – When you play online, you almost always do so from the privacy of your own home. There will be no refreshments and no opportunity to chat with other guests.

#3. No real interaction – The most significant disadvantage, of course, is the previously mentioned physical instant. When you’re online, you can’t pull the handle or press the buttons. You don’t even get to feed or hear the cash drop.

online vs. real slot games to play and win more real money in Malaysia

Offline Slots

Real slot machines can be found at casinos, pubs, hotels and any other public establishment with a gaming machine licence. These slot machines are still among the most popular in almost every casino.

online slots vs. casino slots for real money - what is the difference?



#1. The thrill of real-life gaming – You can interact with them by touching them, pressing the buttons with your finger, or dragging the handle. Going one-on-one with a genuine slot machine adds a unique flavor. And, let’s face it, you can’t get that feeling from a small screen.

#2. Free food and beverages – You will almost certainly visit a genuine casino to play live slots, where you will be able to take advantage of all of the casino’s bonuses. If you go to a more expensive restaurant, you’ll find complimentary cocktails, superb service, and a group of individuals who share your interests all around you.

online slots vs. real slots for real money - which one is better

#3. Appreciate the ambiance – The environment in which you play enhances the whole experience. That, too, is unlikely to be achieved while relaxing at home or on the go. To be honest, sometimes it’s just wonderful to get away and rest in a different environment.


#1. RTP – This is the greatest disadvantage if you want to make a lot of money with a slot machine.

#2. Convenience – You cannot simply start playing slots whenever or wherever you wish. Travel – Before you may play slot machines, you must first visit a specified location. There may be numerous impediments that prohibit you from traveling from point A to point B and spending time there. Dress code – Some casinos have a dress code, so don’t show up there in shorts and flip-flops.

#3. The slot machine is in use – And, while we’re on the subject of convenience, imagine you’ve stepped into your favourite casino in search of that one outstanding slot machine.

online slots vs offline slots - w88you betting experts opinion

#4. Difficult to find something that meets your budget – Another thing to note is the variety of slot machines on offer. You eventually make it to the genuine slots casino after defeating all of the obstacles. And you will get exactly what you see at the casino. You can’t spend hours seeking that one slot machine you’ve always wanted to try.

#5. Limited slots – There will be a limited number of games, regardless of how vast the casino is, and you will have to make do with what you have. And, let’s face it, with online casinos leapfrogging traditional slots, they may appear a little dull.

#6. Time-consuming – Furthermore, if you don’t already have a favorite game in mind, it may be difficult to discover one that meets your budget. In a real slot casino, this could include strolling around and prodding at each machine. Even so, you might not be able to find one that fits your budget. If you do, it will almost certainly not be what you had hoped for.

Conclusion: Online Slots win over Offline Slots

Another important benefit of online slots is that they pay out far better. Overcoming this is quite difficult. You can, however, play it safe and test out new games for free. You won’t have to waste money on a game that you don’t enjoy. Having said that, there are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to playing online or live slots, depending on your point of view.

online slots vs. offline slots - which one is better to win more real money

Decide which is best for you by comparing online slots vs real slots. We advocate playing online slot games for convenience, comfort, and bigger wins. Traditional slot machines are preferred by extroverts, while internet slots are preferred by introverts.

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