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Online slot gaming is becoming increasingly popular thanks to online betting sites like W88. W88 is one of the best sites to play slot gaming online as here you can find 50+ slot games, but what is even better is that half of these games have free demo rooms that you can try without spending any money. So, to help you decide which slot games to play among the many amazing options at W88, here are the top 10 best online slots that you can play for free or real money!

1. Golden Tour – 97.71% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots golden tour

  • First on the list of the top 10 best online slots is a refreshing slot game called Golden Tour which has an overall theme of the golf course.
  • On the pay lines, you will also find many golf-gaming-related icons and the minimum line bet here is RM0.01 with a payout rate of 97.71%.
  • This high RTP slot game is available under the Playtech slot gaming section at W88 and so, create an account in the W88 Register today to play this slot game to win high returns.

2. Alpha and the Read Hood – 97.06% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots alpha and the red hood

  • Taking you to a fairytale land is the next slot game called Alpha and the Red Hood which gives off a dark theme making the game even more thrilling.
  • Here, per line bet costs about RM0.04 only and if you play this five-reel slot, you get an RTP rate of up to 97.06%.
  • Using the W88 Slots Games online, you can access the Alpha and the Red Hood slot game room for free or you can play for real money and high returns.

3. Fortune Hong Bao – 97.03% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots fortune hong bao

  • The next flashy red-themed slot game, Fortune Hong Bao, is all about fortune and bonuses that you can get in just 3 reels.
  • To play Hong Boa, you can place line bets which start from RM0.10 only and expect a payout rate of up to 97.03% at W88.
  • Moreover, if you do not wish to play for real money but still looking to win a virtual fortune when gaming for free, then you can access their free demo room at W88 Free Slots Games.

4. Age of Ronin – 97.00% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots age of ronin

  • Next on the top 10 best online slots list is the slot game Age of Ronin: Mega Reels which offers you an exciting samurai-themed slot room.
  • Since this is mega reels, the pay line costs RM0.02 only per line bet but the RTP rate you can receive is up to 97.00%, which is a good rate.
  • To play for free, you can access the free demo room at W88, but to play for real money, you can grab the W88 Promotion on slot games of up to RM600 for new member accounts.

5. Lucky Meo Meo – 97.00% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots lucky meo meo

  • Slot games are one of those online casino games where you must depend on luck most of the time and so, this next slot game called Lucky Meo Meo is one that could help you with luck thanks to their many bonus reels.
  • Here, you get to bet on amazing pay lines constantly full of bonuses for RM0.05 per line bet only. Moreover, the payout rate is 97.00% which is one of the High RTP Slot Games online.
  • If you wish to try the game for free and apply some online slot game strategies, then you can access the demo room at W88.

6. Chilli Surprise – 96.97% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots chilli surprise

  • Taking the sixth spot on the top 10 best online slots list is the slot game called Chilli Surprise. As you can see in the image above, Chilli Surprise has a restaurant theme.
  • Here, you can bet on per line starting from RM0.02 only to win wild bonuses or get payout returns of up to 96.97%.
  • Moreover, Chilli Surprise comes under the free slot games to play at W88 but you can use our How to Play Slot Games Online article to learn most of the slot gaming online to play for real money as well.

7. Sweet Bonanza – 96.51% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots sweet bonanza

  • If you like popular games like Candy Crush and more then you definitely will like the next slot game on this list, which is the Sweet Bonanza slot game.
  • Just like Candy Crush, you must crush candies on pay lines whose minimum rate starts from RM1 only to receive payout returns of up to 96.51%.
  • Like most of the slot games here, you can play Sweet Bonanza for free by accessing the free W88 demo game room.

8. Full Moon Legacy – 96.46% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots full moon legacy

  • A slot game which is nothing like the aforementioned one is Full Moon Legacy: Mega Reels which is a mixture of a werewolf-vampire-themed slot.
  • This slot has its line bet starting from RM0.02 only, and wagering on the five reels could land you an RTP rate of up to 96.46%.
  • To access this game for real money you can use W88 where you can also access this slot game for free via the available demo room.

9. Book of Dead – 96.21% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots book of dead

  • Book of Dead is an exciting slot game that many people love to play as this slot game has an Egyptian-themes five reels.
  • Here you must bet with coins whose cost is RM0.25 per coin and you can win wholesome payout returns of up to 96.21%.
  • Winning jackpot bonuses on this slot game is extremely easy whether you are playing for real money or for free in the available demo room at W88.

10. Ancient Fortune: Zeus – 96.02% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots ancient fortunes zeus

  • Last on our online slots top 10 list is the slot game Ancient Fortune: Zeus. At W88, you will find many variants of the Ancient Fortune slot whose main theme focuses on the different Greek Gods.
  • Here, you get to play per line bet for only RM5 to win payout returns of up to 96.02% which can go more with the bonus jackpot rounds.
  • Like almost all the above-mentioned best slot games online, you can play here for free or real money as this game is a part of the best free online slots to win real money games at W88 Malaysia.


These were the Top 10 Best Online Slots that you can access and play at W88 as a registered W88 member. So, whether you wish to play for real money or for free, you can access the rooms of your choice under the W88 slots sections. Betting on slot games is fun, but if you want to learn some tips and tricks that help you win almost every spin, then be sure to check out the pro insights on winning slot games by

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