Top 10 best online slots with high RTP slots to win more cash

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Online betting companies such as W88 have contributed to the growing popularity of online slot games. W88 is among the greatest places to play slots online because it offers more than 50 different games, half of which have free demo rooms you can try out without having to pay any money. Here are the top 10 best online slots that you can play for free or real money to help you choose which of the many incredible alternatives at W88 online to play!

1. Golden Tour – 97.71% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots golden tour

  • A cool slot game with a golf course theme called Golden Tour comes in first place in our list of the top ten greatest online slots.
  • Numerous icons relating to golf gaming may also be found on the pay lines. The lowest line bet is RM0.01, and the payoff percentage is 97.71%.
  • Create an account on W88 Register now to play this high RTP slot game and win big payouts. This slot game is part of W88’s Playtech slot gaming department.

2. Alpha and the Read Hood – 97.06% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots alpha and the red hood

  • The next slot machine game is named Alpha and the Red Hood, and it transports you to a land of fairy tales. The game’s gloomy atmosphere adds to its excitement.
  • Here, you may play this five-reel slot machine for as little as RM0.04 per line wager, and you can obtain an RTP rate of up to 97.06%.
  • You can play for real money with great returns or for free in the Alpha and Red Hood slot game rooms by using the W88 Slots Games online.

3. Fortune Hong Bao – 97.03% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots fortune hong bao

  • Fortune Hong Bao, the latest flamboyant red-themed slot game, is all about luck and bonuses that you may obtain on just three reels.
  • You may play Hong Boa by placing line bets at W88, where the minimum payment is RM0.10 and the maximum payout rate is 97.03%.
  • Moreover, you may visit their free trial room at W88 Free Slots Games if you would prefer not to play for real money but are still hoping to earn a virtual fortune when playing for free.

4. Age of Ronin – 97.00% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots age of ronin

  • The slot machine game Age of Ronin: Mega Reels, which features an interesting slot room with a samurai theme, comes next on our list of the top 10 greatest online slots.
  • Due to the large reels, the pay line only costs RM0.02 for each line bet; yet, you can obtain an excellent RTP rate of up to 97.00%.
  • You can play for free in W88’s demo room, but if you’d rather play for real money, take advantage of W88’s promotion, which offers new member accounts up to RM600 in slot game credits.

5. Lucky Meo Meo – 97.00% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots lucky meo meo

  • Since slots are among the online casino games where you mostly rely on luck, Lucky Meo Meo, the next slot game, may be able to assist you with luck because of its numerous bonus reels.
  • For just RM0.05 per line bet, you may wager on incredible paylines that are continuously loaded with bonuses here. Additionally, it has one of the highest payout rates slots of any online slot game at 97.00%.
  • You can visit the demo area at W88 to play the game for free and practise some online slot game strategies.

6. Chilli Surprise – 96.97% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots chilli surprise

  • The slot machine game Chilli Surprise is ranked sixth out of the top 10 best online slots. The image above illustrates Chilli Surprise’s restaurant theme.
  • Here, you can wager on a single line for as little as RM0.02 to get payment returns of up to 96.97% or win wild extras.
  • Chilli Surprise is also one of the free slot games available at W88, but you can learn how to play most online slot games for real money by reading our How to Play Slot Games Online article.

7. Sweet Bonanza – 96.51% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots sweet bonanza

  • The Sweet Bonanza slot game is the next game on this list, and if you enjoy popular games like Candy Crush and others, you’ll love it.
  • Similar to Candy smash, in order to get payout returns of up to 96.51%, you must smash candy on pay lines with a minimum rate of only RM1.
  • Sweet Bonanza can be played for free by entering the free W88 demo game room, just like the majority of the slot games available here.

8. Full Moon Legacy – 96.46% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots full moon legacy

  • Full Moon Legacy: Mega Reels is a slot game that is completely different from the one stated above. It has a werewolf and vampire theme.
  • The minimum line bet for this slot machine is RM0.02, and if you bet on all five reels, you might receive an RTP rate as high as 96.46%.
  • You can utilise W88 to access this game for real money. You can also play this slot game via the offered demo room for free.

9. Book of Dead – 96.21% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots book of dead

  • With five reels and an Egyptian theme, Book of Dead is an intriguing slot game that a lot of players enjoy playing.
  • You can wager using coins that cost RM0.25 each in this instance, and you could get substantial payout returns of up to 96.21%.
  • Whether you are playing this slot machine for real money or just for fun in the demo area at W88, winning jackpot bonuses is rather simple.

10. Ancient Fortune: Zeus – 96.02% RTP

w88 slots top 10 best online slots ancient fortunes zeus

  • Ancient Fortune: Zeus is the final slot machine on our list of the top ten online slots. Many variations of the Ancient Fortune slot machine, with a primary theme centered around the various Greek Gods, may be found at W88.
  • Playing for just RM5 per line wager, you may get payment returns of up to 96.02%, and with the bonus jackpot rounds, you can win even more.
  • This game is included in the top free online slots to win real money games at W88 Malaysia, just like nearly all of the other top slot games mentioned above.


As a registered member of W88, you get access to and can play these Top 10 Best Online Slots. As a result, you can visit the rooms of your choice under the W88 slots sections and play for real money or for free. Slot machine betting is entertaining, but if you want to know some insider knowledge that will increase your chances of winning virtually every time you spin, check out’s expert views on slot machine winnings.

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