What is Asian Handicap 1.75 meaning explained with bet guide

Underdog has a 1.75 goal advantage & the favorite has a 1.75 goal deficit, which is what Asian Handicap 1.75 means; discover more with W88 examples & bet guide.

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Online betting firms offer excellent sportsbooks and betting options that you can use to augment your income. To play well on these betting choices, however, you must first comprehend what they mean. In our ongoing series of analyzing all of the betting options in online sports betting, we will look at what Asian Handicap 1.75 implies with betting examples and betting advice using the W88 online betting site.

What does an Asian handicap of 1.75 in betting mean?

To understand what Asia Handicap 1.75 implies in betting, let us first define Asian Handicap. Asian Handicap betting in sportsbooks means that the superior team has been given a goal disadvantage or handicap, while the underdog team has been given a goal advantage or headstart to even the match. The goal handicap and head start are decided by the relative strengths of the two teams.

what is asian handicap 1-75 meaning explained with w88 examples

When employing Asian Handicap 1.75, the stronger team receives a -1.75 goals handicap and the underdog team receives a +1.75 goals headstart at the start of the game, where 1.75 is the strength difference between the teams. Because the handicap conditions are generated using the final scores of the real game, the outcomes in the sportsbook are altered.

The 1.75 Asian Handicap option is calculated by averaging two additional handicap options, 1.5 and 2, where (1.5+2)/2 = 1.75 goals differential. As a result, the conditions for 1.5 Asian handicaps and 2 Asian handicaps are applied to the 1.75 Asian handicaps choice in the sportsbook as a whole.

Examples of Asian handicap 1.75 in W88 football betting

Let us look at the Asian Handicap 1.75 meaning with Handicap Betting in Football samples from the W88 sportsbook to better comprehend the aforementioned explanation. We’ve chosen a game between Arsenal and Nottingham Forest, with the former having a -1.75 goal handicap and the latter having a +1.75 goal advantage. These will be added to the final match results of both sides in the sportsbook to determine the winner of solely the Asian Handicap betting option.

Example 1: Arsenal has a -1.75 goal handicap in the betting

Asian handicap 1-75 meaning explained disadvantage goals

For bets on Handicap -1.75 to win, Arsenal must win by three or more goals. If they lose, tie, or win with 1 or 0 goals, the betting stake is forfeited. If they win by exactly two goals, half of the betting stake is reimbursed, while the other half is lost.

In the sportsbook, Nottingham has a +1.75 goal advantage

Asian handicap 1-75 meaning explained advantage goals

For bets on Handicap +1.75 to win, Nottingham Forest must draw, win, or lose by one or zero goals. If they lose by three or more goals, the betting stake is forfeited. However, if they lose by exactly two goals, just half of the bet is lost, while the other half is repaid.

W88 offers 1.75 Asian handicap betting in three simple steps

Now that you understand what Asian Handicap 1.75 means in betting, let us go over how to place 1.75 Asian Handicap bets in the sportsbook. We will use the W88 sportsbook for this because new users can earn a 100% sportsbook bonus of up to RM1,088 under the W88 Promotion area.

Step 1: Log in to W88 and choose your favorite sportsbook

  • The first step is to log into your account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ icon in the top right corner of the webpage and accurately entering your login details.
    If you do not already have a W88 account, click the ‘Join‘ button to access the W88 registration form, which must be filled out correctly.

Asian handicap 1-75 meaning explained in betting

  • After completing the registration process in the W88 Register, you must proceed to the homepage’s menubar and select the ‘Sports’ product. This will get you access to all of the sportsbooks that W88 provides to its consumers.
  • You can then go to the following step by selecting your chosen sportsbook. We’ll go with the BTi sportsbook because betting stakes start at RM5, which is a reasonable sports betting fee.

Step 2: Select an HDP 1.75 match by filtering the sportsbook

  • The following step will take you to a website with all of the betting alternatives available from various sports domains. Now you must filter the sportsbook by selecting ‘Soccer‘ from the left side panel.
  • The sportsbook may then be further filtered by selecting a country and league, but the most useful filter is the betting choices filter, which allows you to select the handicap option from a drop-down menu.

Asian handicap 1-75 meaning explained by w88you experts

  • After you’ve completed the filtering process in the W88 Sportsbook, scroll down to find a 1.75 Asian Handicap match.
  • We discovered a match between Arsenal and Nottingham Forest with a handicap of -1.75 goals and a headstart of +1.75 goals, as indicated in the graphic above. When you locate a similar match, click on it to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Choose a sub-option and place your bets for the game

  • In the third phase of this instruction, you will be taken to a website that displays all of the betting possibilities for the match you selected. Find the Full-time or FT Asian Handicap option with the 1.75 goal difference and then pick your desired sub-betting choice from here.

Asian handicap 1-75 meaning explained with w88you bet guide

  • Fill in the wager amount in the appropriate slot on the betting slip. This will show you the payment you will receive if your bet wins based on the betting odds and stakes.
  • Finally, click ‘Place Bets‘ to secure the bets for the match in the sportsbook. All that remains is to sit back and watch the match via the W88 sportsbook’s live-streaming option in anticipation of the results.

2.75 Asian Handicap Bet Match results

In the preceding tutorial, we bet on Nottingham Forest’s Asian handicap headstart goal of + 1.75. So, in this section, we will examine the outcomes of both matches based on the betting odds and handicap conditions provided by the bookmaker to both teams. Betting odds, Asian handicap conditions, and some Football Betting Tips can all help you put effective bets in the sportsbook.

Wagered on Arsenal -1.75 @ 1.96Wagered on Nottingham +1.75 @ 1.90
Asian handicap 1-75 meaning explained outcome 2Asian handicap 1-75 meaning explained outcome 1
Condition: The team needs to win the match by 3 or more than 3 goalsCondition: The team needs to win the match, draw the match, or lose by exactly 1 or 0 goal
Betting odds: 1.96Betting odds: 1.90
Betting stake: RM100Betting stake: RM100
Potential returns: RM196Potential returns: RM190
If you lose the bet: The betting stake is also lostIf you lose the bet: The betting stake is also lost
Half-stake refund: If the team wins by exactly 2 goalsHalf-stake refund: If the team losses exactly by 2 goals

The table above depicts the outcomes of the two winning and losing scenarios for both matches, with Arsenal having -1.75 handicap goals and Nottingham having +1.75 headstart goals on one side. As you can see, the betting option with the greater odds, which in this case is the Arsenal team, is paid more because the danger of betting on it is high and the possibilities of winning are low. This suggests that betting on Nottingham is a superior option for winning with precision because they have a +1.75 goal lead with lower odds, boosting their chances of winning.


The Asian Handicap 1.75 was explained using examples from the W88 sportsbook. When you join W88, you can deposit RM1,088 into your account wallet to play Asian Handicap and other betting options with RM5 minimum bets. You now have the knowledge and expertise to confidently place a bet using the 1.75 Asian Handicap betting option. Visit W88you, Asia’s leading online betting portal, for more courses that provide simple explanations of various betting options in sportsbooks.

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