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Betting on sports matches is something that you should try if you are a sports fan. This is because betting gives you the experience of rooting for your favorite teams as well as helps you earn some extra cash. However, for the latter experience, you must start with some easy betting options like Double Chance in betting, and to help you kickstart this journey to give you wholesome payouts from the start, here are 10 Double Chance tips by W88 you that will help you win.

double chance tips for sure win and earnings

1. Use a good sportsbook with double-chance bets

  • The first thing that you must do to apply all the double chance tips in your betting is to select a sportsbook that offers you the double chance betting option as one of the main bets in any event.
  • Moreover, your sportsbook should have pocket-friendly low minimum betting stakes that cater to beginners. Sportsbook bonuses for new member accounts are also something that you should opt for when choosing an online betting sportsbook site.
  • Using online betting sites like W88 gives you beginner-friendly sports betting prices which start from RM5 only. Here, you will also get some of the best sportsbook bonuses that you can claim after creating a new account in the W88 Register.

2. Bet on a sports match that is familiar to you

  • Double Chance betting is one of the easiest betting options you can play when sports betting, but if you want to win then you have to select the best sub-betting option under it.
  • One way to do this is by understanding the stats of the teams playing but the basic thing means that you must choose a sport that you are already familiar with.
  • Betting on familiar sports will give you insights into the game and so, you will have an edge over understanding which betting option has a better chance of winning. If you do not have any insights, then don’t worry as hereon, we will help you learn how you can gain such insights to make accurate bets.

double chance tips and tricks for beginners

3. Opt in for a live-streaming sportsbook

  • To make correct predictions it is always important for you to observe the sports match. This is a proven strategy because even if you are not betting, just by watching the match, you are able to tell which team is playing better and which one is not.
  • Since the Double Chance betting option lets you bet on two of the three outcomes in its sub-betting options, observing the match can help predict the correct option even easier.
  • So, having a sportsbook that offers you the option to view the live match while making bets on the best odds, is another one of the crucial double chance tips that you should apply.

4. Make use of sports statistic charts for accuracy

  • Another way to predict which double chance sub-betting option will win is the sports statistic charts that are provided by sportsbooks.
  • As you can see in the image below, you are given a detailed analysis of the matches played between the teams in the past years, all in one place on the chart.
  • This chart is extremely helpful as here you can clearly see which team has the upper hand over the other. Thus, using sportsbooks like the W88 Sportsbook is helpful for such statistic charts.

double chance tips and tricks betting statistic chart

5. Keep a bankroll for each match or the day

  • As a beginner, it is important for you to start slow, and so it is important that you keep a bankroll aside specifically for sports betting on the double chance bets in sportsbooks.
  • The reason behind this is that the double chance bet is so simple that winning becomes easy, and with this, you can bet on more than one double chance option from different matches.
  • Moreover, you can wager a good amount of money on the double chance bet to get the double payout returns in the long run, but as a beginner, you must learn the Double Chance bets with a set betting limit for the match or the day. As a beginner, you also would have the benefit of claiming a new member W88 Promotion bonus which can boost your betting wallet instantly.

6. Wager on early matches for better odds

  • Although watching the live match and wagering is a good strategy, it is important to remember that the betting odds can have a good impact on the payout you will receive.
  • So, many bettors often prefer betting on early match odds as once the bet is locked in the sportsbook it won’t change even if the odds shift when the real match is being played.
  • However, although this is one of the double chance tips to win, choosing to bet on early odds or in-play odds depends on your game style because in the end what gives you the thrills of betting is what matters the most.

double chance tips for sure win in sports betting

7. Go for the home and away sub-option more

  • Always opting in for the home and away or 12 sub-betting option in double chance bets is something that many gamblers use and is thus the best and one of the most effective double chance betting tips when learning about What is Double Chance in Betting.
  • The reason why the home and away betting option is the best one is because it lets you wager on the chance of any one of both the teams winning, so the chance of winning this bet is high.
  • However, it is always better to consult the sportsbook statistical chart before you wager on this option because there are times when the match could end in a draw.

8. Look at the 1X2 main bet odds to predict double chance

  • Getting to some of the technical double chance tips to win, to make correct predictions in the sportsbook, you can always first try to understand the main 1X2 bettin option.
  • For instance, 1X2 option and its odds can give you an idea of which of the two optins out of the three has a better chance of winning and thus, this would help you understand which double chance sub-betting option can win.
  • However, this should only be done if you are not sure of which double chance option can be the winner of the match after looking at the statistics of the game first.

double chance betting tips for sure win

9. Glance through the conditions of the handicap bet

  • An alternative of the aforementioned double chance betting tips is to look at the Handicap betting option, as this too can help you predict which betting option from the double chance could win.
  • The condition of the handicap betting option focuses on the home and away teams where the stronger team is given negative goals handicap while the underdog team gets plus goals advantage which alters the real match results in the sportsbook.
  • Thus, if you wish to go for any of the tie options in the double chance bet, then you can look at these conditions and make predictions. However, it is also important for you to consider the sportsbook statistic charts.

10. Wager mostly on lower odds for wins

  • Lastly, a sure Double Chance Betting Strategy that could work for almost any other betting option in the sportsbooks is to always wager on the option with lower odds.
  • Lower odds are always given to those teams whose chances of winning is high, and since the risk of betting on such betting options is low, the payout given is low as well.
  • But, it is important to remember that winning in small amounts is better than not winning anything at all, so from the three sub-betting options, wagering on the one with the lowest odds is always a strategy you should consider.

double chance betting tips and tricks for beginners


These were the 12 Double Chance Tips that can land you a sure win when betting in sportsbooks online. Joining a good online sportsbook is important and before we leave, we recommend using W88 as this sportsbook offers its customers an easy interface, updated betting odds, and low minimum betting stakes. For more simple betting tips, tricks, strategies, and more, be sure to keep visiting W88you.info, Asia’s top online betting guide.

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