12 Double Chance betting Strategies – Use & earn RM900 daily

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The Double Chance betting option, which lets you bet on two of the match’s three possible outcomes, is one of the best sportsbooks with betting alternatives, even if well-known websites like W88 online offer a broad selection of them. W88you has provided these 12 Double Chance betting strategies to assist beginners in making the most money possible since, despite how simple it may seem, selecting a betting option is important.

double chance soccer betting strategies for beginners

1. Select a sportsbook where minimum odds are required

The first and most effective Double Chance betting strategy is actually very simple: choose a trustworthy sportsbook from a trustworthy online bookmaker. You may avoid dealing with dishonest persons and have a hassle-free betting experience by doing this.

  • International enterprises must license sportsbooks on online betting platforms. This also applies to the sportsbooks and their providers on the website of your choosing.
  • Additionally, in order for players to wager on sports, the online sportsbook should have minimum betting limits of no more than RM5.
  • You can access more than three of the top sportsbooks with betting minimums as low as RM5 after you create a W88 Register.

2. Set aside money specifically for sports betting

In order to apply the second of the 12 double-chance betting strategies, you need to set up a bankroll specifically for sports betting. This is important because a seasoned gambler would save some of their winnings to satisfy their wants without compromising their needs. They also prioritize keeping their wants and needs apart.

  • To do this, you can utilize the 50-30-20 budgeting strategy, which divides your money into three categories: requirements, wants, and savings (20%).
  • You can use thirty percent of your money for wants (betting is fun!) and reserve fifty percent for necessities if you follow this budget plan.
  • However, if your income is below the minimum deposit required by the sportsbook, you can still use the minimal deposit amount to receive a welcome bonus for sports betting. At W88 Promotion, you may get a welcome bonus of up to RM150 with just an RM30 initial deposit.

W88 double chance betting strategies for beginners

3. Choose a sport you are informed about to gamble on

One of those side bets that is offered in most matches is double chance betting. It’s an entertaining game where you can bet on two of every three possible outcomes in most sports. It is important to select which sports to bet on while using the Double Chance option because of this.

  • When placing Double Chance bets, it is crucial to choose a sport you are familiar with because, even with great odds, betting on a sport you are unfamiliar with can still be risky.
  • You should be aware of strong teams, powerful players, and other basic sports techniques as they all aid in accurate prediction-making.
  • In Malaysia, there are more bettors on football and soccer than on basketball, tennis, or other sports with double-chance betting. To find out how to play Football Betting Online Malaysia at the sportsbooks, view W88you’s betting guide.

4. Watch the match in the sportsbook and take notes

The option to place bets while the game is still in process, sometimes known as live or in-play betting, is a critical feature of the sportsbook you select from your preferred betting site. The sportsbook should also offer Live Streaming options so you may use your observations to make wagers.

  • When employing betting options like Double Chance at sportsbooks where bets are placed based on the outcome of the match, careful attention is required.
  • Watching live events therefore gives you the chance to keep an eye on the sport and obtain updated betting odds.
  • It is essential to watch the game to ascertain which team is superior and whether the teams are gelling as a unit because two of the sub-betting options in double chance betting have a tie option. This will assist you in making precise forecasts.

pro double chance soccer betting strategies for beginners

5. Mostly wager on the second half of the match

The Next Double Chance betting method, which involves predominantly betting on the second half of the game at the sportsbooks, might be taken into consideration when combined with the previously mentioned technique. This is due to the fact that if you bet live, you won’t know which team is betting or whether a draw is likely until the very conclusion of the game.

  • Thus, the first half of the game can be used for observation in addition to going over the match data from their previous game.
  • Once it’s over, you may start betting on the second half because you will know then whether to bet on the option with the best odds or based on past performance.
  • If a team has high odds and has a history of winning, you can wager on them. But since chances change while betting in real-time, it’s feasible that the side with the poorest odds will come out on top and take all the credit. It would be smarter to wager on the team’s performance in this instance.

6. Place a wager on the home-away option while playing strong teams

As you understand double chance in betting, you’ll notice that it’s simpler than 1X2 betting as you can select any two of the three possible results (1X, X2, or 12). Sportsbooks use the following notation: 1X stands for “Home or Draw,” X2 for “Draw or Away,” and 12 for “Home or Away.”

  • Because you can truly bet on both sides, the 12 Home or Away betting option is the greatest of the three.
  • When you select the Home or Away option, you are making the assumption that any of the playing teams have a very good probability of winning.
  • You ought to do this, especially if there are two strong teams competing against one another; in order to accomplish this, you will need to brush up on your knowledge of the sport you are wagering on.

W88 double chance betting strategies home or away

7. Make use of the betting odds to boost your earnings

As mentioned before, if they don’t seem to be moving much during live matches, you can wager on high odds. But, if you decide to wager on early markets, it is better to go with the high betting option; however, you will need to act with caution and use the upcoming Double Chance betting strategy.

  • The chances that bookies in sportsbooks offer are crucial to any alternative betting strategy since they increase the reward returns in the event that the wager wins.
  • If you wager on early markets, you are bound by the odds that were in effect at the time of the wager; as a result, your earnings will remain unaffected even if those odds alter throughout the play.
  • However, placing bets on early markets requires you to use the teams’ previous match results; the sportsbook of your choice should offer this option.

8. Analyse historical data provided by the sportsbook

Building on our previous discussion of the Double Chance betting strategy, it is imperative that you never place a wager on a sub-betting option or any sports betting option until you have carefully reviewed, or at the very least briefly read, the match statistics for both of the competing teams. Reputable sportsbooks such as W88 Sportsbook usually publish this statistic chart underneath the match details.

  • The sportsbook’s previous match statistics will help you rapidly identify which team is better, even if there are strong teams in the tournament.
  • But don’t worry—you don’t have to look far—you just need to pick a sportsbook that offers you data dating back more than ten years.
  • It is preferable to choose a sportsbook that gives you accurate statistics that you can analyze by condensing years’ worth of data into percentages for the Home, Draw, and Away outcomes.

W88 double chance betting strategies by pros

9. It is easier to place accurate bets when there are handicap circumstances

Another way to decide which Double Chance sub-betting option to use when placing bets in the sportsbook is to look at the handicap requirements of the main football handicap betting option. You might be able to tell which team is stronger and which is the underdog because of the handicap conditions by doing this.

  • In the Football Handicap Betting option, the underdog team wins plus goals and the stronger team loses minus goals.
  • Given that the teams’ strength differences affect the goal advantage and disadvantage, you can use the handicap goal number to decide which double chance sub-betting option is ideal for you.
  • For example, if the strength difference is only 0.5, it would be prudent to place a wager on an option with the draw sub-betting option.

10. Never let the delusion of the gambler affect you

Many gamblers fall prey to the gambler’s fallacy when playing casino games; this is also apparent when employing betting options like Double Chance. As seen by the double chance betting strategy above, by focusing on the small details, you may determine which team will win. But the data from previous games—in which one team won more rounds than the other—is what this strategy is based on.

  • However, the gambler’s fallacy is that just because a betting option has won more rounds doesn’t mean it would likely win again.
  • Thus, while determining which team is the most successful, it makes sense to choose a betting choice that considers the team’s chances of winning. Additionally, this makes Double Chance’s 12 sub-betting alternatives a better option.
  • The gambler’s fallacy usually happens when you follow your gut feeling too strongly, but if you see something that makes you think the underdog team has a chance to win, you can bet on the option that has the underdog team in it.

W88 pro double chance betting strategies home or away

11. Employ a betting strategy to boost your earnings

Because expert gamblers prioritize both preserving their bankroll and the profit they receive, it is imperative that you proceed and place your bets using the bankroll wisely at sportsbooks. As was previously mentioned, choosing a sportsbook with a low minimum betting rate is a great strategy. Using betting systems is a great alternative.

  • You must either double your stake or increase it by one unit for each betting round you lose in order to receive your money back as payment. This is how betting systems help you to progressively increase your profit margin.
  • This kind of betting strategy, called a progressive betting system, is great for saving money if you’re just starting out. Opening an account with W88 enables you to a W88 Free Credit of RM30 following account creation and verification, in addition to the possibility of profit.
  • But it’s important to keep in mind that sports betting systems only work if you decide to wager on more than two games at different times within a given day. Therefore, even if you lose the wager you placed for that specific match, you can still win more in a later play.

12. Keep up with the sports teams and events

Lastly, even though it may irritate a lot of people, it is imperative to keep up with athletes, teams, and sporting events. Because of this, we suggest using sports you are familiar with for your double-chance bets, as this will simplify your overall double-chance betting strategy.

  • Having said that, if you are a die-hard sports fan, then knowing which teams are favorites and which are underdogs enhances this betting strategy.
  • Additionally, you know which teams are similar in strength, so you can rapidly put large-odd bets before the odds change without having to do any additional analysis.
  • Furthermore, if you know which clubs in friendly leagues or transfer processes have good players on them, you can place bets on them.


The 12 Double Chance Betting Strategies, which can boost your winnings at sportsbooks by 98%, were the main topic of this post. Nevertheless, choose a trustworthy sportsbook like W88 that offers you promotional advantages if you want to apply these betting strategies. For more such betting strategies on other sports and betting opportunities, you can rely on W88you, Asia’s greatest betting guide.

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