6 Free online Lottery Malaysia at W88 for real money or free

Explore 6 free online Lottery Malaysia rooms: GPI Lottery, Sabaidee, So De, Keno, W Keno, & Fast 3 at W88. Join & get a welcome bonus of up to RM 1,288 on Keno.

W88 Lottery Betting  Free Lottery Rooms  W88 Bonus RM1,288

Today you can find many forms of gambling online like online casino games and even sports betting which have been getting more popular day by day. This is because gambling is sometimes fun if done mindfully as it was meant to test one’s luck. But with online betting tricks today, you can easily turn the odds in your favor taking away the thrills of gambling, and so the only fun gambling game is Lottery. To try whether playing the lottery is fun or not, try out these 6 free online Lottery Malaysia game rooms offered by W88, Asia’s top online betting guide.

Is online Lottery legal in Malaysia?

Before we look into the 6 best free online lottery game rooms at W88 Malaysia, let us first look into whether Malaysia allows online lottery sites to operate freely or not. It is important to acknowledge the fact that gambling is not legal in Malaysia. However, there are some online betting sites with foreign licenses that allow Malaysian players to play in Ringits. So, if the online betting site has a legal foreign license then you can play such gambling games on them mindfully.

w88 legal lottery free rooms online
W88 operates legally under PAGCOR

Thanks to the Lottery Act of 1952, which was later revised in 1983, lottery betting is allowed in Malaysia as long as the provider has a legal and registered permit. But when it comes to online lottery games, there is no law that permits or prohibits it. Thus, with the condition that the online casino should have a legal foreign license to operate or allow Malaysian players to play lottery games online, Malaysian players can use such a site as W88 to play the lottery online legally.

Get 6 free online Lottery rooms at W88 Malaysia

Using W88 is extremely beneficial for any kind of gambler as it owns a legal betting license but what is even more cool is that there are games that you can try for free before placing bet with real money. Out of the 7 lottery rooms, 6 of them are free to use at W88. Moreover, the minimum betting rate for most of them including the paid room starts from RM1 only, so you can join today to play the lotto online with your best Lottery Tricks!

w88 lottery free rooms online

1. GPI Lottery – A simple yet fun lottery room

GPI or Gameplay Interactive Lottery is the first free lottery game you can access and play online at W88, however, it is important to make a W88 Register to access the room. Gameplay Interactive is one of the top game room providers in the betting world online and one of W88’s partners that provides most of their casino games on the site.

w88 lottery free online malaysia gpi lottery

  • GPI Lottery is one of the many game rooms Gameplay Interactive has at W88 and what is even cooler is that this is absolutely free to try.
  • This free lottery online room in Malaysia gives you a simple lottery layout that caters to beginners and well as pros where you must select the numbers you want to bet on and open a bet slip on the right.
  • If you want to play with real money, then the minimum betting stake in the GPI Lottery room is RM1 only making it easier to play with Lottery Tips for beginners.

2. SABAIDEE Lottery lets you bet on 3 numbers

Next on the list, we have Sabaidee Lottery which is a free lottery online Malaysia room you can try out at W88. Unlike the traditional lottery, here you must play to predict 3, 2, or 1 numbers. This is a fun lottery game room with a simple layout that is fun to play at as a beginner or if you want to try small lottery rounds online.

w88 lottery free online malaysia sabaidee lottery

  • In this Sabaidee lottery room, you can place 20 bets at once for absolutely free, making it one of the best and most simple lottery games to try in the betting world online.
  • Moreover, here you can filter out the page to enter digits manually or randomly click on any of the given digits to enhance the thrills of betting.
  • Like the above free online lottery Malaysia room, you can play for real money at Sabaidee Lottery starting at RM1 only!

3. SO DE takes playing the lottery to another level

Getting to fun game rooms with many variants at W88 Live Casino, we have the So De lottery room that offers you many tables and lottery variants. Here, you can get the best lottery gaming variants to gamble in fun ways and also find rooms to play other number-related games, similar to the gameplay of the lottery online. Here, you can select any of the lottery rooms based on any Lottery Strategy to win!

w88 lottery free online malaysia so de

  • For beginners to learn How to Play Lottery Online,W88 offers the best So De lottery room as you can see in the image above, you can bet on multiple rooms or any one of them for free!
  • To add to this, you can see that each room’s results are revealed at different times, so if you need quick results you can choose the super or turbo room but for more slow-paced ones you can choose another option.
  • The minimum betting stake to play So De lottery at W88 is only RM1, which is a pretty pocket-friendly price.

4. Keno – Bet on more numbers and bet options

If lottery lovers are not playing the Lotto then you will find them playing Keno, and you definitely should learn How to Play Keno Online for more benefits! Keno is similar to the Lotto but even more fun for gamblers than enjoying the thrills of it. This is because Keno has more numbers to bet on and more betting options to choose from and so using your best Keno Strategies to win becomes even more thrilling!

w88 lottery free online malaysia keno

  • The Keno game room at W88 is provided for free to try because it is one of the most sorted forms of lottery gambling online, so you can learn how to use Keno Tricks to win without even spending a lot.
  • As you can see, you get to bet on different betting options with numbers ranging from 0-80 and advanced betting options like Big/Small, Odd/Even, Elements, etc.
  • Applying these Keno Tips you can play real money Keno at W88, you will have to use a minimum of RM5.

5. W Keno lets you bet on multi-tables

W88 has many game rooms and another one for playing Keno is the Keno free lottery online Malaysia room offered by W88. Here, you can bet on multiple Keno tables at once and get quick results for each of the bets you placed. You can also claim a W88 Promotion on new accounts with a 100% bonus of up to RM1,288 to play W Keno online.

w88 lottery free online malaysia w keno

  • At W Keno, you will find different variants of the Keno lottery game whose results are offered at different times so depending on the pace you can select any table or bet on multiple tables at once.
  • Additionally, you can also find a game room at W88 Keno where you can play the Ladder game, a fun game where you have to determine whether the ladder would give an odd/even or end in the left over right side.
  • Like Keno, the minimum betting stake to play W Keno is RM5. So, after you register an account on the site, you can immediately claim W88 Free Credit up to RM30 on account verification to play the game for free or with free credit cash.

6. Fast 3 lets you play lottery-styled Sic Bo

Fast 3 is another fun free lottery online Malaysia game room that enhances the lottery betting experience by providing you with different kinds of betting options whose results are determined by dice. This is like a combination of the famous game Sic Bo, where you have to guide the outcome of 3 dice.

w88 lottery free online malaysia fast 3

  • Fast 3 is one of the free and fast-paced lottery rooms that combines lotto and sic bo, where you must place bets to determine 3 numbers from 1-6 for 3 dice.
  • Here, you even get to bet on a special option called three of a kind for the numbers 111, 222, 333, and so on, and also select other variants of the game.
  • RM1 is the minimum betting stake that you must use to place real money bets to win.


These were the 6 Free Online Lottery Malaysia rooms you can play at W88 online, one of Asia’s top online betting sites. Try all of them out today after registering an account on the site to claim a Keno promotion bonus of up to RM1,288. For more free game updates, tips, tricks, strategies, and tutorials, visit W88you, your friendly online betting guide.

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