How to Play Lottery Online- Win 20% Bonus up to RM600 at W88

Learn How to Play Lottery Online with a 3-step W88you tutorial. Play Keno at W88 with RM02 minimum. Use bonus code W20WK2 to claim 20% W88 Promotion up to RM600.

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Online betting in today’s world is something which is the most fun, however, since there are different online betting strategies and many more tips and tricks to apply, betting at online casinos can become serious and lose all the fun that the thrill of gambling brings to us. Of course, you must be mindful when placing bets online. However, it is important that you also experience authentic gambling online and nothing provides this experience better than betting on W88 lottery online.


The Basics of Playing Lottery Online

In offline lottery, you had to physically visit stores which sold lottery tickets to purchase one and wait for about a day to get the results. However, in today’s time, it can take only seconds to place bets on lottery online and


The basics of playing lottery online is something very simple to learn which makes it also beginner friendly. Not only this but betting on lottery can be something cool because it does not require a lot of effort, however, if you want to win, it is important that you place your bets online well using some lottery tips.

  • When learning how to lay lottery online to win more money, you must only keep one thing in mind, which basically is the entire point of lottery games.
  • And that is to take a wild guess on the numbers that would be drawn by the dealers by placing bets on the numbers you think would be drawn out.
  • However, it is important to note that lottery online is unlike lottery offline in many ways and one of them is that online lottery come in different variants.

You will find lottery rooms where you must predict 3 numbers or 6 numbers or more, or even find game rooms with unique side betting options to spice up the rounds. Regardless of which room you pick, playing Lottery online is the more fun thing you can do today!

Learn How to Play Lottery Online at W88 in 3 Easy Steps

0Let us now look into the most important part of the article which is also the most easiest section to understand. However, you must make sure to follow these rules thoroughly and not miss a single instruction to get the best lottery betting experience without any hassles.

Step 1: Join W88 and Pick a Lottery Server

  • The first thing that you must do is join W88 by registering an account in the W88 register. To do this you must click on ‘Join‘.
  • Here, you must enter your account details accurately and verify these details because you can claim a free credit bonus of RM30 on your new W88 account.


  • Once you have verified these details, you must use the newly made W88 account login credentials and click on ‘Login‘.
  • When you have successfully logged into your new w88 account, you must click on ‘Lottery‘ and then you can pick a lottery server.
  • Here, we have decided to go with the Keno lottery server as you can claim one exciting bonus promotion by W88 which can give you up to RM600 free.

Step 2: Pick Your Preferred Lottery Room

  • Once you have entered a W88 lottery server, you will find many flashy game rooms and this is because there are variants of lottery in each one of them which offer instant results within a second.
  • So, from all these shiny products, you must pick a lottery game room for you.


  • However, the best part here is that you can also make multiple bets at one from all the odds available.
  • But since you are a beginner we recommend you to start slow, so when you find a lottery game room, you must click on ‘Enter‘, to filter out your page with everything related to the game room you picked.

Step 3: Place Bets for RM2 and Win Instantly

  • In step 3, you are closer to playing Keno online as you only have to make a bet now which is very easy although it may feel overwhelming because of the many betting options available. So before you do so we recommend checking our detailed article on How to play Keno at W88.
  • Next, you will have to decide which betting option you want to go for and when you decide which bet you want t place, you must click on the betting option.
  • Here we have decided to play the Big Even Bet which means that to win we will need the sum of all 20 drawn numbers to be a Big Even number.


  • This will open a bet slip where you will be given most of the betting stake information you will require, which is the payout, betting odds, etc.
  • Then you must enter the minimum betting stake which is RM2, and click on ‘Bet‘ to place your bets. However, it is important to remember that placing bets online can be more fruitful when you place bets on higher odds.

5 Common Lottery Side Betting Options at W88

Although playing Lottery online is something that is simple and requires less efforts, if you want to win more in less time then it is recommended that you know the common side betting options which you will find on most lottery servers online as it is one of the few pro lottery tricks to win more. placing lottery bets to predict lottery numbers can either go good or bad, however, if you place bets using the side bets then you can win more in less time.


  1. Big, Exact Score, Small: One of the most betting options in the betting world is the big, exact score, small betting option where you must place bets to determine whether the sum of all the numbers called would be bigger than, exact, or smaller than a given number.
  2. Up, Tie, Down: The Up, Tie, Down betting option in lottery is similar to the previous betting option, however, it slightly is different because here you will have to place bets on different number ranges. If more than 10 numbers drawn falls between 1-40 then it is Up, if more than 10 numbers drawn fall between 41 to 80 then it is down, and if it is neither or equal, then it is a tie.
  3. Odds, Ties, Evens: One of the easiest betting options available is the odds, ties, and evens bets. If more than 10 numbers drawn are odd numbers then the odd bets win, if more than 10 numbers drawn are even then the even bets win. If there are equal amounts of odd and even numbers then the tie bet wins. Additionally, there are only Odd and Even bets where all 20 numbers should be odd or even respectively to win.
  4. Parley Big Small, Odd Even: Parley Bets online is one of the bets which is fun yet risky. Here, you must place different bets and tie them all to one single bet. However, at Keno, placing bets on any one of the four options is considered an individual bet. The parley big small, odd even bet takes place when you bet on Big or Small or Odd or Even bets, meaning if you place a bet on Big and Even, then more than 10 numbers should be Big numbers that are even.
  5. Five Elements Bet: Lastly, adding a twist to lottery betting we have the Five Elements bets where you can place bets on Gold, Wood, Water, Fire or Earth. Gold will win the bet if the sum of the numbers drawn is between 210-695. Wood would win the bet if the sum of the numbers drawn is between 696-763. Water will win the bet if the sum of the numbers drawn is between 764-855, Fire would win if the sum of the numbers drawn is between 856 -923. Lastly, Earth would win the bet if the sum of the numbers drawn is between 924-1410.

Knowing these betting options will help you place bets accurately and learning their betting odds thoroughly is important as well since lottery online has one of the fastest gameplay in the betting world. Thus with this you can come up with some lottery strategies to make accurate bets in quickly.

Using Odds in Real-Money W88 Keno Gameplay

Now let us take an example and place a bet on W88 Keno to analyze how placing bets on Lottery works and why you should opt for the highest odds when it comes to lottery online.


  • In the Power Keno game room at W88, we have selected the Parley betting option to place our bets on.
  • This means that you will win the bet if the sum off all the numbers is less than 810 and an even number.
Betting OptionSmall Odd
Betting StakeRM2
Betting Odds3.7
Winning PayoutRM7.40
  • The odds for Small Odd is 3.7, this will determine your payout as betting stake multiply by the betting odds calculates potential payouts.
  • However, if you lose the bet then you will lose only your betting stake which is RM2 with it. That being said, the more you stake the more payout you can receive but do so at your own risk.

Use W88 Free RM600 Bonus to Boost your Lottery Wallet

The best part about playing Lottery online using W88 is probably the fact that you can play the game and get results within seconds. However, another amazing thing is that you can also get up to RM600 W88 Promotion bonus on Keno online.


  • Although this bonus is only available for the Keno lottery server at W88, you can get 20% of up to RM600 bonus cash, which you can use to play more Lottery betting rounds online.
  • However, there are some conditions you must adhere to for this bonus to be 100% yours.
ProductBonus CodeMinimum DepositWalletRollover Time
  • In order to claim the bonus, you must make a minimum deposit of RM30 in your LOTTERY wallet as your first deposit with a single transaction.
  • Then you must rollover the bonus and deposit money at least 15 times, with the 1st rollover taking place within a month.

Once these conditions are met, you can go ahead and claim the 20% up to RM600 bonus to play lottery betting online at W88 Keno.


This was all about how to play lottery online using one of the best gambling site in the betting world online. As you have seen, playing lottery online is very simple and takes less time as well as less money to play at a site like W88. Remember to bet wisely by following the basic rules and placing bets on the higher betting odds to win more payouts. Additionally, you can grab the bonus of RM600 to play more lottery betting online but remember to gamble safely. With this we bid adieu, happy betting!

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