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Blackjack is an online casino game that can either go well or really bad for gamblers depending on the hand they get dealt however when it comes to the people who know about the Blackjack Advanced Strategy and play cool online casino sites like W88, any game round can be a good and fruitful one. If you want to know how this is possible then you have come to the right place because, with our W88you experts, we have put together this article to explain what the Blackjack advanced strategy is all about!

W88 advanced blackjack strategy

Do Blackjack Advanced Strategies really help boost winnings?

Before we explain to you what the blackjack advanced strategy is, it is first important to know whether advanced strategies help gamblers in winning most game rounds or not. To answer this question in simple terms then yes, using Blackjack betting strategies when learning how to play Blackjack online is extremely beneficial for gamblers since Blackjack is a casino game that needs you to get a good hand. To play blackjack games online, create an account at Asia’s top online betting site, the W88 Register today!

W88 blackjack advanced strategy chart to win

Moreover, Blackjack is a casino game played against an as strong opponent and that is the live dealer who is professionally trained and thus, already uses advanced blackjack strategies. The hand rank value matters a lot in blackjack games but unlike poker, you cannot really bluff and fool the player to win. Instead, you can use some blackjack betting strategies which are extremely beneficial but choosing the right one is extremely important as well.

In short, Blackjack is indeed a game that requires you to have some tricks up your sleeves and so, many pro players come up with their own strategies or follow the most effective card-counting method. However, the easiest way to know what move to make and when to hit, split, stand, double up, or surrender your hand is by using the Advanced Blackjack strategy betting chart which is the main topic of this article. So, using the blackjack betting chart is the greatest Blackjack advanced strategy you can use to not only win but also save up the money in your bankroll!

Top 3 Advanced Blackjack Strategies you should know

In total, there are 3 advanced blackjack strategies that you can learn when learning How to Play Blackjack Online. However, many consider them to be a part of one big strategy to win. This is indeed true because, with only these 3 strategies, you will know when to hit for another card, split the card, double up the stakes, stand your hand, and even surrender your cards. As you scroll further down the article, you will get 3 advanced blackjack betting charts that give you an idea of what action you must take based on your first two hands and the Dealer’s up card value.

W88 blackjack advanced strategy to win

Note: It is important to note the abbreviations in the table below where,

    • H stands for Hit which means that you must go for another card in your hand.
    • ST stands for Stand which means that you should continue playing with the existing cards in your hand.
    • D stands for Double which means to double your betting stake on a particular hand.
    • SP stands for Split which means to split your hand into two hands, here you play on two tables.
    • SU stands for Surrender which means to give up the hand dealt to you for the round. With this, you get half your betting stake refunded.
    • / stands for OR which means that you can use any one of the two suggested moves in the table.

1. Hard total hands

The first Blackjack Strategy for advanced blackjack gameplay is the Hard Hand or Hard Totals which is something you should be mindful of when your first two cards are dealt and the Dealer’s first card is revealed. Hard Total Hands are those hands where the first two cards dealt to you do not have an Ace card. These are called Hard Totals because here the Ace is considered to be 1 instead of 11. This is because Ace cards are considered to be 11 in hard totals, getting a number closer to 21 or 21 could be risky.

Dealer’s Up Card Value
Your Hand Total2345678910Ace
  • As you can see above, the table for the hard total Blackjack advanced strategy helps you decide which move to make based on the dealer’s up card and your first two cards if the hand does not have an ace.
  • For instance, if your first two cards sum up to 12 and the dealer’s up card is an 8, then you must Hit for another card since the risk of busting your hand is low.
  • It is also important to note that if your first two cards sum up between 18-21  then you must stand your hand for the rest of the round.

2. Soft total hands

Next in Blackjack Tips in the Blackjack advanced strategy chart is the Soft total or Soft hands which are also considered to be fluid hands in a blackjack game. Soft Total Hands are those where you get an Ace card as one of the first two cards dealt to you. This is called Soft total because here the Ace card can be considered as 1 or 11, whichever is beneficial to you based on the total. However, here, most gamblers take ace as 11 since the highest number here when added to any 2nd card is 19, which is a pretty safe option closer to the number 21.

Dealer’s Up Card Value
Your Hand Total2345678910Ace
  • Like the Hard Totals, the Soft Total blackjack advanced betting strategy chart tells you when you must hit, stand, split, double, up, and more depending on the outcome of the first round in a blackjack game.
  • For example, if you get an Ace and a 5 as your first card, and the dealer gets their first card with the value of 6, then you can either Double up the betting stake or Hit, by considering Ace as 1 or 15.
  • However, since 15 is a risky number, you can consider Ace to have a value of 1, and a total of 6 as your first hand.

3. Hands with Pair cards

The last part of the best Blackjack advanced strategy is all about the Pair card hands where you get 2 cards of the same value. This case scenario happens rarely but when it does you must play your cards well because things could go well or wrong. This is why, you should follow the below table to know which move you must make when you get dealt pair cards in the first blackjack round. Following this and the other two given advanced Blackjack strategies in the W88 Live Casino can altogether enhance your gaming experience like never before!

Dealer’s Up Card Value
Your Hand Total2345678910Ace
2 + 2
3 + 3
  • As you can see, when you start with a pair, most of the time you may have to split your cards as getting two different outcomes with the same starting card could be beneficial.
  • For instance, if you get 8 + 8 and the dealer’s first card is a 4, then you can split that 8 into 2 tables, giving you the chance to play with 8 as the first card on two different tables.

Note: When you get a pair of A + A, it is important to split the cards into two as the total can be either 22 which is an immediate burst, or a 2, which is safe to play but slightly challenging to reach 21, or a 12, which is somewhat safe. But splitting the hand that starts with 2 aces is the best as you get to play on 2 tables with soft total hands each.

3 additional blackjack strategies to enhance your gameplay

The above charts can be used by you whenever you decide to play Blackjack online but remember to choose a betting site that gives you extravagant bonuses since Blackjack games require gamblers to have a good amount in their bankroll. This is why we recommend using W88 as your online gambling site because here you can get a W88 Promotion bonus on online casinos up to RM600 on creating a new account. Additionally, it is important that you also try these 3 additional blackjack strategies to help you guarantee your wins.

W88 blackjack advanced strategy

  1. Observe to use of the Card counting method: As mentioned above, pro gamblers tend to use the card counting method as their strategy whenever they play blackjack because this allows them to predict the next card in the deck. However, this method requires a lot of observations as you have to give cards the values of 1, -1, and 0 to get the predictions right. Since these days most blackjack casinos use more than 1 deck, card counting is a slow process, so sticking to the advanced blackjack strategy chart is the best option.
  2. Surrender your hand if not confident: One of the best techniques you can use as a gambler is your confidence in the hand and technique but sometimes this confidence does not help because the hand dealt is indeed a risky one. This is why surrendering your cards is the best option to go with in such cases to avoid major losses. As the betting chart suggests surrendering mostly for hard totals, if you feel that a soft or pair hand is difficult to play with then you can surrender your hand as an effective strategy based on your gut instinct.
  3. Play with Progressive systems: Blackjack is a game where 1 single betting round has many sub-betting rounds as some players hit for more cards. Most blackjack sub-betting rounds total up to 3-4 more rounds and so it is important to have a good bankroll to play the game. Maintaining this bankroll to gain profits is equally important and so using progressive betting systems work best in these cases. Progressive betting systems require you to increase your betting stake depending on your losses so that you can win back the lost money as a payout.


This was the Blackjack Advanced Strategy that you can use to enhance your gameplay in any online casino. But we highly recommend W88 since it is the best site with many Blackjack game rooms and amazing bonuses that beginners can use at pocket-friendly prices. For more such betting tips, tricks, and strategies, stick with W88you, Asia’s top betting guide.

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