How Football Betting odds work online – Beginners guide 2024

Decimal odds are favorite forms as they are easy to read. Find How Football Betting odds work in this article defined by W88you. Learn the 5 most popular odds!

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Betting odds denote the possibility of an occasion to occur and thus enable you to check out how much cash you would win if your wager wins. Below is the explanation of How football betting works on the online sportsbook betting websites where you just need to sign up for a new account and start playing by making a minimum deposit amount.

Introduction to football betting

  • Football has consistently been one of the most favored sportsbooks in the Asian countries, with a staggering 40% of all funds wagered by gamblers paid on the exquisite game.


  • This is why it is essential that you, the bettor, learn all the fundamental qualities of the football betting markets.
  • The massive volume of matches has enabled the enterprise to expand and permit gamblers to place a stake in a full host of markets, with multiple gambling websites presenting impressive deals and competitive odds.
  • In this article, W88You drives you via what you must learn about football betting so you won’t get confused surrounding the demands.

How Football Betting odds work

  • Odds are placed by a bookmaker – W88 Malaysia and define the proportion between the stake and winnings on a given result, you must desire to put a bet on it.
  • They are generally depicted as fractions (such as 2/1), but could sometimes be displayed as decimals (2.00) and you can decide which you pick to utilize.
  • For instance, if the result of a sports event holds odds of 2/1, it implies you would win $2 for each $1 you gamble.

The 5 most popular types of odds on football & working

Football betting odds and lines define the indicated possibility of a result and the amount of money that could be won.


Odds can be direct to Moneyline, spread, and total (over/under) bets and they can be revealed as American, European (decimal), or British (fractional). Let’s quickly go through the most popular 5 football betting odds types and the work below:

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#1. Plus and Minus Odds

  • The plus (+) and minus (-) in football betting can refer to either the point spread or gambling odds.
  • In terms of the spread, the ” – ” consistently refers to the favorite, and the ” + ” is always considered the underdog.
  • For instance, you can bet the Chelsea as a -7 point favorite to defeat the Man United as a +7 point underdog.
  • Suppose you bet the Chelsea -7, and they beat by more than 7 points, you win your stake. Likewise, if you bet the Man United +7 and they lose by less than 7 points or win outright, you win your wager.

#2. Spread Bets

  • A spread bet is on the predicted point differential between 2 teams. A minus (-) denotes the favorite, and a plus (+) will be the underdog.
OddsIn WordsWhat It Means
Lakers -7 (-110)Lakers minus 7 points for -110 oddsThe Lakers should win by more than 7 points to win the bet
Clippers +7 (-110)Clippers plus 7 points for -110 oddsClippers must win or lose by less than 7 points to win the bet
  • As for the odds, the most typical digit for spread bets is -110, but that number differs depending on the place, sports betting site, and the popularity of each side.
  • The standard number is -110, which implies you must bet $110 to win $100.
  • However, there are circumstances where the odds are more harmful to bringing the more money like -115 or -120. This is also named the vig – the quantity the sportsbook charges for every bet.


#3. Decimal Odds (British)

  • Decimal odds are most popular in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.
  • These odds may be the most straightforward of the 3 to understand just by glancing at the numbers.
  • The team with the higher of the 2 numbers is the underdog and the team owing the lower numbers is the favorite.
  • The return can be calculated by multiplying the bet with the decimal odds.
Man United 1.50$100$150$50
Chelsea 3.10$100$310$210

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#4. Moneyline Bets

  • A Moneyline bet is on the direct winner of a football match.
OddsIn WordsDescription
Liverpool +150Liverpool plus 150If you stake worth $100 on the Liverpool and they win, you will get $150
Arsenal -170Arsenal minus 170If you stake worth $100 on the Arsenal and they win, you will get $170
  • Betting the Moneyline for a football match is just betting on which team you believe would win.
  • There is no point spread applied. Whichever team you choose must win outright for a stake to be successful.
  • In the improbable possibility of a draw, your bet will be replaced. Moneyline bets are as precise as it gets in football betting.
  • You’re gambling on which team would win an occasion and if that side succeeds, you win.


#5. Over and Under betting

  • An over and under odds betting involves the score or points in a provided match.
  • The over/under odds table below is for the Man United and Chelsea football game.
OddsIn WordsDescription
Over 49 (-110)Over 49 points for -110 oddsTo win the stake, the Man United and Chelsea must total more than 49 points
Under 49 (-110)Under 49 points for -110 oddsMan United and Chelsea must total less than 49 points to win the bet
  • Alike a spread bet if the Man United and Chelsea mix for precisely 49 points, it’s a push and the individual side brings their funds back. Furthermore like spread bets are that the odds can differ.


You must learn the odds to begin with when it comes to football betting at W88 Malaysia. By understanding How Football Betting odds work, you could produce the best potential bet. You may even wish to check out the margin for the bookmaker you desire to put bets on. So that, you would get better out of your wagers in returns.

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