Over/under 2.5 goals meaning- Explained with examples at W88

Know what does Over/Under 2.5 mean in betting with easy examples from W88 Malaysia. Learn how to bet on the Over 2.5 or Under 2.5 betting options at W88 Sports.

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Playing sports betting online can be a fun thing to do however, it is also important to choose a good online betting site like W88 and also pick the correct sports book to play sports betting online. Besides this, it is also important that you understand all the betting options thoroughly under the sports you want to place bets on so that you can do so effectively and with positive outcomes. One common betting option under sports betting is the Over/Under 2.5 betting option, but what does over/under 2.5 mean in betting and how you can use it to win, let’s find out.

What is the Over/Under sports betting option?

As a beginner, it is always best to start with easy betting options like the over/under betting option and to understand this option in sports matches we will be using examples from football sports as this is a common betting option found there. That being said, the over/under betting option in football is easy to understand and so, let us take a quick glance at them.


  • Football Over/Under betting option is a betting option where you have to select and place bets on Over or Under a certain number.
  • It is often denoted with an ‘O/U’ and as you can see in the image above, here are many kinds of over/under betting variations.
  • This bet depends on the final score of the teams, and what makes this betting option easier is that you do not have to predict which team will win or lose, but predict how much the total score will be at the end of the match.
  • If you want to predict that the score will be less than a given number, then you will place bets on Under. If you want to predict that the score will be more than a given number, then you will place bets on Over.

What does Over/Under 2.5 mean in betting?

The over/under betting option is very simple to understand however, there are many variations and average score points like 0.5, 1.5. 2.5, 3.5, and so on. In this article, we will mainly be focusing on what does over/under 2.5 mean in betting. For this, let us look at Over 2.5 and Under 2.5 separately.

Over 2.5

The Over betting option is the first sub-betting option we will look into to understand what is over under 2.5 goals bet. As stated above, this betting option requires you to predict the total score of both teams by the end of the match and whether they will be more than a certain number or less than a certain number, the number here being 2.5


  • This means that by betting on the Over 2.5 sub-betting option, you are predicting that the total score will be more than 2.5 goals.
  • Thus, you are basically predicting that the total score will be 3 goals or more than 3 goals. So, you place bets on this betting option you should click on the Over button under the bets.

If you want to try a similar betting option in the W88 sportsbooks, then you should try the Asian handicap betting option and for that, here are some Asian Handicap Football Tips that can be applied to the Over/Under betting option too!

Under 2.5

The second sub-betting options in the over/under football betting option is the Under option, which is exactly the opposite of the Over sub-betting option. The over/under betting option requires you to predict the total score of both the teams and sometimes, both teams do not manage to score any goal. So, if the chances of both the teams not managing to score a single goal is high, then you should go for the under betting option.


  • Opposite to the Over 2.5 betting option, here you are predicting that the total score will be less than 2.5 goals.
  • This means that you are predicting that the total score will be any number below 3 goals, either 2, 1, or 0, that means either 2, 1, or 0 goals.

Play Over/Under 2.5 betting at W88 Malaysia in 3 simple steps

Now that you have understood what over/under 2.5 means in betting let us take you through an easy and simple tutorial on how you can place the over/under 2.5 bet for different teams on one of Asia’s top online betting site W88. Using W88 would give you many benefits as a beginner including W88 Promotion bonus on sportsbook of up to RM600.

Step 1: Visit W88, create account, and pick a sportsbook

  • The first thing that you must do to play the over/under 2.5 sports betting on football is create an account on the W88 site by clicking on ‘Join‘.
  • Here you will have to fill out the registration form with a unique username and strong password to make a successful Login.


  • Once you have signed up for an account in the W88 Register, you can go ahead and click on ‘Sports‘ or hover your mouse over it to access the W88 sportsbooks.
  • Here, click on your preferred sportsbook to continue the steps. We have selected the e-Sports Asian sportsbook as it is very beginner-friendly.

Step 2: Select a football match with over/under 2.5 bet

  • Once you have selected the sportsbook, you will be introduce to all the ongoing and upcoming matches from different domains. To filter out Soccer matches, you must click on soccer.
  • Then you must scroll down to find a match with the over/under 2.5 betting option. Finding such matches in the W88 Sportsbook is very easy.
  • Here, we have selected the Over/Under 2.5 betting option for the match between Schalke and Wolfsburg.

Step 3: Fill out the Bet Slip with minimum RM5

  • When you are finally able to access all the betting options in the W88 Sportsbook, you should find the over/under betting option. Here we have selected the Full Time Over/Under (FT O/U).
  • As you can see and as mentioned above, there are many types of over/under bets. So, it is best to pick one with the highest betting odds which will be available next to the over or under point.


  • Here, we have picked the Under 2.5 betting option with a 2.04 betting odds. To place a stake on this, we must click on it. This means that you are placing bets to predict that the outcome of the Full Time score will be 3 goals or more than 3 goals.
  • Doing so, would open a betting slip where you have to enter the betting stake amount. Here, we have entered RM5 as that is the minimum betting rate. Once done, you must click on ‘Place Bets‘ to lock your betting stake on the Under 2.5 option. Wait for the full-time score for the revelation of the results!

Over/Under 2.5 betting option examples

Using the above match as an example, let us now explain the over/under 2.5 betting option using the examples given below. In the example, you will see that the over 2.5 and under 2.5 bets are divided into two section and how their payouts depend on the betting odds given by your trusted online betting site. To calculate payouts we use the formula betting odds x betting stake = total payout. So, this example will also help you understand How Football Betting Odds Work.

Betting Stake: RM5Betting Stake: RM5
Betting Odds: 1.86Betting Odds: 2.04
Payout Returns: RM9.30Payout Returns: RM10.20

As you can clearly see the difference, the payout of the over/under 2.5 betting options highly depend on the betting odds given by the sportsbook. Moreover, it is important that you place bets on the higher betting odds between the Over 2.5 and Under 2.5 options as you can see, paying the same betting stake would give you more returns for the Under betting option than the Over betting option, since the former has higher odds than the latter. Regardless, the Under betting option states that you will be predicting that the goal will be more than 2.5, that is 3 or more goals.


With this we hope you have understood What Does Over/Under Mean in Betting in the most simplest way. To sum it up, the Over/Under 2.5 betting option is used to predict whether the total score of both teams will be over 2.5 which is 3 or more goals, or under 2.5, which is less than 3 goals. It is also important to remember to bet on the higher betting odds from both the options as the betting odds matter more when placing bets. Lastly, to get a smooth betting experience, you should choose a good online betting site which gives you extravagant sportsbook bonuses like the W88 promotion up to RM600.

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