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We all know that Hdp, o/u, and 1×2 are frequently used in sports betting, particularly in football. Today we’ll discuss the most popular & simplest bet that is W88 football over/under. So let’s begin!

What is football over/under betting?

W88 Football over/under betting is also referred to as totals betting. In any particular sporting event, the total is the sum of both teams’ scores. An over/under bet in sports is one in which you must accurately guess the cumulative score of both teams. You must choose whether the overall score will be over or under W88’s said value.

Why is Football over/under bet most popular?

Before moving to the how to place bets section, we’d like to go through a few of the reasons for the popularity of W88 football over/under bets. Understanding why things are useful can sometimes help you better grasp how to apply them.

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1. Over/Under wagers have a 50% chance of winning – The way they work is one of the most significant Over/Under advantages. There is no such thing as a tie; you either win or lose. As a result, if we use this sort of wager, we have a 50% chance of winning, which is significantly higher than typical 1X2 bets.

2. Easier to predict the outcome – We must rely on a specific course of events when betting on a specific team’s victory, or for example, option Both To Score, where one or both teams must be involved. “Both teams are playing for you” in Over/Under bets!

3. Betting Versatility – The increased betting versatility of the over/under bet is ideal for professional gamblers seeking to earn some money. When you have a guess regarding the game’s flow but aren’t sure who will win, you now have a way to profit from it.

3 steps on how to place W88 football over/under bets

Newbies at W88 can follow this simple 3 step guide to begin their W88 football betting journey.

Step 1: Go to official W88 website & login

  • Visiting W88 for the first time? To begin, go to W88 Register and make an account, then follow the below instructions.
  • Members who have already registered can log in to their W88 account using their username and password.

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  • After successfully logging in, go to the sports tab in the navigation bar.
  • W88 has various sportsbook markets, each with a diverse selection of sports to wager on.
  • W88you recommends esports(Asia) since it offers high-odds football betting events.

Step 2: Pick a football league under e-sports

  • Once you click on esports Asia, you’ll be thrilled to enter the world of amazing sports betting games. Visit how betting works in sports and enjoy betting on sports evets with high odds.

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  • Look for football, and select your favorite league under it from the left-hand list.
  • Let’s pick NFL since it is the most popular football league.
  • After that, choose your preferred team & proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Place bets on W88 football over/under

  • Finally, you’re ready to start your exciting W88 football betting adventure.
  • Now all you have to do is select the type of bet you want to make and click on it.

w88-football over under-02

  • Since we are discussing over/under, we’ll focus only on it.
  • On the right side, you’ll be provided a betting slip on which you can enter the amount and view the return wale.
  • Place bets to confirm your wagers & get your returns.

How to calculate the odds of W88 football over/under?

Let’s take a look at W88 football over/under and break it down piece by piece. When betting on the over/under, ignore every other bet present. Check out handicap betting in football, grasp the basics & start betting.

Let’s consider the example of Los Angeles Chargers & Kansas city chiefs.
The number 52 represents the total number set by W88. So you need to predict whether the total will be over or under 52. 1.90 & 1.94 are the respective odds for over and under.

w88-football over under-08

  • Case 1: If you bet RM100 on over(1.90) & if the total score is over 52 then you will get RM190 in return. If you lose the bet you will also lose RM100 you wagered.

w88-football over under-09

  • Case 2: If you bet RM100 on under(1.94) & if the total score is under 52 then you will get RM194 in return else you will lose RM 100.

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Hope we made you understand W88 football over/under bet with ease. Don’t only look at the over/under number and then quickly start wagering. Make sure you’re obtaining the right possible payoff for the risk you’re willing to take. If the payment isn’t to your liking or you don’t believe it’s fair, don’t gamble and look for another option. W88 has the best odds & you are sure to make lots of money online.

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