Asian handicap 0 meaning explained with W88 sports bet guide

Asian handicap 0 meaning explained with easy examples from W88 Malaysia! Learn how to bet on handicap 0 bets & win a 100% bonus of up to RM150 on first deposit.

Asian Handicap 0 Bet  Sports Betting Online  W88 Bonus RM600

Playing football betting is something most people enjoy these days thanks to reputed and legal online betting sites like W88. So, if you want to join in on the fun then be sure to first learn about all the football betting options and understand what they mean well using all of our helpful guides. Here, we will specifically be looking into the Asian Handicap 0 meaning, and how you can place bets on this popular football betting option. Moreover, stick to the end of the article to get the examples of how you can earn more money using this betting option in football.

What does Asian Handicap Mean in Betting?

Before taking a look at the Asian Handicap 0 meaning, let us take a quick dive into what the Asian Handicap betting option means in the first place. When you join online sportsbook, you will notice among the main betting options there lies an HDP betting option, this is short for Handicap. What else you will notice is that besides the betting odds, there are some numbers given, which are the Handicap Goals given to the teams, but what does this mean?


  • Asian Handicap Betting in Football was created to even out the bets placed on teams who are stronger or considered Favorites vs the teams who are considered to be the underdogs.
  • Since it is obvious who would win, to give good odds and make the betting more exciting, the stronger team is given a disadvantage and the weaker team is given an advantage.
  • This advantage and disadvantage is given to the weaker team with a goal head-start and to the stronger team with a goal handicap, and it is denoted with a + or – sign, respectively.

Meaning and purpose of Asian Handicap 0 explained

Sometimes, under the Asian Handicap betting option, you will find matched with a 0 handicap betting option, and this can be confusing because if you think about it, it would mean there are 0 goals advantages or disadvantages given to the teams. And this is exactly the case, in the Asian Handicap 0 meaning is that neither teams get a goal advantage or disadvantage and this because both the teams have an equal chances of winning.

Note: In the image example given below, the other handicap give for the teams are the Asian Handicap 0.5 or 0.5/1 where Estoril has goal advantages and Rio Ave has goal disadvantages. This would mean that the latter is slightly stronger than the former team, to know more about this Asian Handicap betting option, check out our Asian Handicap 0.5/1.0 Explained article.


Focusing only on the Asian Handicap 0 for the match between Rio Ave and Estoril, we can derive 3 possible scenarios which would be applicable to both the teams:

  • Scenario 1 – Team Wins: If the team wins the real match, you will win the bet and will win the payouts depending on the betting odds. The higher the betting odds, the more payouts you will receive.
  • Scenario 2: – Tie/Draw: If neither team wins, or there is a match draw between both the teams, the sportsbook will return the betting stake you placed on any of the teams.
  • Scenario 3 – Team Loses: If your team loses you placed a bet on loses the match, then you will lose the bet as well as the betting stake you placed on the team.

Note: It may seem that the Asian Handicap 0 betting option is the same as the 1X2 betting option, however, there is a slight difference because in the Asian Handicap 0 betting option, if there is a Tie or Draw, then you will get your betting stake returned whereas the Tie or Draw is one of the sub-betting options in the 1X2 bet.

Play Asian Handicap 0 at W88 to Learn the meaning

Now that you have learnt the Asian Handicap 0 meaning, let us take a look at an easy tutorial of the betting option at W88, one of Asia’s top online betting site. Using W88 would give you a welcome bonus of up to RM600 on sportsbook as a new member W88 Promotion.

Step 1: Join W88 and Pick a Sportsbook

  • To join W88, you must first visit the official betting site and then click on ‘Join‘, this would take you to the online betting site’s registration form which you must fill with accuracy.


  • Once you are done filling the form in the W88 Register, you must go ahead and complete the registration process by clicking on ‘Login‘ to sign in at W88 successfully.
  • Then you must hover your mouse over ‘Sports‘ which will give you access to all the sportsbook at W88, here, you can select your preferred sportsbook to play Asian Handicap 1 football betting. We have selected the ‘e-SPORTS Asian‘ sportsbook as it is considered to be a very beginner-friendly sportsbook.

Step 2: Select a preferred match with 0 handicap bet

  • When you enter the sportsbook, you will see that it is full of ongoing and upcoming matches from different sports domains. So, to filter out only the sports matches for football, you must click on ‘Soccer‘.


  • This will filter out all the matches in the W88 Sportsbook to provide you with only soccer matches. You can then scroll down to find a match with Asian Handicap 0 betting option.
  • Here, we have found a match between Espanyol and Real Sociedad under the Spain La Liga series with the desired Asian Handicap 0 betting option.

Step 3: Place bets on the higher odds to earn more

  • By step 3: You should find yourself on the page with all the betting options available for the match you selected, this would make placing bets and focusing on the said match easily.
  • Among all the available betting options and Asian Handicap betting variations, you must find the FT Asian Handicap bet, which is the Full-Time Asian Handicap betting option.
  • As you can see in the image, there are different types of Handicaps given for both the teams with the + and – signs interchanging. This means that both the teams have equal power over each other to win the match.


  • But what has even more power to help you earn more is the betting odds, so when placing Asian Handicap 0 bets, you should always go for the team with the Higher Betting Odds, to earn more payouts. In this case, Espanyol with 0 handicap has high betting odds of 2.52 than the opposite team.
  • So, we will click on Espanyol which will open a betting slip where we will enter RM5, the minimum betting limit, and then see the returns, which is RM12.60 in this case.
  • Then to confirm the bets, you must click on ‘Place Bets‘ which will then lock your bets for the FT Asian Handicap betting option, then you can sit back and watch the game for the outcome.

Asian Handicap 0 meaning with examples for beginners

Now that you know the Asian Handicap 0 meaning and how you can place bets on the betting option using W88, you can go ahead and apply some Asian Handicap Football Tips and place your bets online but before you leave, let us help you understand the Asian Handicap 0 meaning with the help of some examples. Using this as your guide, you will be fully equipped with what you need to know about the Asian Handicap 0 bet online.

Asian Handicap 0 for EspanyolAsian Handicap 0 for Real Soceidad
Betting Odds: 2.52Betting Odds: 1.58
Betting Stake: RM5Betting Stake: RM5
Returns if Team Won: RM12.60Returns if Team Won: RM7.90
Returns if Teams Tied: Bet Stake RM5 ReturnedReturns if Teams Tied: Bet Stake RM5 Returned
Returns if Team Lost: Lose the Bet Stake RM5Returns if Team Lost: Lose the Bet Stake RM5
  • As you cans see in the table above, the betting odds in the Asian Handicap 0 betting option matters the most and thus, it is considered to be the most easiest Asian Handicap betting option to place a bet on.
  • Moreover, although this seems like the 1X2 betting option, here, if both the teams have tied the match, then you can get your stake returned back too making this an even more exciting bet.

So, when your team loses the match, then you lose the Asian Handicap 0 betting stake as well as the handicap bet. But remember, for the minimum betting stake, you can receive more payouts depending on the betting odds in the Asian Handicap 0 betting option.


This was the Asian Handicap 0 Meaning explained with some of the easiest betting examples using the W88 sportsbook. As a beginner, this is the best handicap betting option you should try placing bets on but only using beginner friendly sportsbooks like the ones offered by W88. That being said, if you join W88 then you can get up to RM600 or RM150 with free credit of RM30 to play sports betting online which is very budget-friendly. Lastly, remember to play sports betting online responsibly and wisely by placing your bets strategically on amazing football matches online!

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