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Club W88 App makes Sports betting & Live Casino easily accessible to online players for just RM05. Download, Login to W88 Dashboard & Win a Free Credit of RM30.

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About W88 Club Malaysia

In Malaysia, gambling is one of the coolest skills you can find however, finding the correct place to execute these skills where you can also find other like-minded people can be difficult. This is why W88, Malaysia’s no. 1 Online Betting Site, has come up with their own W88 Club App which you can download within minutes and play amazing casino live-dealer games online in Malaysia starting at RM5 only.

Introducing Club W88 – The Top Betting App

As mentioned above, the W88 Club W Grand’s Mobile app is the best place you can play online casino games, especially if you are a beginner. Using this app, you can get access to some of the coolest casino games in the betting world online anytime and anywhere.


  • With only a few clicks and a few minutes, you can now make a Club W88 App Download for Free from the Official W88 Website.
  • After logging in, you will immediately get access to a simple interfaced Casino app, with many wonderful things.
  • You can play some top games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, and more, after depositing some money and claiming the free RM600 Bonus on Live Casino.

Pros and Cons of the W88Club App

This app has many game rooms offered by one of the top game room providers, Gameplay Interactive, in Malaysia. However, since this is an honest review of the app, let us take a look into the pros and cons of using the W88Club App as your online betting casino app.

Pros of the W88Club App:

  1. Quick Download: The first pro aspect of the casino app is that it is very quick and easy to download as all you have to do is go to the website and find the download link. However, the download speed will depend on your internet connection.
  2. Easy Navigation: When you join the Club W88 app, you will notice that it is very easy to navigate through the app, and you won’t find any complications when making an account in the W88 register or switching from one game room to the other.
  3. Easy-to-Access Products: Speaking of sportsbooks and game rooms, each one of them is accessible and easy to play at as the loading speed does not take too much time. Each game room has its own live-dealer webcam that you can watch and play. While the sportsbooks always offer you with updated data on live matches, upcoming matches, as well as betting odds.
  4. Easy-to-Use Interface: Another aspect of the game rooms that you will notice is how easy they are to understand even if this is your very first time at any live casino game room. The tables are widespread and you can easily click on chips and place them on the betting option you want.
  5. Rules Section: Another important pro aspect which is also very helpful for beginners is that the app offers a very simple and easy-to-understand rules section under the three-bar menu. You can click on it and access the rules to almost all the games easily.
  6. History Reports: For those who like strategizing when placing bets online, you can access your playing history as well as get a report for free from the options section. You can use the data here to up your online betting skills and make more accurate bets.
  7. Customer Support: W88Cub App also offers customer care support among all the other amazing things which you can access with ease any time you face a problem. Their AI system as well as Live Agents are always reliable when it comes to solving your queries whether big or small.
  8. Rebates/Cashback/Rewards: You will also find a W88 cashback rebate and rewards section in the W8club app where you can claim exciting bonus offers and promotions as you keep playing as one of W88’s valuable players. Be sure to read the article completely to check out the best reward you can grab for free RM60.


Cons of the W88Club App:

  1. May Cause Phone to Lag: When you download the W88Club app for the first time it may cause your phone to lag if your internet connection is not fast enough. This may require you to switch to another Internet Service Provider and start the download process from the beginning.
  2. Does Not Have customer Service on Each Page: Unlike the W88’s Website, you will not find customer service’s 24/7 Live Access on every page instead you will have to click on the three-bar menu and access the customer support agents under their ‘contact us’ section.
  3. Limited Access Compared to W88’s Site: Since this app is strictly for W88’s Live Casino Club W Grand Casino Products, you can access game rooms only provided by Gameplay Interactive. If you want to access all the cool W88 products from the W88 Official Website then you must download the W88 Lite app instead.

Note: The W88 Lite App has more features and allows you to play not only at all the casino clubs offered at W88 but also lets you indulge in sports betting online, slot games, lottery, fishing, and many more with a better interface.

Get Your Hands on  5 Amazing Products in 1 Awesome Place

As mentioned above, the Club W88 app is the best app you can find in the sports betting market because it offers 5 products in one that every online gambler needs. What makes these 5 products special that the Club W88 app is the most preferred one for most gamblers in Malaysia? Let’s take a look

Club W88 Live Casino

Although the Club W88 app has many great products, you will find most people at the Live Casino section there. This is because most people in Malaysia love playing top live casino games at the best place that offers it, the Club W88 app. Thus, W88 offers top-quality products and bonuses for the people playing at the Live Casino section. Let us look at the top 5 Live Casino games you can play using W88Club App.

Play Baccarat With No Commission

When it comes to casino games, online Baccarat Malaysia is the game that many people will first talk about online. Playing Baccarat with the W88Club app is one of the easiest and hassle-free ways to win easy money online. From gameplay to placing bets online, the live dealers will guide you well.


  • When playing Baccarat you must bet on the Banker’s side or the Player’s side to see which one will get the overall card value of 9 or a number closer to nine.
  • You can also make Tie bets and other Side bets to increase the excitement of the gameplay as well.

Playing Baccarat at W88Club enhances the excitement the casino game generally has, and here you can also find many Baccarat game rooms as well as many variants of the game.

Play Blackjack with the Live Dealer

The second best game that many online casino gamers love is Blackjack, another old casino game which is equally fun to play as your opponent in the Dealer, especially if you use online Blackjack tips. Here, you must play with cards whose ranks matter the most because you will need to calculate the outcome of the hands dealt to you.


  • Playing Blackjack is fun because the ranks of the cards matter the most. You will be playing against the dealer and aim to get an overall sum of 21 or a number closer to 21.
  • There is more than one betting round in Blackjack but you can either choose to bet again or fold.

Blackjack is a game that is mostly loved by high-rollers who love many things about the game, especially when they guess correctly whether they need another card or not during the second betting round.

Test Your Luck at Roulette

As a beginner, learning how to play Roulette is a must at the Club W App. Roulette is another go-to casino game that can be played by high-rollers or beginner gamblers. This is because Roulette truly depends on luck and how good you are at placing the bets in the correct pattern and the strategy that you use.


  • When playing Roulette, you must go ahead and place your bets on any of the numbers on the table from 0 to 36.
  • You can even make side bets like black or red, odd or even, dozen bets, etc. which gives you more chances of winning.

The winner of the game is determined by the dealer spinning a ball on the infamous Roulette wheel, and wherever the ball lands will claim who won the bet.

Play Famous Dice Game Sic Bo

Another game which is similar to Roulette that requires no cards but some special equipment is the famous and oldest casino dice game, Sic Bo. Sic Bo is the most fun game to play as a beginner because like Roulette, Sic Bo has many betting options giving you a higher chance of winning using Sic Bo strategies.


  • In Sic Bo, you must bet on what you think the sum of the 3 dice rolled would be in the end.
  • You can make side bets like odd/even, high/low, etc. to increase your chances of winning.

The winner is this determined when the dealer spins the 3 dice on the vibrating dice-rolling equipment to reveal the outcome of the 3 dice when they stop spinning. Based on the sum of them, the winner is determined.

Dragon or Tiger, Choose Wisely

Baccarat in the Club W88 App has a lot of variants, however, the most famous variant that is now its own game is the Dragon Tiger card game which is equally fun to play as Baccarat and Blackjack. In fact, beginners will like learning how to play Dragon Tiger more.


  • To play the Dragon Tiger game, you must place bets on either Dragon or Tiger to see which side gets the higher-ranking card.
  • Like others, you can place Tie bets or additional side bets to increase your chances of winning.

The winner is determined by the dealer who deals and reveals 2 cards each on either side. Whichever side gets the sum of a higher number wins the round.

Sportsbooks at Club W88

The next best place that many gamblers looking to hang out at the W88 Club App is the Sports section, and this is because W88 offers not one but 3 different sportsbooks that you can choose from to place sports bets online.

aSports Sportsbook Updates all Asian Matches

The first sportsbook offered by W88 is the aSports sportsbook which offers all match updates from across Asia. Here, you will find many sports to bet on and also find many types of bets you can make for a minimum of RM5 only. Using the aSports Sportsbook from the W88Club App, you will find that it is the most easy-to-use and navigate even if you are playing sports betting for the very first time.

Bet on European Matches with eSports Sportsbook

The next sportsbook that you can use to catch up with all the ongoing and upcoming matches in Europe is the W88 eSports sportsbook which offers you live updates for all the great matches going on outside Asia. You can select from many sports as well as betting options to place your bets here for a minimum of RM5. Not only this but the eSportsbook also offers you a bonus of RM218 on your first deposit as a new joiner.

Get the Best Virtual Experience Fantasy Sports and vSports Sportsbooks

W88 is home to many sportsbooks, and two of the coolest ones are the Fantasy Sports and vSports sportsbooks. These sportsbooks are created to be equally entertaining as their siblings by offering you ongoing and upcoming updates and betting odds on matches taking place virtually. So, if you do not find any real-life match that excites you enough to place bets, then hop on in either of the sportsbooks and you will be introduced to AI-generated sports matches with a live streaming option which you can bet on, sit back and enjoy.

Online Slots and Games at W88 Club App

As mentioned above, the W88Club app is home to 5 great products that would appeal to both beginner and pro gamblers and two such products are the Online Slots and Games section. Here, you can receive some of the best slots and games to play in any online app.

Play Various Slot Games Online at Club W88

First of all, let us admit it, most slot games are the same where you place your bets and spin to win, and this can be boring. But, regardless of where you play, the site or app, W88 will ensure that you have the best experience when playing in their online slots section. This is because it offers excellent slot games with different vibes and rules that you definitely can get addicted to.

Not only this but these slot games are provided by top slot providers in the betting world like Gameplay Interactive, Microgaming, Playtech, Play’N Go, etc. Some of the most prominent slot games that you should check out in the W88 Slots section in the Club W88 app are Full moon Legacy, Alpha and the Red Hood, Casino Royal, Book of Dead, etc.

Bored? Check Out the W88 Games on the Club App

If you do not wish to play sports betting, at the live casino, or even at the slots then do not worry, because the W88 club app offers you with some of the most amazing games to play where you can never get bored. These games can be played while you commute to work or come home to relax as winning here is very easy. Not only this but you can also play animated casino games which is equally exciting as any Live Dealer game.

Like slot games online, the games section is provided with amazing games from one of the top game providers Gameplay Interactive. You can play Xoc Dia, Dragon Tiger, Punto Banco, Fish Prawn Crab, Bullfight Poker, etc. in the W88 Games section with the Club W88 app.

Test Your Luck by Betting on Lottery Numbers

The last product offered by the W88 Club App is indeed appealing to everyone because if you do not find people in the live casino section, then you will definitely find a crowd in the Lottery Section of the W88 Club App.

Play Lotto, Keno, and More at Club W88

When it comes to gambling, the Lottery is the second place that is completely legal to bet in Malaysia and so many people resort to playing the Lottery online. This is because unlike traditional lottery online lottery at Club W88 gives you instant results and pays you well if you win for a price as low as RM1.

Not only this but Club W88 offers you many Lottery rooms that you can play bets on like So De, Keno, Sabaidee, Lotto, GPI Lottery, W Keno, etc. Betting on Lottery using the W88 Club app is not only efficient but also fun as you get results instantly.

Grab the Top 3 W88 Club Login Bonus for New Joiners

As a new joiner in Club W88, you will get exciting offers that can be claimed within a couple of minutes. These bonus offers are something every newbie gambler should opt for to give their new accounts a boost.

#1 Get Free Credit of RM30 on First Withdrawal

The first and most appealing bonus that you can grab is the Free RM 30 you can receive upon your first withdrawal. However, after learning about the rules of claiming this bonus, you will know that this bonus is indeed the best one in the betting world online.


  • To claim the RM30 Free Credit, you must first make a minimum deposit of RM30 as an investment.
  • Then you must complete your account verification, email and phone number verification, as well as bank details verification, which will lock RM30 in your account.
  • Wager this money for one time and you must withdraw a minimum of RM100 and get RM30 for free.

Winning games at W88 would be relatively easy as you will be guided in the sportsbook and live casino very well, so winning RM100 is a piece of cake which you can achieve from the RM30 deposited money. This way, you will get in total RM130!

#2 Grab Sportsbook Bonus of 100% up to RM218

The second good offer is the sportsbook bonus of RM218, which you can claim in pretty much the same way as the bonus above. You can use this credit to play at the E-Sports Sportsbook, one of the best sportsbooks in the betting world.


  • Here, you must deposit a minimum RM30 in your W88 sportsbook wallet to opt for this sportsbook bonus.
  • Upon making this deposit, you must enter the bonus code W100ESPORTS which will lock the free credit in your account.

After that, you must complete the wagering requirement of 1 time within 30 days and finally would be able to claim 100% up to RM218.

#3 W88’s Free Bonus RM600 on Live Casino or Slots

As mentioned above, you will get exciting rewards that you can use to play at W88 Club Casino Game Rooms and one such reward is the W88 Club Login W88 Promotion which will give you 20% up to RM600 Bonus on Live Casino products.


  • To claim this reward, you must make a minimum deposit of RM30, and enter the code W20CA to lock the bonus in your account.
  • Then to unlock this bonus you must roll over the money at least 15 times by betting on Live Casino game rooms by Club W Grand.

Once the requirements are completed you can claim your reward of RM600 to play more casino games on the W88Club App.

3 FAQs You Must Know the Answers To

Before you leave, let us address the 3 most frequently asked questions that you must know the answers to. Learning these answers would help you understand some major aspects of the Club W App.

1. Is the W88Club App Legal in Malaysia?

When it comes to the question of is online gambling legal in Malaysia for casinos and lotteries, then yes, it is allowed however, when it comes to sports betting online, the legality of any website in Malaysia will need a legal license to function. Luckily, W88Club is completely legal and allowed to serve its customers with its products because of its license.


W88 has a license from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation which is a foreign license. This allows W88 to function fully as a legal online betting site and the Club W app as a legal casino app.

2.  How Can I Deposit Money to Play on the App?

To make a deposit, you must first log in to your W88 account on the W88 Site and then deposit money in the Club W Grand casino. Then you must use the same login credentials when signing up in the Club W App, this will automatically transfer the funds to your casino wallet. You can use this to Play in the game rooms on the app. Remember to grab the Bonus of free RM600 when making the first deposit for an account boost.

3. Which App is Better W88 Lite or Club W?

Well, as mentioned above, the W88 Lite App is a fuller version of the W88 site offering you all the products by W88. Here, you can play Sports betting online on more than 3 different sportsbooks, access live casino game rooms from 5 different game room providers, play slot games online, get access to the lottery online, and more products including more bonus offers.

Whereas using the Club W App would only allow you to access limited products with only major Live Casino dealer game rooms. Thus, although you can access other W88 products in the Club W app, the W88 Lite App is better if you are looking for more in one place. And, the Club W app is better if you want a more minimalistic casino setup.

In Conclusion

The Club W88 App is the best app when it comes to online casinos. There are many pros to using the W88Club app as your go-to mobile casino. With the app, you can access some of the coolest casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, and Dragon Tiger, as well as their variants and more, all in one place. The simple yet wholesome interface of the app is loved by every beginner and we highly recommend that you give it a try today. Do not forget to grab the casino bonus of free RM600 to boost your W88 account today!

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