How to play Dragon Tiger online casino game with RM01 at W88

Learn how to play Dragon Tiger online game for just RM01 at W88 live casino in 3 simple steps. Sign up for W88 Malaysia & win RM600 bonus on your first deposit.

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Playing online casino games can lead to you becoming a millionaire, but you must begin somewhere, and there is no better place to begin than the W88 online casino site, which caters to both novices and professionals. That being said, knowing how to play most online casino games is equally important, and one such casino game is Dragon Tiger, which is not only simple to play but also simple to win, so knowing how to play Dragon Tiger is a must! So sit back and relax as we take you through an easy online betting tutorial on how to play the Dragon Tiger game online!

What Makes Dragon Tiger an Entertaining Casino Game?

Before we get into the Dragon Tiger lesson, let’s talk about the game itself, because it’s the most pleasant casino game for novices. Dragon Tiger is frequently regarded as not only enjoyable but also one of the simplest casino games to learn and play in order to obtain a fundamental understanding of how online casinos work.


  • Not only that, but Dragon Tiger offers some of the most straightforward betting options and gameplay.
  • You must enter your bets before the betting timer ends and wait for the live dealer to reveal two cards for the Dragon and Tiger sides, respectively, to determine the winner.

Because of its simplicity, the Dragon Tiger pattern appeals to the majority of online gamblers who prefer to have fun rather than play more sophisticated games like Poker, and it has thus been regarded as the most exciting casino game to play online.

Online Dragon Tiger Betting Options

We’ve already established that Dragon Tiger has some of the most basic betting options available at online casino gaming rooms; yet, these are also the most important aspects of the game, and placing bets on the correct betting options is vital to selecting the winner. Let’s take a look at the major and side bets available at the Dragon Tiger tables.


  • Dragon: One of the most popular bets, Dragon bets predict that the card chosen for the Dragon’s side will be of higher rank.
  • Tiger: Tiger is the second most common betting choice, and bets placed here expect the card chosen on the Tiger’s side to be a higher-ranking card.
  • Tie: In rare situations, the Dealer will draw cards with the same rank for both the Dragon and Tiger sides, and you can bet on this occurrence by selecting the Tie betting option.
  • Dragon Odd: The first side betting option is Dragon Odd, and bets put here predict that the card on the Dragon’s side will be an ace.
  • Dragon Even is the second side betting option, with bets placed here predicting that the card on the Dragon’s side will be an even number.
  • Tiger Odds: Tiger Odds betting options are identical to the previous betting option in that bets are placed to predict that the card on the Tiger’s end will be an odd number.
  • Tiger Even: Finally, there is the Tiger Even betting option, in which bets are placed to determine whether the Tiger’s final result will be a card with an even number.

In 3 Simple Steps, Learn How to Play Dragon Tiger in an Online Casino

Let’s get right to the point and show you how to play Dragon Tiger online in just three simple steps! To acquire access to a hassle-free way of playing Dragon Tiger online with W88, carefully follow these procedures.

Step 1: W88 Register to play Dragon Tiger at W88 Live Casino

  • Because you must play Dragon Tiger online, you must select an online gaming room that allows you to enjoy the game honestly, and W88 is the best option for this.
  • By clicking ‘Join‘ in the upper right corner, you can create an account in the W88 register.


  • This should bring up the W88 Registration form, where you must carefully enter your details. After that, click ‘Login‘ to sign into W88 with your newly created login credentials.
  • After that, you may access the W88 Live Casino function by clicking on ‘Live Casino‘ in the W88 site’s ribbon menu.

Step 2: Choose a Dragon Tiger Game Room from a Trustworthy Game Room Provider

  • You may now explore and gather all of the fantastic benefits that will come your way now that you have made an account at one of Malaysia’s best online betting sites, and one of them is the Dragon Tiger game rooms.
  • When you sign up for the W88 Live Casino domain, you will discover that you may filter your options based on classic casino games as well as famous gaming room providers.


  • To make things easier, go ahead and pick the Search bar menu, from which you can access a variety of games by simply typing their names.
  • To play Dragon Tiger, simply type ‘Dragon Tiger‘ into the search field and you will be taken there.

Step 3: Enter the Game Room and Place Your Bets Effectively

  • It is important to note that the methods for placing your bets online are the same regardless of which game room you choose; nonetheless, when placing your bets online, it is necessary to read the game room’s betting rules and follow the directions of the Live Dealer.
  • To begin, you will be given a 15-second timer to place your bets on any of the betting options.


  • Drag the casino chips to the betting option table where you want to bet and wait for the Live Dealer to deal with the cards.
  • In the W88 Live Casino section for Dragon Tiger, you may choose gaming rooms starting at a minimum of RM1 or RM5, which you can utilize to play efficiently for enormous winnings.

Online W88 Real-Money Dragon Tiger Gameplay

To help you out, let’s take a quick look at an online real-money Dragon Tiger game where you may learn some Dragon Tiger tactics and how the gameplay flow works. To do this, we have selected the Virtual Dragon Tiger gaming area, where you can reserve a seat.

ROUND 1: Place bets before timer ends

  • The first stage, as previously said, is to place your bets on the various betting selections in the game room before the timer runs out.
  • This is done by dragging a betting chip across the Dragon Tiger table and placing it on your preferred betting option.


  • We have deposited 1 chip, which equals RM1, on the Dragon Main betting option. All that remains is to sit back and enjoy the game. However, an experienced Dragon Tiger Strategy suggests that you place wagers on side bets to increase your chances of winning more money in a single betting round.

ROUND 2: Wait for the Dealer to reveal the cards

  • After the betting period has concluded, the dealer will deal two cards, one for the Dragon side and one for the Tiger side.
  • The dealer will deal these cards face up, and whichever side receives a higher-ranking card will win the round of betting.


  • The cards have an 8 on the Dragon side and a 3 on the Tiger side. As a result, the Dragon side wins the bet because 8 is larger than 3.
  • Because side bets are permitted, however, the Dragon Even and Tiger Odd betting choices win because 8 is an even number and 3 is an odd number.

3 Important Casino Tricks to Boost Your Dragon Tiger Gameplay

You now know everything there is to know about how to play Dragon Tiger as a novice and how to start your online gambling career in the Dragon Tiger game rooms. Before you leave, however, you must learn to wager wisely by applying some pro casino Dragon Tiger Tricks that every rookie should master.

  1. Use Casino Bonuses: The first and most important step is to apply for the bonus offers that your online casinos offer to their loyal customers. To begin, take advantage of your live casino’s Welcome Bonus offers to boost your online betting amount with extra cash. W88 offers a W88 Promotion of up to RM600 for a new account, which you can take advantage of.
  2. Always Watch Before Betting: The second thing that professional players do is watch some betting rounds before betting on any of the betting options. This is due to their ability to predict which side will win more rounds than the other and which betting option will be more advantageous to make their bets on.
  3. Set daily betting limits: Finally, and most importantly, while playing online casino games might be fun, it can also be addictive. This frequently results in a slew of bad components and effects that internet casinos have on people, turning this amazing skill into something to be detested. Setting daily betting limits that you must adhere to may therefore assist you in maintaining a healthy relationship with the casino.


This is all you need to know about How to Play Dragon Tiger Online. You may place your bets online at one of Malaysia’s best online casino sites starting at RM1 in just three steps! Remember to take advantage of the 20% bonus up to RM600 when you register a new W88 account and make your first W88 deposit. Finally, use the suggested casino strategies to help you win and save money, and you’ll be among the pros in no time!

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