4 Dragon tiger casino strategy – Betting games to win $ 145

W88you would love to share with you the best 4 Dragon tiger casino strategy and techniques for your gaming! Plus, how to win an easy $145! Read on now!

4 Dragon tiger casino strategy - Betting games to win $ 145

Learning dragon tiger betting strategy – Helpful and effective 100%

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Knowing the basics of the game is one thing. However, learning such a dragon tiger betting strategy could be everything! Yup, you must also learn a dragon tiger game strategy or two or three in order to get faster, easier, bigger cashouts!

Yes, you could win knowing the fundamentals of the dragon tiger game. But with these dragon tiger casino strategy and techniques, you could claim easier money and develop secret tricks too! Scroll these 100% effective and helpful dragon tiger strategy now!

4 Dragon tiger casino strategy - Betting games to win $ 145

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1. Do not place bets on Tie

Professional players know this dragon tiger betting strategy. Lucky you, W88you is revealing it to you! Because yes, one dragon tiger casino strategy you must apply: do not place bets on tie—never if possible.

Reading the dragon tiger casino game rules, you must know that there are three main bets when playing the game. Go on and place bets on Dragon and Tiger, but never go to Tie! It has a 32.77% house edge that makes it the worst option in the game.

Both Dragon and Tiger have a house edge of 3.73%. Both also have a 1:1 payout. Choose either of the two and for sure, you could win better! Either of the two is a hundred percent sure win, trust us!

2. Try the Card Counting strategy

Card counting has been a popular strategy in many casino games. And yes, it can be a dragon tiger casino strategy as well! This card counting could help you manage the gameplay. Thus, analyze where you should bet. Effective 100%, so try this dragon tiger betting strategy!

4 Dragon tiger casino strategy - Betting games to win $ 145

Because yes, you can track the cards dealt in Dragon Tiger. You can simply count the cards the went out, mark those, and take note of them. Doing the card counting as a dragon tiger strategy, you would know the dealt cards and from there, you get a chance to think which bet to place.

It is a little tricky because you gotta have a fast mind and quick hands here, but this dragon tiger casino strategy is helpful for winning! No doubt. Proven and tested!

3. Use the Suit-based dragon tiger strategy

Aside from the house edge and card counting strategies, one dragon tiger strategy you could opt for is the suit-based dragon tiger betting strategy! Such tips and tricks like this are proven to work, so try this too!

4 Dragon tiger casino strategy - Betting games to win $ 145

If the second option says you should track the cards, this time, you could just do the vaguer one which is the suits. If you are having a hard time taking notes of the cards one by one, you can just try the suit-based dragon tiger strategy.

Also effective and a little hassle, this dragon tiger casino strategy is also efficient and helpful for players to win jackpots. Tested by the pros already, keeping track of the suits could estimate the decks used already. And from there, you could decide which bet to place!

4. Register at W88 and claim promotions and bonuses

The three techniques up there are related to the main gaming. However, for this amazing but underrated dragon tiger betting strategy? Claiming W88 promotions, bonuses, and rewards! In just like that, with or without dragon tiger strategy, you got easy money!

4 Dragon tiger casino strategy - Betting games to win $ 145

Yup, W88 gives away a RM 600—true and legit $145 straight to your pocket for new members! If only you would first deposit at least 30 RM. Simply follow this procedure and voila, hello no-sweat 145 dollars!

This dragon tiger casino strategy is something you should not miss. This could boost your capital in gaming to Dragon Tiger. Thus, could help you level up the money in your wallet. This is the best dragon tiger casino strategy of all, so apply as a member at W88 now!

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Apply dragon tiger casino strategy and tricks now

While we know that dragon tiger is an easy and simple casino game, that does not mean you should not try a dragon tiger betting strategy. After all, such dragon tiger game strategy mentioned is proven 100% effective, so nothing would hurt you. It can even comfort you!

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